How to Place Two Dressers in a Bedroom?

How to Place Two Dressers in a Bedroom?

Many people add two dressers to their bedroom for storage and decoration purposes. These are consist of multiple drawers and a body for the storage of different things. 

How to Place Two Dressers in a Bedroom? You can place two dressers in a bedroom by adjusting the floor space and dimensions of the interior. If you have a single bed, put it on both sides or adjust them on the sides of walls opposite to your bed. You can set the dressers between the beds or on the foot side for twin beds by leaving a proper standing space.

You can also use them as a nightstand for the placement of beautiful night lamps. It is beneficial to adjust them in your homes according to your choice and floor space.

You can also make them beautiful by adding different colors of paints and wallpapers.

Why would you place two dressers in a bedroom?

It is a part of furniture that you can adjust in your bedroom to store different things. It is beneficial to use them because it will provide more storage space.

It is fantastic to use them in a small apartment to put your accessories. When you have a small home, you can place this furniture because of its multiple drawers.

 You can set all of your foldable things like cloth in their draws. It is also helpful to put your small items like keys, essential files, and jewelry.

It is beneficial to situate them near your beds so you can place your small thing on them. You will also make them nightstands for the lamps and tuning them ON at night.

I have seen that many people are interested in decorating their interior, so they use them to put candles and flowers for decoration purposes.

Many people love to read novels and books you can also put them on this piece of furniture near your bed.

Their top surface is also helpful for decoration pieces for embellishment purposes. You can also set your TV by combining two dressers.

You can also make them study tables in your children’s room due to the shortage of space. It will also give the finish and complete look to your entire interior.

It is best for the storage of makeup vanities, perfumes, and other accessories.

Which texture of dressers is suitable?

These are made of different material and the price variation also come due to the manufacturing material.

Wooden types are best because they will give an elegant and sophisticated look. In addition, these types are more durable and sustain for a long time if you use them with proper care.

Wood also comes in different styles like oaky and ash designs. It is also easy to maintain, and you can design them from the manufacturer according to your choice.

I am always recommending solid wood dressers because these are less costly and have better longevity. These types are also lightweight and occupy less space due to less mass and bulkiness.

Glass types are also important because they give a luxurious, classical, and modern appearance.

These are crucial for small interiors to create an illusion, making the space look big and broader. These types are more costly than the other ones, and they also have a short life.

It can be easily vulnerable to scratches due to the slightly hitting of any material.

Marble these types are also given the stylish touch and are more durable if you take proper care. You can easily make them long-lasting by handling them with appropriate care.

The marble is also less vulnerable to cracks and scratches and doesn’t need much cost for maintenance.

Metal these are readily available in the market at different price tags according to their design. These are beneficial to use because of their long-lasting and lightweight features.

You can quickly refurbish them by spraying them with metal shiners.

Wicker these types are made of a mixture of wood and plastic. Many people are buying these materials nowadays due to their stylish look, affordability, and long-lasting features.

Things to consider before placing two dressers in a bedroom

You can’t situate them anywhere you want, and you should check the suitable location for them. 

Measurement of size is essential for both for appropriate accommodation.

First, you have to measure the size before situating them in a suitable area. For example, you should not set it on the backside of the door because whenever you open the door. It will produce scratches and lines due to again and again hitting.

You should set them slightly away from windows so you can open and close the windows quickly. You cannot adjust them near doorways and walking areas.

You can situate them in front of windows if they have sliding glass doors.

The height of that type of furniture is necessary to measure if you have small space, then you should prefer the one that has more length than width.

This furniture comes mostly in 38 × 64 inches, and you can also change these dimensions by adding more drawers.

Place dresser within large bedroom walls

You should need a proper place and area for their adequate adjustment in a bedroom. If you set them in a walkway, it will cause a problem during walking.

It is beneficial to put them near walls when you want to place your TV in a room. However, you should adjust them close to walls so they can provide enough support to your TV.

When setting them with walls, select the ones near the socket for turning on your TV.

If these are of wooden types, you should put them some inches away from the wall to prevent the entry of pests behind them because pests can eat the wood and damage them ultimately.

When placing them near walls, it should be beneficial if you displace them some feet away from the windows and doors.

Adjustment within walls is also beneficial, but you have to put plastic cups and pads under its legs to prevent them from slipping.

It is also beneficial to set them besides the walls when you do not have enough interior space for its arrangement on the side corners as a side table.

When you have a wicker and metal type, these are lightweight, so don’t place heavy and costly objects on them because they can be slip from the floor when anything accidentally hits them.

You should not situate them near the walls that have congested standing areas.

Placement tips of two dressers with a single bed 

Here are the following tips for their adjustment with one bed

Adjust your bed in between and set the dressers on both sides as on each side it will look more modern and classical. It will also give a complete look, and I observed that most people put them on both sides.

When the bedroom does not have enough space on its sides after the placement of the bed, then you can place them with walls on the sides.

When you place them beside the walls opposite your furniture, then make sure they have enough walking space between them and your furniture.

You cannot put it on the head side or foot side because it will not look pleasant and provide enough standing area.

You can also adjust them to set the bed with walls and adjust two dressers on the opposite wall; it will also easily make the opening and closing of draws.

If your furniture has enough space for opening and closing of drawers, then you can also put them on the foot side.

Many people place them in this way, and they are adding one dresser on the side of the bed and another one on the opposite walls of the furniture.

You can also do this decoration by adjusting the one along the bed as a side table or nightstand and the other on the foot side.

Can you add two dressers with double beds?

When you have two small mattresses, one for you and another one for your sibling, you can follow this arrangement for suitable adjustment of furniture.

When you have enough space, then set them in the middle in the front of both beds. You can also put them on both sides of the bed.

You can also tuck them in this way, adjust your beds near side walls, and set the dressers between them.

It will also give a more attractive appearance if you set the beds in the center of the room and add the dressers on both the opposite walls of the bed. Moreover, in this decoration, you can also place them on the side of the wall.

How to adjust bedroom furniture with the dresser?

Many people also put the chairs, couch and their study table in their rooms. You can put them on the sides of your couch also for the placement of different accessories. In addition, you can easily use them as a side table for your sofa.

Some people also adorn their interior by adding relaxing chairs in their rooms, so you can also add them beside your chairs.

You can also use them as a study table by removing accessories from their surface and setting the chairs on its side.

Use these drawers as a serving trolley by attaching casters beneath its legs, and then you can put them in front of your couch.

Can you place two dressers with a mirror?

You can place them with the mirror to fully dress up and see your reflection. It will also save space for separate adjustments of the mirror.

You can also set the full-length mirror between the dressers; it will look attractive and create more illusion in the room.

It also looks classical if you add a small round or rectangular mirror on the upper side of its top surface.

You cannot adjust the drawers with mirrors on the walls opposite the washroom or the headboard of your head.

Can you place two dressers in your home other than the bedroom?

You can also put them on the other sides of the home like

  • Living room 
  • Hallway
  • Guest room
  • Kitchen

When you are setting them in a living room and hallways, it will be helpful for the embellishment purpose. People can place their decoration pieces, faux flowers, and books on them.

These are also helpful for the adjustment of TV in a living room for enjoyment purposes. These piece of furniture also plays the role of end tables beside your couches.

These are also useful for outside the kitchen to make them a buffet table. When you invite your friends for dinner or lunch, you don’t need to buy new furniture. Instead, locate them on the side of your kitchen and then put food items on it for serving to the guest.

What are the different styles of dressers?

Dressers vary in shape and style, these are present in modern, traditional, stylish, and rustic looks.

The traditional ones are not broader or heavy; you can adjust them in a small area. The modern ones are bigger, and they are equipped with multiple cabinets and drawers.

Rustic ones are also stylish and modern; they are painted with chalk or distressed by other varnishes.

These are also designed in several ways; some have multiple draws on both sides. Some of them have cabinets on one side and drawers on the other one.

Mostly these pieces of furniture are also equipped with mirrors to give a complete and finished look.

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