How to Decorate Around a Wall Air Conditioner?

How to Decorate Around a Wall Air Conditioner?

Many people love to decorate around the wall air conditioner to make their room look nice. You are also placing the air conditioner in the living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways during the hot summer season.

How to Decorate Around a Wall Air Conditioner? You can decorate around a wall air conditioner using rugs, abstract crafts, forestry, and beach murals. In addition, you can also paint walls with different colors and designs to differentiate them from others. Finally, you can add sconces, artwork, curtains, shelves, and faux flowers to make wall AC look good.

The embellishment gives the sense of furnishing to your interiors. It will also make the focal point and fill up the space by adding instant color palettes. When you are adorning them according to your interest, it will bring a feeling of calmness.

Install shelves

The installation of shelves is used for decoration purposes, as well as it will also provide excessive storage space.

You should install shelves with different designs which have different regions. In which you can place your books, magazines and other accessories of the home.

Paint the shelves the same varnish as the color of the surrounding walls. You can also try contrasting paint or a combination of two varnishes.

If you place some decoration pieces of small alarm clocks on these shelves, it will also look beautiful. The oaky wooden shelves are more attractive than the others.

Use wall paintings around wall air conditioner

A variety of paintings are available in the market with different price ranges. These paintings are also easily and readily removable because you are hanging them by using nails.

If these papers are of sticky type, it will cause peeling off paint when you want to detach them. So instead, you can try flower paintings of cool shades to freshen your interior.

You can also use antique paintings to give an old look like a farmhouse. You can also make different paintings, then frame them and hang them in your homes.

Place artwork

Some people make a small gallery at one end of the house by adding different pictures. You can also do this by adding different artwork according to your taste.

This photo gallery also represents your taste and reflects your personality. This art gallery will include aesthetic images of nature, abstract, and aquatint.

You should place a large picture in the mid or side at the level of the eye. 

You can also place a large artwork with a collection of designs on the middle side. One more idea for placing this is that add two larger ones on the sides and place the smaller ones in their mid.

Attach string lights to decorate

The decoration with string light gives a cool touch to your whole interior; moreover, you can also turn them ON during the night for sleeping.

You can also write different alphabets by arranging them on a wall. However, you should not secure them by using tapes because it does not look pleasant.

You can use thumbnails and clip to secure them adequately. It also looks attractive if you place a white panel around the lights.

It is crucial to use a soft and light color of string lights to turn on them during the night. You can also place these string lights in a glass jar or bottle and hang this by using nails.

Add faux flowers

It is important to attach faux flowers to adorn the beauty of your whole interior. You can place faux flowers with a string.

The flowers of refreshing colors like white, pink, and red are more classical in the room. You can also make small pots and add artificial flowers to them. You should paint the pots with the matching shades of your varnish.

You can also make planters of different designs, colors, and materials. You can mount these planters as well as hang them by string.

Paint with different color

You can also paint the air conditioner surroundings with different shades. For example, if the other walls have bright and warm varnishes, you can try light and bright paint on the AC to differentiate them.

You can also try chalk paints on that side to adorn its beauty. However, it is also more stunning and classical to paint it with different designs.

You can also try a mixture of dark and light varnishes, one stripe is lighter, and the other is brighter.

Add curtains to the back window

The addition of curtains on the windows with AC is crucial. When you are using them on the air conditioner windows, it will prevent the entry of light.

You can also match the varnish with the paint of the interior of your home. You can also try silk curtains for the embellishment of your living room.

I always recommend cotton-printed curtains with fresh and refreshing colors. It will also look attractive if you add frills of contrasting shades on the above side of curtains for designing purposes.

The net and stripped ones also give the fabulous touch.

Hang night lamps on the wall

You can also hang the night lamps on the walls. You can also place nightstand or end tables across the AC and place the night lamps and your accessories on ii to give them an elegant touch.

You can also make lamps at home by making small wooden boxes and make a hole to place lights on them.

It will also be helpful to make small baskets with creative ideas, place lights in them, and hang them using string and nails.

I have one more idea for decorating lamps, adding small lights in a small glass jar, and hanging those jars by mounting the wooden bracket.

Mount handmade crafts

It is stunning to add handmade crafts around wall air conditioners. I have different ideas that you can try at home and decorate by using these ideas.

Take ice cream sticks, paint them with different bright and bold shades, then attach these sticks and make some designs by using them.

You can also attach different colors and designs of buttons. Made a flower by using crepe paper of bright and dark shades.

Take a ball of wool, interweave a basket, hang them with nails, and place your accessories in it.

Place dust covers

You can also add dust covers to the AC when you are not using them. 

You should try light colors of covers with them. Always choose a printed cover but take care don’t select bold and old prints.

Try the dust covers that are printed with small stars and cartoons in your children’s room.

Wall paneling

The paneling is also the best option to make your interior stylish and modern. The original wood paneling is a little bit expensive than using its laminates.

Before purchasing them, you have to measure the length and width of the wall AC. Then, you can install wooden paneling of the mosaic design.

Installation of different color paneling also looks cool and attractive when the varnish of your home is bold and bright, and then you can use light shade paneling.

If you are installing metal of wooden type, then you can also paint them golden and gray varnishes.

Hang mirror work around the wall air conditioner

You can also place mirror work on the walls; you can also use it to see the reflection in the room and embellishment purposes.

You should place a glass mosaic with different designs and colors. It is also helpful to attach a large mirror and then cut a small piece of glass and attach them to the surroundings.

Take wool and make a flower with then place a small mirror in it attach this whole craft on the surface.

Make a network with string and place small round shape mirrors in them. Next, take small wooden sticks and place them around the mirrors in a circular direction.

Add small aquarium

To decorate the wall AC, you can install a small aquarium on the inner side. These aquariums enhance the beauty of your whole interior and attract the attention of people.

You can add different color fish on them and small stones. However, it will look more stunning if you add blue light to give them an oceanic touch.

Place some flowers in the aquarium with green branches and leaves. You can also make a glass box and add flowers and light to them to give a modern appearance to your home.

Add wallpapers

The addition of wallpapers with different designs and sceneries also gives an enchanting touch to your entire interior.

When you live in a small apartment, add sceneries or ocean wallpapers to give your room a deep and broader appearance.

You can also add wallpapers of artificial bricks. It is also fabulous to add stickers with stars and flowers. It is also necessary to add light color stickers in the summer season and dark or bold ones in the winter season to provide warmness.

You can also match the stickers with the varnish of your furniture that you are placing beside that side.

Add Hand paintings

The crafting with hand painting is also called murals. You can design your wall with the AC by making different paintings on them.

It is essential to use eggshell paints for making murals. I have different ideas for murals, including paint like a forest to picture different animals and flowers.

The other idea of murals is an oceanic look in which you are making deep oceans and flowers. You can also make map murals with different colors.

It is also helpful to add abstract murals to make an artwork gallery.

Old vintage touch to decorate the around the wall AC

You can also give the old vintage appearance around the wall air conditioner. For this rustic look, you can try color washing and makes small patches with this design.

You can also give the ancient touch by distressing them with chalk paints. Finally, you should make rustic touch by mixing the dark shade varnishes with acrylic glazes.

I will recommend adding antique sceneries and pictures. You will also add mirrors with rustic and metal frames to give them an old vintage touch.

Place wall sconces

The installation of sconces enlightens your interior at night time. These are present in markets with different designs and styles.

These lights are internally wired in your home electrical system. The globe-shaped sconces are also available that look modern with white and golden light.

You can install only one sconce or three in the line and arrange them randomly. These sconces are also available in the market with different shapes like animals and birds.

Use wooden plates and baskets

It is also decorative to install wooden plates and baskets on the walls to give them a traditional and farmhouse appearance.

Add the black and white scheme wooden baskets to give them a Scandi appearance. You can also place single large wooden baskets, which helps place the accessories.

These baskets also provide the space for the placement of flowers. In addition, you can add artificial flowers or evergreen flowers to them.

Attach calendars and clocks

The attachment of large calendars on the walls looks more stylish and beautiful. You can also add digital calendars to them.

Attach a medium-sized hardboard and write the dates on them by cutting the chart paper of different tints.

The hanging of large clocks also gives an elegant and sophisticated appearance to your room. You can also try clocks with different designs.

Match the clock color with the varnish of your interiors. You can also add wheel-type clocks; they look like a wheel, and their digits are written on the sides.

It is also decorative to attach the clock machinery in a book to make a book clock.

You can also make an infinity display by mounting the machinery and its needle on walls and write the digits on your own with creative styles and ideas.

 Hang photo frames, rugs, and add upholstery

Pictures are the memorable part of your family to remind your events. Many people love to place these photos on the walls with different stylish and modern frames.

You can add them in a circular attachment or place them randomly. You can try ornament frames, metal frames, glass mosaics, and wooden frames.

It is more classical to arrange them in a modern way. You can also make a gallery with colorful photos and attach string lights with them.

The rugs of different designs are also available in the market with different designs and colors. These rugs are available in antique fashion, abstract designs, and traditional style.

The upholstery also looks stylish and modern. You can upholster its one side by using a velvet upholstery of some bold and shiny colors.

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