How to Make a queen Mattress into a Sofa?

How to Make a queen Mattress into a Sofa?

Many people want to make a queen mattress into a sofa. The two main factors that are most efficient and considerable to purchase a good quality mattress are your budget and room space. 

How to Make a queen Mattress into a Sofa? You can make a queen mattress into a sofa by making an L-shaped configuration of box spring and mattress with the help of tools. You can push the mattress against the wall and place large pillows and blankets to give it a more furnished look.

There are several methods to make a queen mattress into a comfortable sofa. You can use it for a peaceful night’s sleep and for saving space in small apartments. Some guidelines are listed below:

Design a layout for the sofa

Consider the dimensions of the sofa i-e height, length, the dimensions of the seat like its height, length, depth, etc.

The precise space of a sofa from the floor ranges from 29-37 inches. If you place it in a smaller area, then adjust the height according to your room space. 

The average height of the seat ranges from 16-19 inches. List out all the necessary tools that you require for the precise cutting of the foam. 

Selection and purchasing of a queen mattress

For purchasing an excellent mattress, always consider its dimensions. The queen mattress is approximately 60 inches wide and about 80 inches long.

It is the perfect mattress for couples and teenagers with an affordable price of around $540 to $1250.

 It is present in different varieties like memory foam, innerspring, and adjustable air. Its less expensive than the king mattress and provide durability and pressure relief.

Tools required for cutting the mattress

The tools required for the precise cutting of the mattress into a comfy sofa are:

  • Scissors 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Dremel tool for cutting of box spring 
  • The durable gloves efficient is the cut resistance gloves. 
  • Eyewear to protect your eyes
  • Hand saw 
  • Pair of pliers 
  • Sewing needles 
  • Seam ripper
  • Nails and hand clamps  
  • Marker pen and measuring tape
  • Sharp knife 
  • Upholstery staple gun

L-Shaped configuration of sofa

Measure the seat depth

Calculate the seat dimension for the precise cutting of the box spring.

For the L-shaped configuration of the sofa, measure both ends of the box spring with measuring tape. Always mark the position of the cut along the length of the box spring.

Cut the outer clothing of the box spring

You can use scissors for cutting the backside covering and padding of the box spring. The standard seat depth of a comfortable sofa ranges from 20-25 inches. 

Trim the spring

Wear durable gloves and eyewear for protecting your eyes while cutting the spring with the help of a Dremel tool. Fold the edges of the spring with pliers in a downward direction.

Cut the wooden frame of the box spring

You can cut the wooden frame with a hand saw according to the dimensions of seat height. Connect the crosspieces with the help of nails to make a more compact and firmer frame.

Refix the covering and padding in their original place with a staple gun. Redo the same process on the other half of the box spring to make two lower compartments of the sofa for giving maximum height.

Cut the mattress

You should remove the covering of the mattress. If there are no zippers, attach to the cover, and cut it with scissors in the vertical direction.

Slit the only portion of coverage that is important for pulling out the mattress. Place the foam on a stable and smooth surface, find the pipping end, use a seam ripper or scissors to remove the thread from all sides. 

When you cut the bedding mark and measure it according to the dimensions of seat depth.

Cut the mattress, its internal springs with a Dremel tool, and stitch both parts with upholstery thread.

Covering of the mattress

You should choose the best fabric with quality color and stain resistance ability and make sure it is economical, stylish, and durable. Cotton, linen, and microfiber are the best option for this.

They are of excellent quality, stain-resistant, and less expensive. Leather is more durable, sophisticated, strain resistant, but costly than the other fabric.

For its stitching, measure it according to the dimensions of the sofa. Depending upon the stretching ability of cloth, leave an about 1-inch seam allowance for stitching.

Stitch the fabric inside out with the help of a sewing machine. Cut the extra hem to give it a more furnished look. Leave a slit that you use for taking off the cover and from the mattress.

You can attach zippers to that slit. You can also use more durable fabric for the box spring, wrapped around it, and staple it.

The backrest of the sofa

You can place some long rectangular back cushion with its backrest and make sure it matches your sofa.

Add a small cushion in front of it, in contrast with the fabric of the sofa bed. Add bolsters pillow on its side that makes the couch’s accessories, and you can also sew it with the sofa’s material.

The pillows attach to the couch in a rigid form. Place the symmetrical blanket on its handles to give it a comfier look.

Attaching with the wall

You can choose the prime location of the room for the sofa placing. Push the mattress and the box spring against the wall.

In such a way that one long side of the Queen mattress faces the room. And the other side attaches to the wall.

The width of a queen mattress is about 60 inches. You can decrease it by placing 3-4 large rectangular-shaped cushions.

For providing, it more sofa-like appearance, change the bedspread by replacing it with the sofa fabric that coordinates well with your room décor.

Now add another layer of small cushions and a large bolster pillow to its sides that make arms your sofa. Add nightstands or side cabinets for their more cohesive support. 

Placement of the queen mattress sofa

Now adjust the mattress on the box spring and pushed it towards the wall. For its ideal placement, consider some factors like:

  • The focal point of the room 
  • The balance between the furniture’s of the room
  • Breathing room
  • Front of mantel 
  • Consider the position of the window.
  • Rugs size balance with the size of the sofa
  • Coffee table 
  • Room space 
  • Side tables are of the exact height of the arm’s length of the couch.
  • Scenery and artwork on the wall contrast with the furniture
  • Room lighting and colors.

Time required

The time limit depends on the methods used for sofa making. It also depends on the place.

The expected time limit for making a sofa lies between 2-6 weeks, but it also depends on your skills, tools, and fabric availability. 


The average cost of building a sofa ranges from $250 to $17000, but it also depends upon varied factors like:

  • Material utilization 
  • Availability of tools. And the expense required to purchase a new one.
  • The Fabric Quality, and their expenses. The place from where you buy it.
  • Queen mattress and box spring price
  • Hiring a professional or building it in home
  • Decoration cost 
  • Design cost 
  • Furnishing and polishing 

What are the pros of building a sofa from a queen mattress?

There are different benefits of converting your mattress into a sofa that is as follow:

They serve dual purposes i-e, during the Daytime, they provide a comfortable and stylish place to sit. They provide a place to lay down and sleep during the night.

They are referred to as space-saving furniture because they save space in small apartments and homes by balancing the room traffic.

It is economical because they are less expensive than buying a new sofa or a new mattress.

The Queen mattress can easily be converted into a sofa, without the help of any labor or professional.

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