Are Inflatable Sofas Comfortable?

Are Inflatable Sofas Comfortable?

An inflatable sofa is versatile, portable, and ultra-light furniture. If you want to get comfort and relaxation to pass some quality time, an inflatable couch works for it. 

Are Inflatable Sofas Comfortable? Inflatable sofas are comfortable and an excellent addition to the living spaces. The unique features like the utilization of air make them cozy and soothing for the users. It is an ideal and fantastic sitting arrangement to support your back and whole body. You can fill it with air or use hydrogen, helium, and nitrogen to inflate the sofa.

It is a valuable addition to furniture providing dual easiness both in homes and to adventurers who love to go on long tours, mountain biking, camping, and musical festivals.

Methods of inflating sofas

You merely have to provide some air to inflate them, and they become ready for facilitating you. These are cost-effective and save space in the sitting place.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

Run against the wind

  • You can fill the couch or any other inflatable furniture manually.
  • Use an electric pump for this purpose.
  • In manual filing, windy weather is best.
  • On a windy day, you can run against the wind direction to fill it.
  • It is slightly harder to fill it when there is less wind.

Trapping of air

The trick for filling a two-chambered airbag is to grasp the top lip by hand and the bottom lip to the ground to make one chamber open.

Open and closes it to make it full of breeze, and add 10 to 15 pumps are enough to fill it.
Make sure to hold the second chamber closed while loading the first one.

After pumping, repeat these steps with another one, and there is no pump for this trick.
It fills with air only in a minute, and to secure, bind the opening a few times with the band and connect clips.

The fully inflated sofa can last for 7 to 9 hours after passing this duration, and you can expand again.

Use electric pump, vacuum blower, and manual pumps

  • Another way is to use an electric pump, and these pumps are efficient.
  • They are available with different size nozzles to fill various products.
  • You can fill your chairs, sofas, and mattresses by vacuum with a blower.
  • If you at a place where an electric source is not available, you can use the manual pump.
  • There are two types of manual pumps one, hand pump, second, foot air pump.
  • Foot pumps are easy to use than hand pumps that are more tiring and tedious.

Use Hair Dryer and mouth air

  • If you have a blow-dryer at your home, it can work for you to fill the air in your furniture quickly.
  • The cheapest way is to blow it by your mouth.

Use an electric fan

  • You can inflate it with a fan at home without going outside.
  • Let the air comes inside after turning on the fan or blower and then inflation, and cinch it.

Use a Plastic bag

  • You can use a plastic bag to fill inflatables.
  • Let the air come in a plastic bag, and attach a bag full of air to the inflatable sofa’s mouth.
  • In the next step, squeeze the plastic bag so that the bags come in inflatables.

What should you consider while purchasing an inflatable sofa?

Check quality

While selecting this furniture product, you should check the quality of material in construction. Before purchasing, check sofas for a considerable time to get information about the stuff for preparation.

Quality of material plays a central role in durability. Make sure that the material is durable enough to use for a pack environment and outdoor adventures.

Weight of the sofa

Make sure you are buying such a sofa that has optimum weight and is easy to carry outdoor. The third thing for consideration is its height. Overall height should be such that it fulfills your requirement in the best way.

Consult with sofa experts

You can consult with people already using these couches. They can help in selecting appropriate quality products by telling about their experience of using them.

Consider your budget

Your budget is also an important factor in selection. Pick some best quality products keeping in view the price aspect. Always look for the best available brands. By selecting trusted and experienced brands, you can get better quality.

6 Examples of Best Inflatable Sofas with Features & Price

Inflatable sofa Features Cost
Wekapo inflatable lounge sofa Portable and waterproof. $35-$36
Intex pull out Ideal sofa for the lounge and backyards. $57-$59
Alpha being lounge sofa Best for traveling, hiking, and camping to long distances. $23-$25
Hammock inflatable couch A couch with a pillow, comfortable. One of the best inflatable sofas for the living rooms. $35-$37
Beautrip air couch One of the best backyard chairs. $25-$26
SEGOAL inflatable bed camping chair A couch with a pillow, excellent bed camping. $35-$36

Are Inflatable Sofas Worth It?

Here are all the amazing benefits of these inflatable sofas:

Use at Home

You can use them for quick seating. Due to the portable feature, you can move the sofa quite quickly, wherever you want.

This couch is perfect for guests for people staying in small houses with limited financial resources and facilities.

In such cases, it is quite tough to arrange beds for guests in family gatherings. These couches help you in all conditions.

If you receive guests, you can manage comfortable sleeping for them by filling these inflatables.

This inflatable sitting furniture will help you to fulfill your need and make you happy. In an extra room of your home, with a big TV screen, arrange these sofas in a way that everyone gets the view.

You will surely enjoy a movie by sitting with family on these sofas while eating popcorn. You can make a lovely scenario without going to the theatre.

Outdoor activities

Another reason for selecting these lightweight and moveable inflatables is to use them for outdoor activities like camping, long vacation tours, backyard parties, and picnics.

You can take them anywhere with you by folding them.

This product takes less storage area and, its transportation is easy. It provides you a cozy resting place, ease like home, and you can relax while traveling.

Use for kids

You can choose an inflatable sofa for your kids of any age. The children can play on these flexible couches.

Kids can inflate comfortably and deflate them when they want to play. The furniture helps to keep the kids in their playhouses too.


  • Cleaning of these sofas is relatively easy than other furniture.
  • These are perfect for long traveling because of their light-weight, and they occupy minimum storage space.
  • You can inflate and deflate them with great ease.
  • There is no risk in using them, and the main goal is to make you happy.

Easy to use

They have a flocked exterior that increases convenience. These are affordable, and you can purchase them at relatively low prices as regular couches.

This product provides you dual benefit. One is to utilize it in a pack environment for sitting, and you can use it for sleeping. These are suitable for all age groups.

Adults and kids especially enjoy sitting on them. They can play games, watch movies, make gossips with friends, and sleep.

Some couches provide you sunshades and pockets on the sides for keeping sunglasses, books, mobile phones, and other essentials.

The water-proof and floating models couches attract people who love to sit on the beaches, lakes, and pools.

You can enjoy a sunbath at the ocean and lakes as much as you can by sitting on these air couches.

Valuable Feature

These air couches are available in a broad range, and each of them has some distinguishable features.

Some of the furniture takes very little time to inflate. Many of the sofas are large and manage around four people.

If you want to add some elegant looking and unique furniture, these sofas can meet your demand.

They are available in stylish designs and variable sizes. These are available in beautiful and attractive colors.

There is also a headrest that makes it more comfortable. There is a stake of plastic material necessary for anchoring it to the ground and makes it capable of withstanding windy weather.

Some have characteristics of water-floating and are water-proof. You can wash them because they comprise such thick and water resilient material. Double layer thickness prevents leaking.

Risks associated with inflatable sofas

There are some risks associated with this portable furniture. While utilizing it for outdoor adventures and traveling, some puncture or damage can destroy it.

Thus while traveling, tour, and parties, they are highly susceptible to puncture and spoil your comfort and enjoyment.

If there are pets at home, the risk of puncture and damage to this product enhances. Cats and dogs have pointy, sharp, needle-like claws through which they could puncture these inflatable sofas.

People may have allergies to some stuff as PVC or latex used in the preparation. It is the foremost thing to check either it is safe for you and your family members.

Inflammable material and sunlight can damage them. A variety of these inflatables hardly passes a night and requires inflation again.

Some are in a small size that only one person can manage to stay. Thus before purchasing inflatable sofas, take a great look at sizes.

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