How to Make a Small Living Room Cozy?

How to Make a Small Living Room Cozy?

Here are 18 great ideas to make a small living room cozy. However, it includes every item from furniture to wall paint, from decorations to plants, and you have to give a detailed makeover to your space.

How to Make a Small Living Room Cozy? You can make a small living room cozy by adding soft blankets, furs, fleece rugs, and knitted layers. Pastel and neutral wall paints or texture wallpapers, live plants and flowers, and double curtains add depth. In addition, scented candles and lighting are also the best way to bring warmth to it.

Any space becomes 100% more relaxing and comfortable when it gives cozy vibes with the appearance and substances.

A room should appear as heaven to you where you can spend all your time without any disturbance, noise, and cold.

This idea is exceptionally soothing in the winters especially, in freezing temperatures where going out is a big task, and you wish to work from home.

Usually, decorating and arranging a small room is challenging, but it is 50 times easier to rearrange than a big one where adding warmth is slightly difficult.

Just use every small to the large corner to add as many fabrics in it as you can, but with a touch of creativity and you will have the most relaxing area. 

Coziness means warm and comfy, and you can make your area according to it with some changes if you do not have a big budget for a detailed upgrading.

The idea is to make it soothing so you can snuggle in your bed or couch without getting bored.

What else can be more pleasing than getting a compliment that your home is much restful and welcoming for the body and the mind.

However, you have to keep in mind two things: One is the cozy feel you wish to add, and the other is the dimension of the area.

The color scheme of the walls should have the same tone

You can not move to the rest of the things until you decide the color scheme for the walls as the wrong paint will destroy the aesthetics, regardless of the beauty of other items.

People believe that only dark shades appear warm, but it is not correct, and you can create an equally snug look with a light tone.

In my opinion, soft tones are best for the theme we are following because they are more relaxing and soothing to the eyes.

I chose pastel pink for my bedroom while painted the living area white because it has a big window that compliments the paint.

Monochrome pink, peach, ivory, cream, beige, and white are all the most appropriate shades for a cozy look.

On the other hand, dark tones, like blue, brown, gray, turquoise, add much warmth to the room, but they are risky colors because they can make the area appear more narrow.

Paint all the walls with the same shade without lightening or darkening the tones to give a symmetrical and organized feel.

Add textured and patterned wallpapers

Wallpapers are full of colors, patterns, and texture and can bring life to the pale area, but the only consideration is to add them rightly.

I prefer to add it to the wall behind the bed or full-size sofa, depending upon which room I m adding it.

Besides beauty, they also act as a source of warmth because bare walls are much cold than the covered.

You will observe the difference in the temperature of a naked and covered one by touching it, so I highly recommend them on at least one side.

However, floral, modern-style or geometric prints are the best choice for this theme, while some textures will be a bonus.

Nowadays, 3D wallpapers are also popular among people, so you can try these but never cover all the walls and ceiling with them.

Also, you have to consider the right shade because any wrong choice will make your room congested and suffocating.

Their color should contrast with the paints on the wall but in a slightly darker or lighter tone.

You have to highlight it by keeping all things in coordination but do not over enhance because it will look out of the match in this way.

For example:

  • Monochrome pastel or nude paint – same color wallpaper with a tone darker
  • Dark and deep paints – lighter tone wallpaper of same shade

Go classic with the furniture

Vintage and classic furniture are ideal for the theme because they appear to be more homey and comfy.

Dark wood is more suitable than light wood and places only a few big pieces in a room such as a bed, side tables, bench, console or chest of drawers, and a wardrobe.

However, a 3-seater couch, two single sofas, center table, side tables, consoles, and drawer sets are enough for a small living area.

These should be in dark wood with vintage-style staining and finishing on the tables but not on the couches and bed.

You can also stain and paint light wood furniture at home if you can not afford original dark wood as it is much expensive.

The idea is to add depth which you can only do with conventional and classic items and not with the contemporary and modern styles.

Never go with all-white items because they will add a more cooling and free-feel look to the room, and you do not want it.

Also, add a long, padded, velvet-upholstered ottoman couch or bench along the bed’s footboard as it will add more coziness.

Moreover, platform or low grounded furniture should be your first preference because the lower these are to the floor, the more an area appears warm and comfortable.

Add furs, tapestry, and knitted stuff in the living room

Introducing furs and fleece are the best way to bring warmth to a room because they are the items that give typical winter vibes.

Feathery throws are available everywhere, and you need to buy at least two of these for the arrangement.

Place one on the single sofa or desk chair in your reading corner and throw the other on the bed above the blanket.

Similarly, add a few tapestries for decoration, typically above the bed for a better view, and add on the plain walls as well.

These small items add extra comfort and softness on the bare surfaces, and they come at cheap rates, and you can add several.

I usually hang my fur coat and feathery hat on the hooks, attached to the plain wall beside my closet.

It looks organized and add a cozy feel to the entire room so you can also creatively use your basic items for decor purpose, according to the seasons.

Fleece and knitted throws, blankets, and comforters are other options because they are all warm and comfy, and you can also make knitted pieces yourself with wool.

Moreover, you can add fur rugs, furry pillow fabrics, fur tables mats, and several such items in it.

Add Plants and flowers

Try to add several plants and flowers, either fake or real but preferable are the real ones, and you will see how satisfying your room will look.

Bring small terracotta pots with live plants because they are manageable and will not create mess or stains on the place.

You can place them on the wall-mounted shelves, window shelves, tables, and even on your vanity. Also, keep one in the reading corner for visual pleasure while reading.

Moreover, get two big fake planters and keep them beside the bedside table or sofa table, each on one side.

They will bring nature to the area and supply a good amount of oxygen, which slightly depletes in winters.

Also, you will feel warm and connected to nature, so do not hesitate to bring them.

On the other hand, flowers will bloom the entire space with a soothing fragrance, and you will feel mesmerizing and super comfortable.

However, your first choice should be real flowers, but you can go for fake ones if you can not change them every day.

Take at least two vases, one on each side table, and place beautiful but light color flowers in them. Place one vase on the office desk as well for a relaxed feeling while working.

Pastel artwork and glass decorations to make a room cozy

Sometimes you feel stressed due to workload and other problems in life, and art is the best way to relieve yourself.

A huge artwork on a plain wall and numerous small glass decorative pieces add beauty to a pale space.

The reason I insist on pastel art is that it is more appealing and soothing than dark sculptures. In addition, dark objects will create a sense of compactness in a small room.

I prefer smaller but several frames, pictures, and artworks with several tiny attractions as they add warmth with the feeling of fullness without making it suffocating.

Buy glass jars or mason jars and add plastic leaves, stones, a fairy sculpture, and light in it and place it on the window shelf. 

It will look outstanding in the dark and make you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed while snuggling in a blanket. 

However, this organization’s tip is more girly, but which girl does not wish to have a girly, dreamy, fairy theme room.

Similarly, you can add glass pieces instead of ceramic or metal decorations and keep them will care.

Add as many lights as you can

You have to make it bright and gloomy for the day and dull and warm for the night by adding white and orange fluorescent lights.

Fix a chandelier in the center of the ceiling and add 3 to 4 more light sources on the walls.

There is a trend of built-in light sources in the ceiling nowadays, but their installation is expensive.

You can stick LED strips on the walls close to the ceiling. You can also add traditional wire lights, as they are affordable and equally beautiful.

Stick the strip on the frame of the door and bed for more lighting, and I suggest you use orange lights for this.

Rugs add more coziness

The rug is one of the essential items to add warmth to the room because the bare floor gets cold quickly.

Add faux fur rugs in the sitting area or beneath the bed, so you do not have to step your feet on the bare floor.

I like to cover the whole floor with thick carpet and rugs in the winter but cleaning them is a task of effort.

The rug’s color is also necessary because a dark tone will horrify the entire space, so always choose light shades.

I have white, but you can also match it with the wall paints or your most commonly used bedding.

Make a cozy corner in a small living room

Most people have a workspace in their bedroom or living area, and you can make it super comfy because you have to spend sufficient time there.

Get a firm desk chair or an upholstered one-seater sofa and place it beside the desk or a console you use for the purpose.

I prefer to mount a holding desk on the wall or a narrow console in the corner of the room because of less space.

Firstly, slide a rounded, furry rug on the floor, then place the sofa and a tall lamp that stand on the floor.

You can also keep a smaller ottoman couch to rest your legs on it while reading for more comfort, and do not forget to add a throw on the sofa.

Add a few planters, scents, and flowers in the area and hang a wall painting as well, and you will get the coziest corner in the room.

Keep the bedding layered and full of pillows

The bedding plays a vital role in determining the comfort of a bedroom, and you have to layer it multiple times for warmth.

I suggest you layer at least two blankets on the bed above a soft sheet of fresh color, preferably blush pink or white.

Drape the softy blankets on it and add knit throw or comforter anyway on these, so create more guff and thickness.

The more you add layers, the more you get warmth and a snug feel, but the fabric choice is equally important.

Plain sheets are suitable than the embroidered, printed, and textured ones because they will irritate you, giving unease.

Do not shy of throw several pillows on the bed as they are one of the most important components to creating coziness.

The pillow’s cover should be plain and printed and not embroidered with contrasting colors and silky fabric.

It will not look overstuffed or unnecessary, and you can cover half of your bed with cushions and pillows.

Moreover, consider the choice of mattress and never select a stiff foam for your room; instead, get a spring and overstuffed mattress that is soft and comfy.

Choose a thick mattress rather than a thin one of appropriate size according to the bed frame.

Make a canopy on the bed

This idea is for those who love camping and want to live in a fairy tale because the overall assembly will come out to be a dream theme.

A poster bed makes it 50% more feasible to create the look, but you need to install a hook on the ceiling if you have conventional furniture.

Take five long-yard, white, cotton pieces of cloth and start to tie one on each side with the posters and tie the fifth one above to make the headcover.

Tie one corner of the cloth to the hook and attach it to the corner of the frame. 

You will get a canopy look that adds extra warmth to the room, while you can also add little stars, lighting, and attractions in it for a more dreamy sleep.

Make use of books for decoration

Books make any area updated and more classic, so you must incorporate them with different creative ideas.

Create a pile of books and place them in the reading corner and add a small lamp on it if you have no space to keep tables there.

Moreover, try to install at least one floating shelf in the room to add several books while arranging it with color coordination.

Your office desk must contain 3 to 4 books at a time, while I prefer to arrange a few of them in my open closet for display.

Placing books beside the bed is feasible for bedtime reading and serves to be decorating item when the light illuminates.

Go creative with bed or sofa side tables

Get an old stool that you are about to discard and make it according to the other furniture by staining dark.

You can also go with your vintage chest of drawers by installing new legs and antique handles on it and paint it dark.

I like to use old and period-style tables and consoles for the cozy theme because they complement better and add more depth than the modern ones.

Preferably, do not match furniture in the room with each other, instead, use different pieces from different eras and stain them in different tones to add a class.

The more you go homey and casual, the more it appears to be warm and comfortable, so I always suggest mixing period items.

Window seat and shelves

Most of the people have windows in their bedroom and living area. They can use these for different purposes, like sitting, storage, and decorations.

Place a bench or settee in front of the window with has drawers or sections for extra storage space.

Better choose a longitudinal, upholstered bench for this kind of setup and match it with other items.

You can also float shelves in front of them when you have two separate windows and place plants and decorative items as much as you want.

It serves a workstation, a relaxing sitting area, and an attraction in your room, and try to add glass items, so it looks mesmerizing when light reflects.

You can also use it as a cozy space by placing two pillows and a soft blanket while enjoying the outdoor scenes and nature.

Sheer curtains or blanks go well with the theme

Deep shades and patterns on curtains will not be as relaxing as soft shades and plain fabric because they make the area soothing and pleasing.

No doubt that sheer curtains are the choice of 90% of the people because they contrast with any theme, and the same is in this case.

I recommend double curtains for more warmth, as they will add more guff to the space and will block the breeze better.

Blanks are my second preference because they look more like an office setup than the home, but you can use them depending upon your choice.

Add a wardrobe in the room

Installing a wardrobe is an expensive task, especially in a small room where you lack free area.

This idea will come out to be lifesaving for you if you have trouble arranging your closet because you do not need to install the whole structure.

Get a cupboard from a local store and two drawer sets that are not too wide and long and can fit into a narrow space.

Set the wardrobe between two drawer sets in front of the free wall and add hanging hooks or a hanging rod above the drawers on each side.

Now you can arrange all your clothes and essentials and hang the commonly used items on the hooks or rods.

In this way, you have built a DIY closet for your room without spending much cost, and you can add a stand or hanging structure as well, depending upon your budget.

Place a rug in the area and hang curtains to hide them if you are not satisfied with displays everything.

Make a fake fireplace

What can be more warming and relaxing than adding a fireplace in the room, especially in the winter season.

However, you can fake it if you can not build a real one using a traditional, heavy-style, narrow console.

Add a wallpaper of fire print, or you can place some plastic lumbar beneath the console to look like a burning fire.

Moreover, add DIY paper bricks in the background and place big candles there for warmth in the room.

This idea is to create a fake look and is not much reliable, so you can use it or avoid it depending upon your choice.

Add Candles and scents

It will be your last and most important step after arranging everything else in the room, and you should never neglect it.

Buy several scented candles of different fragrances like lavender, jasmine, and other of your choice and place in on every possible surface.

It will appear much warming and mesmerizing when you light all the candles in the night, smelling the fragrances.

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