How to Adjust Bed Frame Height?

How to Adjust Bed Frame Height?

It is easy to adjust the bed frame height. For decoration purposes, a lower bed frame suits modern and contemporary decor. But a larger bed frame gives the traditional and outdated look of your room. 

How to Adjust Bed Frame Height? The average height of a bed frame is around 25 inches. You can increase the bed frame height by adding mattress foundation, bed block, bed chunks, and bed wheels. Decrease the bed frame height by modifying mattress thickness, remove the box spring, add lower bed frame and bunks boards. 

The bed frame height matters most for providing you comfort. It should be convenient and relaxed while climbing.

You can sit more conveniently, and your feet should reach the floor without trouble. Bed tallness is the most critical part while shopping new bed frame. The bed altitude affects the appearance of your sleeping pattern.

The room with a lower bed frame looks big and, the upper bed seems more cohesive and unified with high ceilings.

Standard bed frame height

Bed frame height is vital for daily moving in the bed. There are various types of bed frames, and their stature should adjust according to your requirements.

The standard bed frame height depends on your knees and hips line up or, your feet should be straight on the floor. Every bed frame features are different, so their tallness can differ from other bed designs.

Comparison Chart for Bed Frame Types with their Height

Bed frame types Height
Antique beds 35 to 36 inches
Platform beds 17 to 18 inches
Futons 19 to 20 inches
Standard beds 23 to 25 inches

How to make my bed frame taller?

Mostly bed is considered the most significant part of the home furniture. It should fulfill your comfort level or sleeping requirements. You should know the average height of the bed from the ground.

The users want to create an aesthetic and ergonomic bed and also want some extra space under beds. 

Mattress foundations

It is a simple and easy way to make your bed taller. They are easy to install and available.

They are best to use when you do not need your bed much higher and do not want underneath space.

They also help to prevent your mattress from drooping over time. They are also the best choice for people with little children and for those who have diseases like arthritis.

They are softer, conforming, and easier to provide you an incredible sleep. They will only offer you a few inches in height. 

Bed Blocks

Bed blocks are the best option when you require underneath space and want more height. They are easy to use and available in different elevations, colors, and materials. These are suitable for uneven beds.

You can choose according to your bed design and color. They have come in various carrying capacities. They are usually available from 1 to 12 inches in height. 

Mostly there are three types of bed blocks:

Wooden blocks look beautiful and durable and, you can get one that suits your bed setup. You can build your bed riser blocks from a carpenter and at home by yourself after following a few principles. 

Plastic riser blocks are easy to install and well known by others.

You can find them in an abundance of colors and choose according to your home aesthetic. But they are less durable and can break when you high pressure. 

Metal blocks are the most durable and stable bed risers than plastic riser blocks.

You can find them in modifiable height profiles, so you can choose the height lower or higher, whatever you needed. 

Bed chunks

They are also called bed wedges. They are different from the bed blocks because they are used to increase overall bed height. But bed chunks offer an innovative technique to enhance comfort.

They are only used to adjust under the head and provide you with a vertical lift that promotes your neck and head.

Bed chunks have come with the different primarily wooden lump that you can regulate by a remote.

You can choose the height that matches your requirements. You need two helpers to install chunks. 

Bed wheels

The bed wheel works better when you need a few inches in height and, they save you from creating a big mess.

You do not have to make alterations under the bed or do not need to change the bed design. 

You can also move your bed and alter the bedroom layout without much effort or hassle. It also saves your room floor from scratches when you push the bed.

Wheels provide your height in an advanced way. It makes the daily vacuuming easy. You would cover the bed with a lengthy bed cover or sheets, as it should cover the wheels from exposing.

Because it looks not decent and, wheels considered incredibly unaesthetic. Another great benefit of installing the wheel is that you can remove them when you need and they do not affect bed shape. 

How to lower the height of a bed frame?

There are also some useful methods and tips to make your bed lower. These methods are: 

First of all, you should focus on mattress thickness or tallness when you want a low-profile bed frame.

Sometimes your mattress height goes too high and, you require little changes on your mattress.

When you want to lower your bed frame, the easy and modest way is to buy a mattress a few inches high. Bed mattresses are available in different forms and heights. 

You can exchange the grander mattress with the lesser one.

You have to choose the mattress width according to your bed height desire. But in this way, you can minimize the bed frame length by only a few inches. 

Another best technique to minimize the bed frame to remove the box spring. You can do this by yourself at home but, this will reduce the bed fame tallness by only three to five inches. 

You can also change your bed frame with lower frames. And buy the specific size that you need. 

For a low budget, you can use the step or bunky board to getting off and on the bed. You can search the block at your home and find the best-sized step to climb on the bed.

The bunky board should 1 to 2 inches tall and, they also take little space. In this way, you can easily hike and feel your bed height is lower. 

Types of bed frames

There are several types of bed frames:

Antique bed frame

They are the highest bed frame with about 36 inches in height without a box spring or mattress.

You can add a mattress or support by the time and, furniture height could reach about four feet or more.

You might require a step ladder to get out or get into bed. You requisite care while getting out or in, especially for children.

Sometimes people use these beds for children to prevent them from repeatedly getting off and on the bed. 

Platform bed frame

They are the most common type of bed frame and, their height is usually about 18 inches high from the ground.

They design in a way that you do not require the spring box for mattress support.

If you install a taller mattress like a pillow top, the frame height could reach three feet higher without a box spring. They are come with or without storage.

They have a new look and create with a headboard, and often built with a footboard. Few platform frames have drawers below. And some have a taller profile, with underneath hidden storage containers. 

Four pillar beds

These beds have four pillars on all bed corners and build with strong and solid wood.

These beds are best suitable for shift workers, as they hang the curtains all around to create a cave. These curtains stop coming light and, you can enjoy the sound sleep. 

Adjustable bed frame

They are best for those who have sleep disorders, acid reflux, and sleep apnea. These beds contribute to regulate the slant of your feet or head to offer the best sleeping position.

Few of them have whistles, zero gravity presets, fun bells, and programmable sites. They are the priciest and have a flexible budget.

Sleigh beds

They do not support the mattress and, they have a regal and luxurious appearance. These beds have curving footboards and headboards and offer them a sleigh look.

These beds are mostly prepared with solid wood and, they contain a hallow center or side panel. These types of beds have essential mattress foundations or box springs to fit the mattress. 

Panel bed frame

These sorts of bed frames are also common because the border has side rails to support the box spring as they hold the mattress.

These bed frames have not much height even after including the mattress. Keep in your mind that a box spring is essential for this type of bed. 

Bunk bed frame

These styles of bed frames are mostly used in college, child, or dorm rooms. They are also known as small spaces beds, as they give room for multiple persons on one large bed frame.

These frames have two or three sections and support by corner pillars. They originate in twin XL or twin sizes. 

Why would you adjust the height of a bed frame?

Few factors affect the bed height and, you have to make changes because of a few factors. 

Comfortable sleeping: The bed height matters most to give you comfortable sleeping. The bed tallness should meet the requirements of the person with muscle or joint pain.

The bed altitude should contribute to your comfort while getting off or on. When you find it difficult to get relaxed sleeping and, your legs can not reach the floor, you should alter their tallness. 

Age: your age depends on the height you need. Usually, older people have an issue with bed sized. They feel calm with lower profile beds because they sit in a controlled and slow manner.

On the other side, when ensuring an upper bed, they rely on ankles, hips, and knees. For small babies such as four to six years, a smaller bed is the best option.

It is easy for them to crawl off and on the bed, it will also save children from detrimental tumbles getting off the bed. The bunk bed is moral for slightly elder children because of extreme storage space. 

Mattress width: The bed frame elevation should correlate with the width of your mattress.

Comfort and relaxation will always be your priority while shopping for a mattress. Bed frames are utilized to increase the aesthetic of your room.

If you purchase a mattress of 12 to 14 inches in width, you should use a shorter bed frame or base like a platform bed. If your mattress is about 10 inches high, then you should use an antique bed frame. 

Height: Your height also depends on the bed frame height. A taller person needs a higher bed because they are beneficial or suitable for them. But the people with lower height feel comfortable and relax with lesser bed frame altitude. 

You can adjust the bed structure tallness, make the higher or low whatever you want. 

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