How to Clean Upholstered Bed Frame?

How to Clean Upholstered Bed Frame?

Upholstered bed frames are in the fashion and they give a luxurious look to the furniture. It takes more time and effort to clean compared to the wooden headboard.

How to Clean Upholstered Bed Frame? You can clean your upholstered bed frame by use of baking soda, vinegar, disinfectant sprays, and mild detergents. In addition, you can use a vacuum cleaner, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning methods. The tea tree oil and borax solution are also beneficial to disinfect the fabric of the bed frame.

It is necessary to make time and clean your bed frame; otherwise, it can damage the wooden structure.

I have added 17 easy methods to thoroughly clean the surface of the fabric on the bed frame to make it look good.

Use a Vacuum cleaner on Upholstered bed frames

The bed frame becomes dirty due to skin oil, sweat, pet hair, makeup, and liquid spill on the surface.

It is necessary to clean them to maintain their shine and look. A vacuum cleaner is the easiest method to clean the surface dust, dirt, and other allergens.

Set your cleaner and place it on your floor. Attach the lint roller or brush with the cleaner.

Now move it from left to right, upward and downward position to properly clean the surface. Finally, move it correctly on the headboard that not a single portion remains unclean and dirty.

Do not press it too hard on it because it may leave marks there. You can also use compressed air to remove dust and dirt particles from button nooks.

Use the Fabric cleaners

Different fabric cleaners are available in the markets to clean the upholstered bed frame. They may be available in liquid or spray form to clean the frame.

Apply fabric cleaners on them and leave them for 2 to 4 minutes to absorb dust, dirt, and stains from there.

Now remove the cleaners with a wet cloth and let them air dry to remove water from them.

Steam cleaning the bed frame

Steam cleaning removes the dirt and dust and removes the allergens, stains, and makes the upholstery of the bed frame free from molds.

Remove the bucket of the steam cleaner and fill it with water and any mild detergent and place it in the steam cleaner.

Now turn on your steam cleaner and wait until the steam is evaporated from them.

When it forms steam, move its nozzle to the surface, start from one corner, and clean the headboard.

The hot steam kills all the germs, bacteria, and allergens on its surface and makes them dirt-free.

Now turn on the fans of your room to dry its fabric because if moisture remains there, it may damage its fabric.

Baking soda mixed with baby powder

It is a household method to remove the stains of oil and grease from the upholstery frame. Sprinkle the baby powder and baking soda on the surface and wait for at least 2 to 3 hours.

In this time, it will absorb the oil and also remove the smells from your furniture. Now remove the excess powder and baking soda with the vacuum cleaner.

If the stains remain there, use hot water with mild detergent and apply it on a surface with the cloth.

Clean the surface and dry it using a hairdryer; it quickly dries and makes it moisture-free.

Use the mixture of soap and water on the bed frame

First, remove the dust from the headboard by using a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. Now take a handwashing detergent and lukewarm water In the bowl.

You can also use shampoo at the place of soap; it is also enough to remove stains. Now apply the above mixture on the small area upholstery bed frame to check discoloration.

If no discoloration of fiber occurs, then apply it to the whole surface. Leave it for 7 minutes, then remove them with a damp cloth.

Now soak the water by using blotting paper or a towel. Finally, turn on the fan to speed up the drying process.

Use of bristled brush to clean bed frame

Bristled brush removes the dry stains and dirt from the upholstery fabric of the bed frame. You can also attach the bristled brush with a vacuum cleaner for better cleaning.

It is also a safe method; it does not damage the surface and make them clean.

It is a quick method, and you can use it every week to make your headboard clean and free from dust particles.

The soft-bristled brush also cleans the dust properly from the button nooks of the upholstery.

Use Olive oil mixed with vinegar

If the headframe is made of leather fabric, it is the best mixture to use. Take vinegar and olive oil according to the length and width of the bed frame.

Mix the solution and then add it to the spray bottle. Spray the leather surface with this solution and rub it gently using a cotton cloth.

Do not rub it too hard; it may damage the surface of the leather, and its color may fade.

The vinegar cleans the surface and then evaporates from there, but the olive oil gets absorbed into the surface and makes it shinier smooth, and silky.

Baking soda mixed with lemon juice

It is the best cleaning mixture, and they remove the hard stains from the bed frame.

Take 3 to 4 tablespoons of baking soda, add 1 to 2 cups of water in them and squeeze some drops of lemon juice into the mixture.

Apply this mixture on the frame by cloth and do not rub the surface because it can damage the fabric of the headframe.

Remove this mixture by using a paper towel and dry its surface by using the blow dryer.

Use a wet cloth to clean the upholstery of the bed frame

Use a wet cloth to remove light stains from the bed frame. Dip a cloth in the water and rub the surface to remove dust and light stains.

Air-dry the fabric to soak water from them because it can also damage the wood of the bed. It is not a more reliable method because it does not remove the hard stains from the surface.

You should use some detergents to remove stains of grease, oils, and liquid spills.

Laundry detergent

Laundry detergents are used for washing purposes of different types of fabric. Mix the detergent with slightly warm water and dip a cloth in it.

Apply this mixture by cloth on the surface of the upholstered headboard. Apply this mixture for 2 to 3 minutes on the area where stains are present to remove the spots.

Clean the excess detergent with water and then use a cloth to soak water from there.

Place the towel on a wet surface; do not rub it while soaking water.

Dry cleaning of bed frame fabric

You can also dry clean the bed frame if its fabric is delicate and does not bear a water-based cleaning solution.

During this process, you have to remove the upholstery and place it in the machine’s bucket. The nonliquid solvent is used for cleaning purposes.

It is circulated in the bucket and removes the stains, dust, and stains from there.

The bucket also spins the upholstery fabric to remove the excess solvent from its surface.

It also allows the warm air to pass through them to kill the germs from it. After cleaning, you can attach it back to the wooden headboard and secure the pins with the stapler.

You can dry clean it after 2 to 3 years because more frequent dry cleaning also damages its fabric.

Use Upholstery wipes

Upholstery wipes are also beneficial to use during cleaning purposes. This is because they are damp and already have disinfectant chemicals in them.

These damp wipes remove the accumulated dust and dirt from the fabric headboard and kill germs and allergens from its surface.

Use these wipes frequently once daily to clean the surface; they are the best disinfectant, so they are also beneficial for your children to make them germ-free.

Use warm water

Warm water removes stains and also kills germs from the surface of the bed frame. Take a pan and place it on low to medium flame and warm the water.

Do not use too much warm water directly on the surface; it can cause discoloration of the fabric.

Dip a cloth in the slightly warm water and clean the surface by using this cloth.

Clean them by this after 2 to 3 weeks for better results.

Lemon and lavender oil

A mixture of lemon juice and essential oil of lavender also has cleaning properties. So take lemon juice and add some amount of essential oil to them.

Pour it in the spray bottle them spray them on the upholstery of the bed frames. Leave it for 5 to 6 minutes; it removes the stains and makes your fabric clean.

The use of lavender oil also acts as a natural deodorizing agent; it removes the stinky smells from its fabric.

Use of disinfectant spray

Apply the disinfectant spray after every week on your upholstery bed frame. These headframes are the most favorite place for your children to stand with them.

Clean the headboard fabric with disinfectant spray; it will kill the germs and bacteria from the surface.

These sprays also reduce mold growth on the fabric headboard and make them safe for your children.

Use of tea tree oil mixed with vinegar and warm water

Tea tree oils are the best cleaning and deodorizing cleaning solution. Take 20 drops of tea tree oil, 7 to 8 tablespoons of vinegar, and add 1 to 2 cups of lukewarm water to it.

Make a mixture and spray it on the fabric headboard. This solution cleans the upholstered fabric and also removes the odors from them.

Borax mixed with lemon juice

Borax is the cleaning solution, and it is also beneficial to use in laundry. In addition, borax acts as the best deodorizing agent to remove smells and make the bed frame’s upholstery free from germs.

Take 1 to 2 cups of borax and add some lemon juice to the mixture. Apply the mixture on the surface by using the cloth. Leave it on the surface for 1 to 2 minutes so it can remove the stains from them.

Now clean it with a damp cloth properly; if borax remains there, it can damage the upholstery.

Soak the water by using a paper towel and let it air dry for 5 to 6 hours.

Apply this after six months to clean the headframe, kill germs and make them smell free.

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