How to Make a Bedside Table With Drawers?

How to Make a Bedside Table With Drawers?

Here are 8 DIY methods to make a bedside table with drawers. It must suit the height of the bed so that a person casually approaches the table.

How to Make a Bedside Table With Drawers? You can make a bedside table with one drawer by cutting the wood according to dimensions, drill pocket holes, adjust the screws, and tighten them. Next, cut the wood pieces, join them with screws, slide, and push the glass to make a sliding door drawer. To make a table with two drawers, cut the wood into two halves, join the sides, adjust screws, and add handles. Add locks and handles for storage and safe drawers.

Bedsides tables are necessary equipment for all types of beds. Every bed requires a certain kind of side table.

The size and design must be in accordance, or the furniture appears mismatch to the room.

These are good for storage purposes. People buy them with their beds, but some beds are without them, and it originates a need to build a side table for the bed.

There are various tables with single and multiple drawers. The methods for constructing a side table with drawers are critical.

It requires expertise and professional knowledge about the process. The detailed information about the procedure helps in making a good bedside table. 

Bedside table with one drawer with an open shelf

Every bed has a side table with its whole package, but some beds require more effort. You can build a good side table for your bed with expertise and particular tools.

The procedure comprises different steps that are as follows. Take the help of a friend if you are doing it for the first time. It is not a simple process, and you require effort and strength. 

The making of a side table on your means you require wood which has a stable chest. The quality must be good, and it must have a scratchy nature because it goes through variations.

Select the wood color according to the other furniture in the room, and it must be in terms of your bed color.

You can also paint the side table in the end, but color impacts the whole process.

Measure the bed, every bed has a different dimension, and you need to make a side table in that schedule.

Draw a plan on paper and mention all the dimensions on the wood by using a non-permanent marker.

Fill all the wholes and minor edges with epoxy or any other filler. It gives an appropriate look to the wood. The finishing appearance becomes eye captivating.

Use a wood cutting machine and start the process by making holes inside the wood. It is the process of making the side panels of the drawer.

Keep them one inch bigger than the measurement because the adjustment is a priority. The holes must be 4/5 inches, and these are three in number.

After cutting the wood accurately, and join them together.

Use adjacent glue for joining these parts, and it gives a shape to the drawer. Use screws of 1/5 inches and put them inside the holes.

It is for the proper and tight settling. Follow the same step and build a shelf for the drawer. Make the front portion of the drawer, and it must contain a wood piece of 3/5 inches.

The width must be less so that it settles inside the open area. Adjust a handle on the front side and grab the drawer by using that specific wood piece.

Add screws of 1 x 4 inches and tighten them appropriately. Build all the wood cuttings, and start assembling the base of your table.

Drill holes of 1x 3 inches, and these are pocket holes for the adjustment of screws inside it. Make pieces of 2x 2 inches and then join them by using wood glue.

Add screws of 1×5 inches and attach them. Attach the back side panel by the exact measurement of glue and screws. 

Take a wood piece and cut it 5 x ½ inches in width; the thickness must be 1 x 1/3 inches. These are approximately 1 x 6 boards.

Glue the edges of all the wood boards and clamp them together. Never over tighten the screws, and attach the top of the table with it and use the fasteners for this purpose.

Make holes of 1 x 8 inches and tighten them with the lower portion with 1×4 inches screws. 

Now it appears one drawer which you can open anytime. It has a shelf for the placement of things. Use it as it is or paint the table’s outer surface for building it adjustable to the bed and other furniture inside the room.

Add Sliding doors

Make bedside tables of wood with a sliding door for them. The handles of the drawer must contain wood pieces.

It is up to you which material you want to use to make the door. Most people prefer glass for this purpose.

Buy a casual material of any size and then cut it according to the plan. Use the above method and direction for making the table.

Cut the wood pieces and join them together. Now measure the outer area of the drawer and start cutting the glass.

Use a glass cutter and turn it into a door. Be careful while using the material for making a drawer door.

Scrape all the edges and then make panels. Adjust them to the sides of the drawer and make them permanent with the screws.

Take a push test on the glass to check its stability. The door must be equal to the drawer size or few inches longer than the length.

Close it and keep the drawer safe from outer dangers.

Bedside table with two drawers

The side table with two drawers comprises the same building process as above, but there is a difference.

You need more wood for building two shelves in the drawer. The table contains one drawer, but it is double-story furniture.

Cut two equal parts of wood according to the dimension of the table by using the above steps.

Adjust and clamp the wood pieces together and tighten them with new bolts. Keep the equal distance between both shelves, and then adjust the front portion. 

Bedside table with tapered legs

This type of table is for those beds which have excellent height. Cut wood legs in equal sizes and make the table by following the above guide.

Make a casual and single-shelf drawer by using the plan. Make a shelf without an opening, and then make a top of the glass.

Cut the glass in the same width as the table and put drill holes in it. Screw the top part by tightening the screws with the shelf and ultimately with the drawer.

Drill small holes in the table’s legs and add screws in it to adjust it with the above portion. Check the stability and use of this drawer. 

Safe drawer

It is a table with a safety drawer that contains the lock inside them. These are problematic drawers in comparison to normal ones.

Make a casual drawer like all others but make one to two holes in the outer portion. You can drill holes at the base of the drawer to hide the lock area.

In these wood circles, adjust the locks by using glue and screws. Adjust them firmly so that no one can pull them out with little effort.

Fix the outer area inside the drawer and use the table as the safe and regular one.

Add Storage drawers

These side tables are best for the storage of various things. People keep their things near them for instant use.

A storage table contains much more space than the normal ones, and they have multiple shelves and two to three drawers.

These are bigger in size and height, and they reach the bed mattress easily. Make a table with the above process but cut the woods for three to four storage boxes.

The panels must be nine for three drawers. The outer portions are three in number. Adjust every three wood panels together and then join the outer slide.

Each of them should contain a base, or there is no separation between them. Fix them inside the internal structure of the table and test them for their sliding.

Free-floating side tables

These side tables are with unique structure and design, and the style is free-floating. There is no restriction on dimensions, and it contains multiple drawers in the form of a zigzag building.

The sizes and cuttings remain the same as the above procedure. The number of panels increases according to several drawers.

You can keep some of them open and a few must-have sliding or non-sliding doors and covers.

Make the base of every drawer, and shape is your choice. Scrape the wood with machines and give them shape accordingly. 

Cost of making bedside table at home

The average cost for making a side table with drawers is approximately $50 to $300. The expenses vary with the design of the table.

The quality of the wood also affects the budget. If you take professional help for making a table on your terms, it cost you almost $100 to $500. The person charges for his expertise, and it is much better than making it at home.

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