Why is One Side of My Bed Higher than the Other?

Why is One Side of My Bed Higher than the Other?

Many people complain that their bed is uneven. Bed height is an essential part of your sleeping space and should select according to your sleeping style and needs.

Why is One Side of My Bed Higher than the Other? If one side of your bed is higher than the other, it can cause inconvenience in your sleep and cause various side effects. The unequal weight distribution of the body over the mattress and non-level floor can cause this issue. Improper bed dimension during construction and poor assembling of the screws and fastener uneven your bed.

You can overcome this issue by using bed risers, furniture levelers, cork adhesive floor protectors, drop ceiling tile, and flange to level both sides equally.

Choose the right bed height to fit your needs. It is one of the necessary aspects for someone who wants to sleep well and look good in bed.

There is the various reason that causes the unbalance of your bed and feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it is inconvenient or hard to find a cause, so you should examine every aspect that can be a probability factor. 

Unbalanced floor and bed

If the bed is low, it will be uncomfortable for people lying on it. If it is too high, it will make people feel like they are sitting on a mountain. 

As a result, the non-level bed, which is low on one side and higher on the other, is a major contributing factor in this condition. Check out the foot contact to the ground, degree of imbalance level, and floor type.

It leads to an unbalanced floor effect on the furniture level, which disturbs you while sleeping. This imbalance can lead to serious adverse effects on you, like joint pain.

Mattress spring poked out

Sagging mattress or its springs poked out cause back pain or stiff spine. However, it is compatible with its frame. In this way, the size of the bed, the color pattern warranty, and the level of mattress hardness should consider before purchasing. 

Mattress springs or coils lost their weight-bearing capacity or deformation due to putting too much pressure on them. 

Worn-out mattress and spring poking can damage your skin. So, you should overcome this problem without further delay.

Uneven weight distribution

Edges of mattresses are uneven due to improper weight distribution. This gap causes mattress bulging at some points, which leads to extreme discomfort for your back and neck. 

When you sleep on an uneven surface, it’s hard to align your bodies properly with the bed since there is no firm surface underneath your bodies to provide support. Another reason is the sleeping position at one spot, so this point will be susceptible to wear out. 

Usually, the kind-sized mattress can bulge or sink, which causes the bed to appear asymmetrical and uneven. Therefore, long-term durability and care of it play an essential role in its lifespan.

Improper bed dimensions

Bed dimension is a vital aspect that is responsible for your comfortable and convenient position on it. Wrong dimensions can disrupt sleeping patterns and cause various problems in a person’s life.

Although most individuals prefer a larger mattress when purchasing new bedding, they may not give the dimensions any attention. 

Sometimes, the legs bed is also imbalanced, so it can tilt from the foot or head side cause trouble in sleeping. The entire surface of it is not level up to the floor. Measure the whole framework and flip up the plywood platform.

Bed adjustment problems

Sometimes problems appear when you fix it in your living room. Many things are involved in it, like fitting the bed, fixing it, and installing sheets.

Examine the root cause of it yourself. Remove out the mattress, level it and measure the dimension and observe the problem in adjustment. 

Set aside the access panel to achieve an approach toward it. Find any loose screw and damaged fastener and support. 

This factor is also responsible for higher the one side of it like foot side or head side both can cause health issues for you. Sometimes you ignore the mattress measurement and only include the bed dimension under it.

Why is uneven bed bad?

When you don’t get enough sleep, you’ll feel more tired, which affects your physical and emotional health. 

For a healthy, happy, and comfortable life, put a good investment while buying a bed and mattress; its quality matters a lot.

When the problem occurs side to side leveling of the bed will be problematic for you. In addition, low quality or damaged mattress can cause an unnatural position during sleep result in a twist or strain on your back.

Obesity is another issue that appears due to unwell sleeping. 

What is Standard bed height?

Whatever the bed kind, you should consider its size first. Many people overlook this point, but your comfortable sleeping and convenient sitting also depend on it. It is a significant factor, so know about standard height.

Professional designers have appropriate information about the average height of your bed that affects your sleeping. If it is low, your room looks more spacious.

If it is high, it can appear coherent look suitable in its sense. Former gives the modern style while later gives the glamorous and classic appearance.

The distance between the floor and it tells you about your easy access to the bed. However, these are available in various dimensions, sizes, and styles. But the standard height of these is the following.

A platform bed is around 16 inches, the standard bed having box springs can be 22 inches. In this way, Futons have 18 inches, and the antique bed is approximately 30 inches.

Methods to level the bed height

Furniture levelers/cabinet levelers are best to level your furniture at the same height from both sides. These make it possible to raise and move with ease and convenience. In addition, the installation process is easy.

Determine the area where you install, mark the position and drill a hole according to the recommended measures. It has two components like T-nut and levelers.

Insert the T-nut into that drilled hole and fix it with a hammer. Then, place a leg leveler on top of it and adjust the height as needed to maintain balance.

Sometimes the problem can be a loose adjustment of the screws. To resolve it, you have to fix it. 

Reconnect these loosened joints and glue its frame where necessary fix these by glue. Clamp these until it dries and joins with each other.

In this way, check the legs dimension and floor slope responsible for this issue and fix it. 

You can resolve this issue by shimming the one side to maintain the balance.

 Metal, wood, and plastic are the three types available, each having its benefits, such as increased durability, aesthetic appeal, and stability.

 Use rubber and cork, adhesive floor protectors on uneven floors and non-level beds, such as when one side of the bed is lower than the other. It is best to protect the floor surface from scratches.

These are easy to use, self-adhesive, and high-quality materials that best level it and enhance your comfort level more. For firm connection, the surface of the floor or the feet of the bed should be clean and free from dirt and debris. 

While choosing the material for filling such gaps, select the item having thickness but avoid using multiple together to create the imbalance and cause more problems. 

You can buy it online from well-reputed sources because of no compromise on the quality.

Drop ceiling tile is also a preferable alternative if you have an uneven bed or floor. First, measure its dimension and note it on the paper and cut it according to your need. Then, place it under the feet of the bed, which is non-level to maintain its level.

If one side of it is too lower than the other side to balance it, you can put two tile stacks underneath. So, this process maintains the bed height according to your body weight effectively.

Adjust the angle/flange

If your bed rail system has metal, you can use the angle or flange. It can prevent it from these problems and level it to the floor.  

An adjustable base is also best to give the solution for a defective or old mattress. Various forms, like inner springs, foam mattresses, and latex foam, can help relieve your back stress and pain. 

As a result of the mattress’s adjustable base and lack of rigidity, it can bend and flex easily. In this way, an innerspring mattress that has high-quality flexible material coils also works with it.

Mattress also comes with dual qualities like dual or split tension mattresses. It is suitable for those who require varied spring tension according to their weight. It improves your sleep pattern, and conflict about its selection also sort out by this.

Add Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet are suitable for wooden bed frames. These are cost-effective and screw directly into it with little effort. These are high-quality available in different size ranges at affordable prices and you can adjust the bed frame height.

It prevents the problem of sagging and damage, so it can effectively support your furniture and mattress and weight distribution uniformly. In this way, your cost on its repairing and replacement also saves and reduces, and maintains durability.

Use Rubber furniture cups

To level it, you would need an accurate mechanism for adjusting the height of the bed. It is where rubber furniture cups come into play. There are lots of different types of rubber furniture cups available.

Rubber furniture cups use for various purposes to maintain balance. If your bed is sliding, scratching the floor, or unleveled bed, it is the best solution.

You can level it from the unbalanced side. These are cost-effective so, you can place them under one or more feet.

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