Can a Nightstand Lamp Be Taller Than Headboard?

Can a Nightstand Lamp Be Taller Than Headboard?

Nightstand lamps provide more light so that you read books comfortably. Do not select the lamp that is taller and short because it gives an odd look to the room. Always choose the lamp that looks beautiful with the headboard.

Can a Nightstand Lamp Be Taller Than Headboard? The nightstand lamp should be taller than the headboard to give a more comprehensive look to your small size bed. These look good if your headboard is around 8 to 11 inches. You can use 22 to 28 inches tall nightstand lamps for a large headboard.

A bedroom looks odd due to the wrong side of the lamp. Do not keep any light at the side of the bed; otherwise, it falls and breaks. 

It is essential to determine the height of the headboard before buying a lamp. When you select the correct size lamp, then it enhances the beauty of the furniture. Measure the height of the headboard before purchasing a light. Therefore it is essential to determine the height of your equipment.

How do you determine the height of a nightstand lamp?

Sit on your bed and determine that the light of the lamp should be below your eyes. Maintain the light at proper height; otherwise, its light shines into your eyes, and you cannot easily read any book. 

Measure the height of the nightstand because you keep a lamp on it. Now measure the size from the nightstand to the upper part of the headboard. 

After this, add the height of the back of the bed and the nightstand. If you need light to read your books, buy a light the same size as the headboard. 

The standard size headboard is about 5 to 6 feet tall, and you can keep pillows with them. However, you cannot feel comfortable if your headboard is small; therefore, select the bed that has an oversized headboard. Do not keep a large headboard in the small room because it cannot give a beautiful look to the room.

You can keep it about 3 to 4 inches longer than the standard size headboard. 

Use the golden yellow color that gives beautiful color. You can also use white colors light in it because it makes your room wide.

If you have folding beds, then select the lightweight devices so that you can set them easily. You can choose a small size if you have a single bed; otherwise, it looks odd.

The average lamp size is about 22 inches to 27 inches, and you can buy within these limits.

Taller nightstand lamp for a large headboard

If your headboard is oversized, then select the large lamp. If you choose the small, then it looks odd with the king-size bed. 

Set the big bulb along the large bed because it maintains the proportion between them. If the headboard of your mattress is significant that it is near the ceiling, then select the thin and long accessories.

Do not buy too many tall lamps; otherwise, you do not open and close them quickly. If your bed is double, then use two lights on the bed. If you have king size bed, then use 2 lights on both sides. 

Select the equipment that you can access while sitting on the bed. Many people like oversized headboards, but it makes room bulky, that is why you should use small lights. However, the nightstand can be taller than the bed.

Small headboard

If your headboard is small, then do not buy large size lights. Instead, you can buy the same size lamp for your headboard. You can also buy a light those 2 to 3 inches greater than the headboard. 

It gives a comprehensive look to your small bedroom and also looks elegant. 

If your table is tall and your headboard is small, then buy the lamp according to the back of the bed. It increases the beauty of the bed, and it catches your guest’s eye.

If your lamp is tall, then you can put anything on your nightstand. However, small lights are comprehensive, and they take more space than long ones. Therefore, select the large lights with the small headboard.

What to do if your nightstand lamp is smaller than the headboard?

You can use books under the lamp that increase its height. It is an inexpensive method that makes your lamp taller. You can use those books that look adventurous and attract guests.

You can also use some old books and keep them under the light not to remove them again. Choose books that have strong binding so that it maintains balance. 

Select the books that have beautiful binding, and you can also use colorful colors. You can also take a wooden frame with the lamp if the size of your light is small. 

Some small accessories have a frame made from metal and wood. If your light is smaller than the bed, you can measure its base and buy a frame. 

Buying a new product is expensive; therefore, it is a cheap method to set the height of the light above the headboard. You can also keep the thick mat or glass under the lamp that increases its height.


If you use it as a decoration piece, then buy any style of lamp. When you purchase a light for reading purposes, then select one that has a cone shape.

If it is more open at the bottom, then you can read your books easily. However, the lampshade determines the use of light; therefore, select a lamp that has a large diameter. 

These are made from materials like fabric, and you can also select it the same color as your curtains.

When you select the lampshade, then choose light color; otherwise, it blocks the light. Do not use dark color fabric because it does not brighten your room.

Do not use white color because it looks foul and stains are prominent on it. Instead, you can use light shades such as light brown because it does not look dirty.

How to match a nightstand lamp with the theme of the headboard?

If your headboard is simple, then select the printed lamp. But if your headboard has some crystal design, like the mirror that gives a shiny look into the room.

If the back of the bed is covered with fabric, then select the same color. You can also choose a product that has a wood base if you have wooden furniture. 

Check the theme of your bedroom and makes a plan before buying the accessories. Check the color of your room wall, and if it is a printed theme, then select the simple light.

You can buy a king-size light if the back of the bed is fluffy. Select the product that has removable covers, and you can change it if it looks dirty. 

Do not buy a low-quality lamp; otherwise, it changes its looks and bends from anywhere. Instead, you can select the beautiful lights that have a significant effect on the bedroom. 

Do not buy an expensive light because you can change color by changing the color of the lampshade.

Does a nightstand lamp size effects the room size?

If your bedroom is a height ceiling, then you select the long lamp. If your headboard is also significant, it balances your room; therefore, setting the large lights to maintain the uniform look. 

Do not buy a small size device for a big room because it destroys your room theme. Instead, set the lamp from 1 to 2 inches away from the headboard; otherwise, it can fall and break. 

Many people but too many lights for their big room, but it looks odd. Do not buy king size lamp because it fills your room space. 

If your room is small, then select the standard size lamp. Do not choose the small size lights because everyone cannot see them easily. If it is small, it brightens the upper side of the room and shines into your eyes.

In addition, you cannot easily read the books under them because they cannot spread light in the room.

When you sit to read books, this light directly comes into your eyes; therefore, measure the height before buying lights. Thus, the nightstand lamp is taller than the headboard, and it also makes your room significant. 

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