How to Balance a bedroom with only One Nightstand?

How to Balance a bedroom with only One Nightstand?

Balancing a bedroom with only one nightstand can be a bit tricky. Your bedroom is where you spend most of your time staying up late with close friends or where you work when you need to be alone.

How to Balance a bedroom with only One Nightstand? You can balance your bedroom with only one nightstand by placing it between the two beds. You can position the bed with one of the bedroom walls and nightstand on another side. You can place the nightstand in the corner to give free space for other essential items like chairs and book racks. 

One nightstand is a popular piece of furniture in bedrooms. These are typically placed by the bedside or at the foot of the bed. It is because these provide additional storage for books, magazines, and so on.

Why Do Bedroom Sets Only Have One Nightstand?

It is a bedroom furniture design that allows you to create a new design each day. In addition, most of the nightstands are environmentally friendly, and the company has been trying to reduce its carbon footprint.


When you do the interior designing of your bedroom, the nightstand is the essential aspect that covers its space at a practical level. In addition, this piece is necessary to put your vital routine usage accessories like an alarm clock, glass of water, and table lamp. 

When you buy a queen-sized bed, it usually comes with it, but you can sometimes purchase it separately.

For example, if you use a single nightstand, then it cost you less as compared to the two. In addition, you probably noticed some exciting discounts on bedroom sets when you go to your favorite furniture store. 

It cost you more if you purchased alone. However, these stores also provide extra items to complete the furniture set for a reasonable price.

More space

It is high-end furniture that can provide more space for an individual bedroom. The space problem appears if you are living in a small apartment or having small bedrooms. In that case, it becomes impossible for you to position the two nightstands.

 Your room becomes stuffy with such items as a king-sized bed, computer desk, relaxing chair, and dresser. So, in such conditions, you should not place two nightstands that cover more space.

With a single piece in your bedroom, you can get more space for other additional items. In addition, you can place other essential things like any decorative piece and children’s toys. 

Friendly environment

It is an easy solution that provides a friendly environment for users by providing their daily necessities in one spot. Some people are boring to make their bedroom environment friendly.

You cannot spend too much time looking for the perfect bedside table, but you can still pick one that will look classy with a few lamps and some decorative accessories.

 The developers believe that the future will open up opportunities for people who do not have a lot of space in their homes or who do not want to spend much time looking for things.

Your room’s furniture and accessories must be compatible with one another, so consider your personality, preferences, and choices while selecting different styles.

Manage symmetry

Symmetry in interior design is a vital concern for you. It is also a significant factor in managing space and storage. In this scenario, it becomes crucial to manage symmetry in the room.

It can stabilize and organized your bedroom to some practical level. So, it plays a role in maintaining and manage overall symmetry with the storage.

Usually, it looks symmetrical with its design, layout, and appropriate finish. It will avoid clutter and allow you to focus on what is essential in your accessories and daily needs in your bedroom.

Maintain the scale

You will gain more space by using a compact side table, but you will lose scale maintenance. In addition, if it shows no resemblance to your bed, it is short or large will cause incompatibility. 

Its height must be equal to your bed mattress. So it indicates that the dimension of it depends on the bed measures. 

You will have a lovely and peaceful sleeping environment if you arrange your bedroom according to these ideas.

Provide peaceful sight

Nature helps you to give a calm vibe to your sleeping place. Add a touch of greenery in your bedroom to provide a pleasant environment, like putting fresh flowers or potted plants on your side table. 

These classic and cost-effective items are the best addition to make more style and elegance. You can accessorize your nightstand with beautiful essentials that are part of an orderly fashion. 

In this way, position a bed in the area where have good access to the window view. 

Add artwork/styling

 Artwork or style in any component is an essential element that adds instant color to your bedroom and enhances its charm. Place a framed photo or any antique object, artwork, a table lamp, and other necessary items to create a peaceful environment.

You may style it to match your bedroom, and wherever you put it in, decorate the top of the nightstand to give it a vintage look. 

Place a perfectly scaled table lamp, a bowl where you put glasses, jewelry, and other tiny pieces. In this way, place an art piece by the wall, a tray where you can put candles, flowers, or books.

Great Ideas to balance your bedroom with only one nightstand

There are many different types of it on the market that have unique features. However, people often choose this option because they are easy to move, inexpensive, and lightweight. 

A stylish nightstand is a must-have for every modern household. These are small tables that come along or buy them separately. 

These equip with drawers and shelves that holding various essential items like books, phones, table lamps, a glass of water, candles, or a small flower vase. There are several shapes of it available.

The Afton nightstand has a good storage space with rustic and various styles. In addition, it has two drawers that perfectly fit your bedroom bed.

The Lexi nightstand is also the best addition for your room bedside and looks more stylish. You can place it alone or with the bed made up of black oak having golden brass hardware details. These have two legs and two drawers that hold compulsory items.

The Raleigh Bedside Table and Lana Nightstand are both excellent additions to your bedroom with the best features. These have a shelf and a large drawer. 

When purchasing it, you must have accurate information about the dimensions of the bed so that you do not waste time buying it that is compact or large.

 You have to determine the bed dimension to understand the space available for it and an idea about its measures. 

You can determine the compatibility of other items based on the size of your bed and the area of your bedroom.

Measure the dimensions of your bedroom

When you know about your bedroom and bed dimensions, the next step is to determine nightstand measurement. 

The width of it depending on the space you left from the mattress. It cannot be low or high from the mattress height because it can cause uncomfortable for you. 

In its dimension measurement, you should consider other aspects also according to the space while placing other components. 

Place the nightstand along with one of the walls

Overall interior bedroom designing and its layout, the bed, is the large and focal point in your furniture items because it is the significant element that attracts more. 

If you think about its placement, you should first determine the bed position. 

In the modern age, you often place your bed and nightstand next to each other to emphasize the spatial relationship. 

Your room looks more spacious if you place a bed against the wall. 

Place nightstand at the foot of your bed

You can fix it at the foot side of the bed. In this way, enough space is present on the sides of your bed where you put other items.

 You can put a computer desk and chair on one side, and on another side, you can put some extra stuff.

Adjust it between the two beds

A nightstand near the bed is essential since it may store various items which significant to the owner. For example, if your room has 2 windows, you can place two beds with each.

You may put it in the center of these to provide both people easy access to their things while also saving space. For example, you can put single nightstands between two beds. 

After placing it, you can style it according to needs like the water glass, lamp, mobile charger, and books. If you position these beds immediately beneath the window, it will create an unpleasant environment.

Place nightstand in the corner

These are the most common situations that give several options for choosing the best place to place your nightstand in the corner.

 Sometimes it is not necessary to place it near to your bed. Instead, it is the best idea to position it in the corner where you can keep essential items.

 You can cover the space around the bed with other objects, such as a comfortable chair where you can sit and study for a while. You can use this space to put a book rack, keep books that you want to read.

Focus on the bedroom interior

You put a few items in a small bedroom where you don’t have enough space, but it gives it an antique look. For example, you can place a bed that perfectly into your bedroom and one nightstand with it. 

Style it with minimum essentials like a lamp. On the other side, you can put some greenery on the preinstalled rack in the wall if the room has or place it on one side of the room corner. Finally, choose the color and style that match your interior design and layout.

Pair up with different refined material

Choose items for your bedroom that have a variety of shapes and styles while maintaining a natural appearance. Seagrass and natural wood, for example, are not identical and differ from one another, but these appear more polished.

Use the mismatched single nightstand

If your all-room décor is according to the symmetry, then a single mismatched nightstand does not give the odd appearance.

 While doing this, select those items that belong to the same color family and finishing. 

These have different styles but have a common thread that gives a more polished and intentional appearance.

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