How High Should a Bed Be From the Ground?

How High Should a Bed Be From the Ground?

Here are easy methods to increase and decrease the height of a bed. We have also explained the average height of a bed from the ground.

How High Should a Bed Be From the Ground? The bed frame should be approximately 15 inches to 23 inches off the ground. The mattresses have their specific heights from the ground, and they should range up to 17 – 26 inches.

The distance is between the equipment and ground surface and the modification of ground impacts the bed height. The bed frames should reach the knee height of an adult. The mattresses are up to the human thigh in standard structures.

The standard bed means any bed with an appropriate structure and foam mattress. The overall height of a base from the floor includes both the laying matter and the iron frame.

In this, the rails also comprise a structure that offers maximum support to the system. The average height of a bed in this regard is approximately 16 – 26 inches.

It is one of the most suitable setups for homes, bedrooms, living areas, and other such placements.

They are moderately expensive and reliable. Few of them are once-in-a-lifetime investments due to their longevity and structural support.

Why you should know the bed height?

The height of the bed and its mattress directly impact comfort and coziness. The accommodation space is proportional to the height feature as well.

The standard beds are excellent options for all types of setups. The high and low beds both have their specifications and cons. 

The long beds facilitate with aesthetic feels of vintage times. They prevent various allergies and pains, and the beds offer painless recovery. 

What bed height is better for sleeping?

The standard bed height is best for sleeping and resting. The distance of mattress and bed frame should be 17 – 26 approximately in every setup.

The furniture has maximum space without any human collision. The foamy matter offers relaxation to back and recover injuries. 

What is the difference between a high bed and a low bed?

High bed Low bed
They are more suitable because all of them allow accurate placement of feet on the ground. They allow more space in the room by occupying less space.
The high beds never cause back or leg pains. These are excellent to get better views from outside. The shifting of bed sheets is difficult due to less space.
The high beds protect from insects and other ground harms. They are appealing and provide a comfortable sleep. Cleaning of low-height beds leads to injuries.
The mattresses of high beds are vast, and they have an accommodating facility. They break with a small force because the frame rails have less weight carrying capacity.
You can easily change the bed covers without any difficulty. The sight-seeing is difficult in these structures because of short height.
They offer easy cleaning from top and bottom. You can vacuum areas without lifting any particular part. The insects can move on the flower beds.

A chart of bed types, height, features

Bed types Height Features
Straight beds They have a specific height between 17 – 26 inches from the ground. All of them have maximum accommodating space. The matter has various styles and height ranges. The straight beds have a good quality mattress that also enhances their heights. They are appealing and comfortable. The structures are adult beds, but you can settle the children on them.


Double story beds The height of a double-story bed is 17 – 19 inches from the ground. These are double beds with an accurate distance from each other. The height is of the low bed to the surface because the story is an additional part.

They have adjustment space, and people utilize them as a seating setup. They have different sizes and color that offers a wondrous sight at first glance.

The antiques with essential qualities The average height of the antique beds is 34 – 37 inches. They are one of the tallest beds, and people do not consider them nowadays. They have extra space for storing things because the area is vast than structures. They are appealing and fancy, but the modern ages have fewer settling capacities for them. The mattresses of antique beds have holes for air crossing, and it is a beneficial feature for such equipment. Never consider a vintage bed if you are going through an injury.
Beds with a platform and side table These beds have an average height between 16 – 17 inches from the bottom. They have a settling space that is known as its platform. The materials are stable and attractive, and people demand them for their beautiful structure. They are too high for those who have some injuries because they are difficult beds. It is not easy to jump out of bed once you have settled. They have the height up to the 6 – 7 year child.
Casual beds with specific limits They have an average height of 21 – 24 inches from the surface. They are casual beds that are present in every home setup. They have a settling space for people with side tables. All of them are comfortable and reduce back pain. The mattresses are moderate in height without any holes.

How to increase the height of a bed?

A specific bed height is beneficial for human health. It is essential to follow the exact guidelines when you increase the bed height. It is not a complex process but requires professional expertise. 

Few methods participate in increasing the height of a bed without any error. All of them are effective, and they consume time. 

The methods are to add card stuffing, add the up bringers of bed, add multiple mattresses, and make bed moveable, excellent and heightened bed frames, and heightened springs.

Adding card stuffing

It is one of the essential and non-complex methods to increase the height of your bed. You can perform the process at home without any professional help. 

Take the help of a friend during cutting, measurements, and installation. Choose the right kind of stuff to insert under the mattress area. The material is rigid, but it has folding properties.

These things are non-flexible but smooth cardboards. Take measurements of the mattress or the bottom frame.

Cut the cardboards if they are not in the appropriate size. If they are in proper condition, then join them together.

Settlement of the cardboards under the bed mattress is a tricky process. It requires effort because you need to uplift the mattress. 

Your friend may help you in this process because these are heavy matters. Bring the foam matter to a specific position and start the alignment of card materials.

Put them one after another and never leave spaces. You can settle one or two layers according to requirements. 

Make them stable and check the mattress by sitting on them. The material should not move outside when someone drags the mattress with a certain amount of force.

Keep it intact with the system and enjoy a heightened bed. The lower frame does not increase in height, but the length enhances from the bottom to the top area.

Add the up bringers 

The up bringers help in height enhancement to an accurate level. These are available in the market, and you can also choose them online.

All of them have different sizes, and the shapes have a specific category. The material varies from wood to plastic, and some of them are metallic. 

The plastic up bringers originates various questions that either they can bear the weight of the bed.

These are for the small setups of kids, and the children’s beds are of plastic material accurately. 

The wood enhancers are one of the bed options because they can endure a vast amount of weight. You have to buy them for all the relevant corners. 

The settlement is tricky, and you need to be careful. Minor negligence leads to uninviting injuries and wounds.

The bed frames are heavy, and you cannot perform the task all alone. Take the help of a family member to carry out the process smoothly.

Uplift the mattress and remove it, and carry out this method if it is possible.

Uplift the frame as well from one corner and push the material under the leg edge. Make the stuff stable and repeat it for every corner. You find a clear difference in height after this increment. 

You want to keep a clear and justifying record and take measurements before and after the procedure.

It is a beneficial procedure, but it may cost you a little more than the cardboard. Always select structures wisely according to the size and weight of your equipment. 

Addition of multiple mattresses

It is another simple technique that immediately increases the bed height. The process is simple, and you can perform it without any external help. You should know about king and queen beds.

You have to buy a new mattress from your bed. It is an additional material than the already existing one.

Choose the same quality, but you can vary the size. The sizes of mattresses are according to the foam inside them. If you want to add the same height twice, then select the high-quality foamy matter.

Few people want to add a particular height than before. If you are one of them, then pick a less foamy mattress. Install them together on one another.

Keep the new material above the already present stuff. It helps to increase the height without any fitting or machinery.

Keep the alignment straight, and they should not move on each other. Fix them all together with effort and smoothness. 

Spread the bed sheet and hide them, and you can cover them with mattress covers.

Sew the same color and pattern on both kinds of stuff because it gives them a similarity, and no one can find them different.

The height increases, and you can enjoy an excellent distance from the bottom. There is less possibility of stains or dirt to the higher stuff. 

Make bed moveable

A moveable bed has more height than a simple bed. The wheels increase it and make the bed a moveable structure. 

You can bring it anywhere in the house, and the wheels are smooth, but they never lose their power.

You can carry out this process for shorter beds. The options are better for this equipment because they are lightweight. 

Always choose the right wheels according to the weight and size of the tool. These are available online and in metallic shops.

You can specify the demand to the seller, and they provide the best options with professional guidance. 

It involves the use of machinery and other iron tools. Removal of mattress is an essential step, and you cannot skip it. 

Change the position of frame with the help of a friend or family member. Measure the whole area and insert the drill. Some clippers attach the wheels and wood body. 

Adjust them manually and settle them with force. You can reinstall the mattress once you have adjusted the wheels in your equipment.

Keep the frame movement slow and smooth, or the system gets worse with friction. 

Adjust the bed frames

It is a simple but expensive way to increase bed height. Choose the bed frames and invest in them. These are metallic and have weight-bearing capacities and you can adjust bed frame height.

The adjustment of the foamy matter is easier on them because they have accommodating areas. The bed shops offer a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can choose them according to the room adjustment. Always select the moderate weight in terms of the frame because they are heavy to carry. 

It is a replacement process. You have to remove the old frame when you are adding a new one. The addition of a new bed frame on the already existing is impossible. 

You can only do this by certain modifications. It is a professional section, and you cannot modify such heavy things without expertise. The skills for installing the bed frames are essential. You can mess up with single tiny negligence. 

Take the help of two to three family members and read the manual on every step. Install the bed frame step by step.

The addition of a casual mattress on a heightened structure is a good option. The excessive distance from the ground is not suitable for all types of people. 

Heightened springs

The metallic or steel springs are one of the best options to increase the bed height. They have various sizes, and the shapes vary.

The number of coils increases or declines with customer demand. 

There is a vast range of customization of these tools, and choose the exact criteria of height before purchasing them.

Narrate these criteria to the seller, and they provide the best quality products. Never forget to take the professional manual. It helps in accurate installation without any issue.

Follow the guidelines and take it to a precise level. Never compromise the storing quality in terms of rates the low-quality steel items break when they cannot endure enough weights. 

How to decrease the height of a bed?

The specific ways to decrease the bed heights are enormous in number. A few of them are low height structures, single mattresses, keep the floor high, and choose the right rails.

Low height structures

The low height structures mean fewer vast frames. The distance between the ground and a person’s position should be less.

If you want to keep the distance less, then choose the structure frames accordingly. 

They have a vast range and variety, and there is no restriction in terms of height. The prices fluctuate according to choices and select a high-quality product according to the needs.

Settle them with the proper installing process. They provide a great appearance and occupy the least space. 

Low and single mattresses

Chose the less long and single mattress for your beds, and you can carry out this process for those setups where you want to keep the distance less.

Always place them alone on the frame without any top addition. The foamy material should contain less material, but it must have a smooth consistency.

They decrease the height without any other modification. It is one of the efficient and less time-consuming processes.

Once you have installed the single mattress and the bed remains low all the time. 

Keep floor high

The high floors mean the surface with excessive matters. The addition of wood increases the height but decreases the distance between both areas.

It is a costly method, but people prefer this for its diverse advantages. The appearance changes immediately, and the moderate bed starts looking less in height.

It is a tricky method because it does not associate with the bed height directly. 

Choose the right rails

The rails are iron rods and connectors in the bed structure. They have different options of heights and sizes. 

Always choose the low rails, and keep the structure near to the ground. It is not a difficult thing because the market offers a vast range of different prices.

Always select high-quality rails but keep the specifications in your mind. The sellers provide customization properties for this furniture.

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