Which Side of Front Door to Hang American Flag

Which Side of Front Door to Hang American Flag?

In the 19th century, the federal government of the US issued the national US codes for a flag in which they provided the details to hang a flag on the front door, lobby, and open area.

The federal government only issued these rules for the respect of their country’s flag. Therefore, it does not impose penalties for the persons and organizations who are not following these rules.

Which Side of Front Door to Hang American Flag? You can hang the American flag on both sides of the front door, but the left side is preferable, so when people pass through, it comes on their left side horizontally. It is necessary to put the flag some inches above the ground for their respect. Keeping its union side on the upper left corner is also essential, and the red side should face downward.

The Americans love to place them outside their home and on the entrance side of different places to show their patriotism and remembrance of their state. It will also make them proud citizens because it will symbolize their nations and the identity of people.

How do you hang an American Flag on the front door?

People place them on the front side door of their porch or the highest point of their building so everyone can see them.

Many people hang them with a rope in the front direction. However, some use a rod or stick for their placement.

When you are hanging them with a rope, place it in the middle of the door, and its blue side with stars should be on the left side.

In this horizontally hanging, its union side must be directed towards the north in east and west streets.

When you are hanging them by using a pole, the blue end must be on the upper side, such as when the person passes through them, it will be on the left side of that person. In addition, the red end should be on the lower side, facing vertically to the floor.

When you are placing them with a rope, you can’t hang other flags above them. Instead, you should put the union or brightening end horizontally on the sides, so when you fly them at staff, they must be raised for a moment then come back to half-staff.

You should not hang them during rainy and stormy weather conditions because it can damage and tear them. The placement of damaged and torn ones on the front door is against US laws and regulations.

When there is rainy or stormy weather, remove them and respectfully fold them. If it is made of nylon and polyester fabric, removing is unnecessary because it can withstand the weather condition.

When you live in a building or apartment with more than one entrance, it is necessary to place them in the center of the lobby, so its union side is facing towards the north.

When your building has multiple entrance doors and is constructed in the north and south direction, you should place the union towards the east direction.

Should the American flag be on the left or right side of the door?

The appropriate positioning of flags is crucial in terms of their honor and respect. For example, when hanging them on a porch, you can display them on both sides.

When swaying them with the door on the entrance side, it must be on the left side, and its union is facing the upper left corner.

You are placing them in this direction so that it will be horizontal to them.

This position is also necessary because flying them in honor of federal staff can rise quickly from their heads.

What is the appropriate size of the American flag for front doors?

Suitable size is necessary when hanging them on different sides like entrance doors, lobby, and porch.

The standard size for the flag is 4 × 5 feet and 48 × 60 inches in dimensions. However, its dimensions may increase from the standard for banner size and is about 44 × 55 inches.

For a perfect doorway, their size may vary according to the length of the building and doors; if they are high, you should need slightly bigger dimensions for them and vice versa.

For a standard doorway entrance, their dimensions are 35 × 80 inches. Therefore, it is better to sway them by using a pole of appropriate length.

You should purchase a pole of length that is some inches more from the original size of the flag. It is necessary to take their appropriate dimensions because you have to place them if the entrance is more significant and broader.

The shorter ones on the broader and bigger entrance do not look pleasant and fulfilling.

How high to mount a flag on a front door?

Their height from the floor is a considerable point when you are mounting them. You can’t place them too much close to the floor; it is a sign of disrespect and dishonor.

It is beneficial to measure their exact height from the floor, not to touch the ground surface. In addition, you should place them at a considerable size so their single side can’t touch the water around.

You should place them at a significant height so they will be many inches away from the floor or ground surface.

It is necessary to mount their nuts tightly to avoid becoming loose and moving down from their position.

It is primarily considering that the flag of 4×6 inches should have a 35×40 inches pole to keep them high from the ground.

You can only lower them when you want to raise it on half-staff in terms of their honor. It is against US laws when it touches the ground with water, floor, or merchandise.

If it touches the ground, you should have removed it and displayed the new ones or cleaned them by washing or dry cleaning.

Can you display the American flag with other flags?

You can display other ones with them, but you have to follow some rules according to the US codes for the flag.

You should not display both of them on the same pole; keep them on a separate bar.

You should place them in that direction that other flags don’t make their shadow on them.

Mount them on the highest point from the other ones to show the respect and honor of the country.

 When placing all the flags at the same height, you can set the American ones on the right side according to the rule to make them prominent.

The other nation’s flag must have equal size and height, which represents peace.

When displaying different flags on the same entrance, the American one should be in the middle to make them prominent and distinguishable.

When you are raising them with other flags of various states, then, first of all, raise the American ones and lowered them at the end.

What are the respect codes for the American flag?

Following are the respect codes:

  • When placing them on the front side of your car, carefully fasten them with the chassis lower side so they can’t fall on the floor.
  • Keep them at a specific height so they can’t touch the ground surface.
  • Don’t put them down as their union is facing down.
  • Don’t use them for wrapping purposes.
  • You should not place them on the backside of any vehicle; you can place them on the front side.
  • You should not use them as bedding or drapery.
  • Don’t use them for advertising or marketing anything.
  • Don’t attach any advertising signboard or posture with the halyard or pole.
  • You should not make any additional drawing, writing, or designing on any side of the flag.
  • You should not use them to cover the upper side of the ceiling.
  • You cannot use them as a dress code or costumes.
  • You should not display the old, frayed, and torn flag on your doorways. 
  • You should not keep them high during rain; lower them in a rainy season.
  • You should not use anything to keep them straight, horizontal, and in an uplifting position; just leave the flag free in the air.
  • You should not cover any statue with them.
  • Don’t use them on display boxes and other disposable utensils.
  • Don’t embroider them on cushions.

Can you hang the American flag at night time?

According to the US code, the general rule is that you should hang the flag from sunrise to sunset. After sunset, you should lower your flag.

In addition, there is another option for patriotic persons who want to display them 24 hours a day.

You can only display them at night when you have a proper light connection. The flag should only be displayed at night if they are appropriately illuminated.

If you want to raise them all day and night, properly attach the lights to them so everyone can see them clearly during darkness.

It is against the US codes to raise the flag at night in the darkness. You should illuminate them at night to improve their visibility.

In the federal code, proper illumination does not mean that you need a spotlight for them.

You can also turn on the porch, balcony, lawn, and exterior lights for the illuminating purpose to ensure their presence.

The federal US rules considered it disrespectful to raise them after sunset or night in complete darkness. However, if you don’t have a proper lighting system, you can raise them until sufficient light comes after the sunset.

Special days for hanging the American flag on your door?

Americans are flying them on special days to make the proud moment in that event. It will also show the sign of dignity, respect, and happiness on that particular day.

Following are the special events in which Americans love to hang their flag every building, door, and in front of their vehicles.

  • Christmas event
  • Mother’s day
  • Independence Day
  • Flag Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Easter Day
  • Washington’s Birthday
  • Constitution Day
  • Armed force day
  • Veterans Day
  • Inauguration Day
  • New Year’s evening
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
  • State holidays
  • Navy Days

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