How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture in a Square Room?

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture in a Square Room?

Here are 21 great ideas to arrange bedroom furniture in a square room. Furniture arrangements are an excellent design decision, but the layout is crucial for your comfort zone.

How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture in a Square Room? Setting furniture in a square bedroom is a creative yet tricky job to efficiently utilize the available space. Minimum furniture items in a bedroom are bed, rugs, nightstands, and dresser. The strategy to arrange furniture in the bedroom is to make a layout of the room, place the bed in the central position and place the rest of the items accordingly to ensure symmetry.

Room furniture arrangements are not easy tasks. Many professionals get higher qualifications in interior layout and decorators.

It is an art to arrange furniture with a proper space that gives you a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. It is an essential component of your room’s interior design. You can do it on your own and with proper planning and adjustment.

Arrangement of furniture in a square room

The suitable furniture arrangements make the room more beautiful if it is small or big.

You have to measure the furniture size. First, you have to identify which bed size is best and most suitable for the room.

People make wrong assumptions and think that each type of bed with various sizes can automatically fit. This assumption is favorable for you when you have only bed arranging options besides other accessories.

Leave the space around the bed

A king-sized bed makes almost 03 feet of enough space among the bedroom and closet or along the wall. If you have a small-sized bed, then make a space of approximately less than 3 feet.

Place a simple end table along the bedside if you do not have a space for a nightstand, this is a common issue with a square bedroom. You can make the end table of a glass table or a small stool.

Use only essential furniture

It is common for bedrooms to collect clutter easily. In a smaller bedroom, use that type of furniture, which gives the room sufficient space. Follow some recommendations use the large-sized dresser and shelves, which enhance the storage.

If you want to watch movies instead of sleep, you can choose a specific layout that is suitable for it. This will make a small bedroom look bigger.

You can walk into your room without being stuck by the bed stool or anything else. If you figure out your room structure, then the decision for furniture will be easy.

If it is mandatory to keep a lot of stuff in your bedroom due to limited space, then place all the things in an organized and civilized manner to avoid clutter.

Only essential and running items you should keep in the bedroom, while objects like off-season and dirty clothes and extra shoes you can store in a separate room. Make a habit of cleaning the bedroom regularly, including the surface of all furniture items and windows for dirt.

Sketch the square room

It is the most crucial step in setting a square-sized bedroom. You should sketch the room with proper scales and showing all the dimensions, including windows.

After that, measure the covering space required for all furniture pieces you want to honor your bedroom with, like bedroom, nightstands, side tables, or any other item.

Bed, side tables, rug, and dresser are the must-haves in a bedroom. Other furniture items can make their place in the bedroom as per the room size and available space.

You can imagine the outlook of the room by marking these furniture pieces on the room layout. Computer programs are also available to assist in simulating the interior setting of your bedroom. Once you finalize an arrangement, you can go for the placement of the items in your room.

Start from the bed

A bed is the most common item you will find in every bedroom. A double bed’s standard size is 4.5′ by 6′ while a king-size bed has a 6.5′ by 7′ area.

Therefore placing it in the center along the opposite wall of the door with the bed head facing it will provide a space of 3 feet on both sides for putting side tables and easy movement.

A clearance of 1 foot will be sufficient to go behind it for cleaning purposes. You can also skip it according to your requirements.

However, ensure to keep the front side of the bed head facing the door so that you can see anybody entering the room.

Consider about rug area

The rug is an item that adds style, calmness, homeliness, and style to your room by selecting a matching design.

It should be placed underneath the bed, extending 1-2 feet on both sides and about 2-3 feet on the foot side of the bed. Make sure to keep the open area on both sides of the bed evenly to maintain the bedroom’s uniformity.

Set small furniture

Other furniture types can be a nightstand, side tables, bookshelf, and dressing table. Using their measured dimensions, place them on the bedroom’s sketch. It will help to visualize the resulting look of the room.

Generally speaking, the most suitable place for side tables in a square room is along both sides of the bed. You can try placing the dressing table by the sidewall facing the bed.

You can also place nightstands in the corner near the window and place books or a small plant on them.

Arrangements with windows

In the case of a king-sized bed, you should make arrangements according to the window wall. It makes the room large and shows more space.

In a room, a window fills one wall of the square room while the other two remain empty. It gives you the feeling that bed access directly is not easily possible.

Adjust room setting according to wall closet

In this case, a bedroom has multiple walls and one closet. You have to place the queen-sized bed in the center between two windows.

You can adjust the bedside table to have a round shape to the bed left side. In this way, straight lines will not make up.

You can place a small flowering plant on the right side of the bed to make the closet assessment easy for you. The greenery in your room creates a pleasant and peaceful environment.

You put the dressing table along the room’s short wall. If you do not want enough space, make a beautiful study corner with a chair and table help.

Bedroom arrangements with a one small window

In the bedroom with one window and another portion are planes. It is easy for you to identify where the bed will be most suitable. Place a dresser alongside the wall. Place the two nightstands on both bedsides.

If you need extra area, then put some greenery for a pleasant appearance. You have another option to fill up space through a larger dressing table.

Bedroom with two doorways and closet

If you have a bedroom with two doorways and a closet, then make some arrangements. In this case, place the large bed along the free or open wall with 2 bedside tables.

Moreover, there is a small window present between the two doors. It is the best location for your dresser setting or console table.

Set it with one window wall and closet

In this scenario, if the room has one window wall and a closet and set the furniture according to it. Set the bed as similar as others’ arrangements.

In other spaces, place the dresser and some plants. You can also place a bench under the window or display pedestal.

Due to space constraints in modern times, typical square bedroom sizes have shrunk to 12′ X 12′. Therefore it requires skills and hard work to utilize the space efficiently.

It gives a perfect and glorious look to your room and prevents any clutter. Place only the essential items that include a bed, rug, side tables, and dressing table.

One possible setting can be a bed in the center of the room for symmetry, nightstands along both sides, and a dresser on the foot side of the bed wall. You can place the other items according to the remaining space in the room.

Remove unnecessary items

Overcrowding the room with unnecessary furniture pieces like cloth cabinets, sofas, chairs will not only deteriorate the setting of the room but also can hinder your movement around the bedroom.

Therefore the place only must have furniture items in the bedroom and move other items like sofas and chairs to the living room and clothes to the store or some other room.

Interior Decoration Ideas for Square Room Furniture

With a bit of research and spending some time, you can give an elegant and new look to your room. Select the furniture items according to the interior decoration of your room for a coherent and symmetrical look.

Color ideas: Choose the bedroom fabrics like bed sheets, pillow covers, and rugs having color matching with the interior decoration of the room like lighting and paint of the walls.

Curtain style: There are several blinds and curtains you can purchase from the market to install in bedrooms. 

Bedding ideas: Choose the bed style and material according to the choice of look you want either it is a modern, contemporary, or classical look. Metallic pieces give a present look, while wooden ones give a traditional classical look with elegance.

Select the right floor: Different flooring materials in the market are rubber, wooden, carpets, marbles, rugs, and ceramic. 

Layout style: Layout or arrangement of the room furniture is a purely creative process. It depends on how better you utilize the space and match it with the styling of your room.

Closet settings: If you have an attached wardrobe, the cabinet’s organization is also vital to maintain the bedroom’s beauty. Therefore, wise people pay due attention to the arrangement of clothes, shoes, or other items in the wardrobe.

Ceiling Ideas: You should select the ceiling design according to the room settings. Keeping it too simple or too fancy can ruin the elegance and arrangement of your square bedroom.


The interior setting of your square bedroom is a tricky job, we have added plenty of ideas and you can follow any of these.

You can do the settings by yourself by following the guidelines in this article. However, if you are confused or find it difficult, you can always contact us.

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