How to Hang Musical Instruments on the Wall?

How to Hang Musical Instruments on the Wall?

Many people hang musical instruments on the walls to give a unique touch to their home’s interior. Placing them on walls also keeps them safe and protects against damages.

How to Hang Musical Instruments on the Wall? You can hang musical instruments on the wall by using S-shaped or toggle bolts, wires, wooden bars with strings, and wall hooks. You can also do this with guitar holders, guitar stands, and wall hangers. It is also beneficial to use mouthing brackets, plywood mounts, nails, swing strings, and accordion racks.

People place these instruments on the walls for decoration. It is also essential to install them carefully because of stud sensors. You can attach them to the empty walls where your furniture is not near to them.

Use of string swing

It is a holding gadget that can hold about 40 pounds to 55 pounds of weight. They come with wooden mounting brackets and a U-shaped holder.

Turn on your drill machine and make a hole in a straight direction. Now place the wooden brackets and tighten the nuts by using a screwdriver. It is necessary to fasten them properly so they can hold the maximum weight.

Take a U-shaped holder and attach them to the holes of mounting brackets. You can secure them by turning in a clockwise direction. These U-shaped holders are the main component that is used for gripping.

It is crucial that you should not attach them to corridor and stairs walls. Instead, you can place them in your living rooms.

You can’t place them on these walls because they may fall when you move here and there.

You can hold the following instruments by this method:

  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Piano
  • French horn

Use of nails to hang musical instruments

It is the easiest and cost-effective way to swing them on the walls. Take two steel nails and make a hole by using a drill machine.

Remove the sands from the hole so you can attach nails with them. Attach the pin to one side and tap it with a hammer.

Now take a second nail and attach it some inches away from the first one. Secure them by tapping with a hammer.

You can use this method for:

  • Trombone
  • Bango

Wall hangers

They come in different varieties; some are adhesive type, and you can secure them by screwdriver and nails.

They are made of steel, aluminum, and plastic material. It also comes in different designs; some are separated, and 5 to 6 hooks are available in some hangers.

If you purchase adhesive ones, remove their back paper and attach them with walls; for simple hangers, use a drill machine to make a hole.

Then attach steel nails in these holes and fasten them with screwdrivers.

You can use this method for:

  • Guitar
  • Recorder
  • French Horn

Use Mounting brackets

Purchase good quality mounting brackets from the market. 

Most common in all of them is L-shaped mountings that can hold heavy-weight musical instruments.

Take a mounting bracket, place them on the wall and mark the points to make a hole. Now take a drill machine and make holes on the same point.

Place the brackets again and use the bolts and nuts to secure them. Fasten the nuts carefully with a screwdriver.

You can use this method for:

  • Accordion
  • Harp
  • Cello

Plywood mounts

Plywood mounts are made from high tensile strength wood that is lightweight and can hold the maximum load.

Cut the 3 to 4 inches pieces of plywood by using a steel scale or knife. Balance its edges y using high grit sandpaper.

Cut another piece with the same method for walling. Now cut the end into a U shape and slightly make a curve position.

Now attach both of these pieces to the wall and mark their sides. Make a hole on these sides, attach the plywood mounts, and secure them using an eye bolt. These mounts are slightly bent from their end in a U-shaped to hold the gadgets.

You can use this method for:

  • Alphorn
  • Flute
  • Harmonica

Wooden Shelf 

You can also make two small wooden shelves with them; it also looks gorgeous and stylish. For making a shelf, you need two long pieces of elegant wood, nuts, and screws.

First of all, locate the studs on the wall by using a stud sensor. Then, on these points, you can drill a hole to mount the plastic brackets there.

Secure the brackets by using nuts and then attach the wooden shelves with them. Finally, you can secure them with the help of a screwdriver.

You can use this method for:

  • Microphone
  • Clarinet
  • Archlute


You can also hang the different hangers with your wall to attach guitars with them.

Attach the nails with them and put steel hangers on these nails. It is necessary to take care that the pins are fastened carefully and tightly.

If they are not tightening, then your gadgets can fall, and they are costly. These hangers are mostly named closet hangers, and they are readily available in the market.

You can also hang guitar bar hangers with the same procedure

You can use this method for:

  • Double bass
  • Bass guitar
  • Marascas

Wood with attached strings

It is also one of the creative ideas to attach musical instruments to the wall to enhance their look. First, take a thick wood and connect both corners with surface material.

Next, take heavy and tensile strength steel hobnail and drill the points by using a drill machine.

Secure the wooden strand with them and attach the strings with them. You should add high-quality tensile strings with them that can bear the weight of gadgets easily.

You can also directly attach these strings with the hooks that are present on the walls.

This method is used for:

  • Trumpet
  • Tuba
  • Violin

Guitar holders

These holders are readily available in the market with different price ranges according to their quality.

These holders are used explicitly for guitars, but you can also use them for other instruments. It is the safest device for all gadgets, but it is more costly than others.

You can attach them by making holes with a drill machine and secure them with nuts. These professional guitar holders primarily contain two arms that connect them tightly.

It is adjustable for all types of guitars which includes

  • 7-string guitar
  • Bass guitar
  • Acoustics guitars
  • Resonator

Metal drum strands

You can’t hang the drums directly with walls; you can add them by making a strand. Likewise, you can make wooden and metal strands for them.

Attach the metal strands and secure them with bolts and plastic mounting brackets. You can place all drums on them with some decoration pieces to give them a classical touch.

  • Marching drums
  • Bongos
  • Tongue drums
  • Steel drums
  • Timpani
  • Goblet drums
  • Frame drums

Use of bolts

You can also attach them with them bolts; they look stunning with other instruments. For example, take two S-shaped toggle bolts for drum hanging.

Find the stud by using a stud sensor and then make a hole at these points.

Now add the toggle bolts and secure them by using a screw wrench or moving in an anticlockwise direction.

You can sway them by using their straps. This method is beneficial for:

  • Acoustic guitars
  • Congo
  • Double bass
  • Flute
  • Snare drums

Accordion racks

Accordion racks come with an ornamental golden color with different designs. It is beneficial to use them because they consist of multiple hooks with them. You can use these numerous hooks to attach harmonica with them.

You required 3 to 4 steel hooks to secure them. First, attach them to walls and mark some points, then remove them.

Make holes in these points and then again mount this rack and secure it with hooks. Then, finally, you can fasten them wholly and carefully tighten the nuts.

It is beneficial for:

  • Accordion
  • Harmonica
  • Saxophone

Use of wires

It is the best method to swing them and enhance the interior of your homes. In addition, you can attach wires with your guitars, drums, and other gadgets.

These wires act as a strap, and you can place them in wall hooks.

It is used for hanging of

  • Bell
  • Crumhorn
  • Archlute

Wall hooks

These hooks come in different designs and colors for securing maracas. Take two clips and attach them to walls by using a drill machine.

Place two hooks at some distance from one another. For example, you can use this for the placement of the French horn in a horizontal position.

You can also use cabinet hooks and knobs for the placement of instruments.

It is also used for

  • Xylophone
  • Keyboard
  • Marascas

Time required and cost to hang musical instruments on the wall

The time needed for this whole process varies from method to method and person skills.

The process like installing shelves, guitar strands, Accordion racks, plywood mount, and wooden bar with attached strings require more time. On average, the total time for this above procedure is about 2 to 3 hours.

Suppose you use the methods like a Wall hanger, mounting brackets, S-shaped or toggle bolts, and nails. This whole procedure requires 20 to 60 minutes.

In the same way, the cost also depends upon the tools you are using and the whole procedure.

Installation of drum strand, plywood shelves, and guitar stand costs about $50 to $100. The cost also varies from product brands and their quality.

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