Why Are Nightstands So Expensive?

Why Are Nightstands So Expensive?

If you are buying a nightstand, you should know that these can be expensive. Here are 49 nightstands with their price and dimensions.

Why Are Nightstands So Expensive? Nightstands are expensive furniture because they are hand-made from high-quality wood, aesthetic designs, and various colors. On average, you can buy a nightstand for around $250 that is 35 pounds in weight and 19x25x17 inches in size.

Nightstands are a kind of table or cabinet that stands beside any side of the bed in the room. It is expensive than other room furniture. Low market appeal and demand for labor in manufacturing are also responsible for its high cost.

The average price of a single nightstand lies between $150 to $300.Size, color, and material used in manufacturing all determine the price.

When you have a bed in the middle of the room, buy two nightstands. When you are low on budget nightstands, low prices are also available.

Some fabric or plastic nightstands cost only $30 to $50.The maximum price of an expensive nightstand can go up to $500 for a single nightstand.

49 Examples of Nightstands with Price and Features

Nightstands size Price Color available weight
Winsome wood Henry table 19 inches $48 Black walnut natural wood color dark black 17 pounds
Veleco modern nightstand 12×16×23 inches $60 Brown 20 pounds
Furinnoandrey end table nightstand 15×15×18 inches $27 to $30 Oak grey 16 pounds
Winsome Daniel Nightstand 16×17×21 inches $60 to $70 Black 18 pounds
Stone &Beam farmhouse nightstand 24×25×18.60 $270 to $300 Grey 50 to 55 pounds
Classic wood end table with cabinet 19×25×15 inches $ 40 Cappuccino color 34 pounds
Traditional End table with cabinet 13×21×25 inches $95 to $100 Cherry and brown 37 pounds
Rivet Mango wood and iron nightstand 20×17×20 inches $215 Brown 40 pounds
Rivet king street floating side table 17×22×18 inches $165 to $170 Walnut 33 pounds
Rivet modern marble and metal nightstand 17×18.22×21 inches $140 to $160 Silver 30 pounds
Stone and Beam cube shaped Acacia nightstand 22×18×27 inches $235 to $240 Grey 37 to 40 pounds
Rivet axel lid storage nightstand 17×23×18 inches $190 to $200 Brown 45 pounds
Ravenna home angela  modern side table 17×19×23 inches $110 to $120 Grey white black 34 pounds
BALL & Cast end table 15×22×24 inches $180 to $190 Dark brown 18 pounds
Round storage end table 19×20×18.6 inches $50 Pink 5 pounds
Stone &Beam solid rustic end table 20×22×23 inches $170 Brown 30 pounds
Stone & Beam Arie rustic octagonal nightstand 18×17×22 inches $140 Brown and black legs 13 pounds
Ashley furniture Signature design nightstand 27×16×26 inches $200 to $205 Brown 50 to 60 pounds
Nathan James Harper oak wood nightstand 15×17×24 inches $150 to 4160 Walnut color 40 pounds
Walker Edison traditional wood nightstand 17×15×24 inches $85 Caramel 23 pounds
Decore therapy Balley Bead tables 15×30×30 inches $165 to $170 Red 30 pounds
Max & Lilly wood nightstand 16.2×22×22 inches $102 White grey Espresso and clay 25 pounds
Choo choo end table 17.80×14×22 inches $70 white 23 pounds
Arts & crafts cottage nightstand 22×20×18 inches $150 to $180 White cottage oak 29 pounds
Casual Home white nightstand 14×17×24 inches $95 White 30 pounds
Iconic Home salvadore  side table 30×20×25 inches $280 White black and grey 60 pounds
Casual home nightstand 13×16×25 inches $85 to $95 Brown white oak espresso 55 pounds
Jerry and Maggie nightstand 14×12×23 inches $90 to $100 White 49 pounds
Iconic Home nightstand 22×17×24 inches $280 Grey white green black 33 pounds
Romoon nightstand 19×12×27 inches $45 Indigo espresso black 28 ounds
Soges End table 16×13×23 inches $60 to $100 White black 34 pounds
Atlantic furniture nightstand 16.34×20×22 inches $205 Espresso black 57 pounds
Sorbus nightstand 18×12×20 inches $45 Pink purple pastel tie dye 41 pounds
Winsome Eugene Accent table 18×13×24 inches $63 Black brown 51 pounds
Everlane Home Daley nightstand 23×20×13 inches $105 Black grey white 50 pounds
Silverwood side table 12×16×25 inches $85 White brown gunmetal 29 pounds
Kensignton nightstand 26×15×24.3 $206 Natural wood 23 pounds
Lafayette Cherry nightstand 14×20×22 inches $165 Brown 27 pounds
Jisoso industrial nightstand 17×13.6×12 inches $86 Brown 20 pounds
Manhattan comfort liberty collections nightstand 16×14×28 inches $70 White 23 pounds
Boyd sleep contemporary nightstands 15×19×22   inches $105 to $110 Grey 21 pounds
Zinus Dane modern collection 20×20×20 inches $105 Black 25 pounds
Safdie&co end nightstand 19×12×22 inches $40 Black 33 pounds
Finch Charleston End table 26×19×22 inches $190 White 50 pounds
Exilot round side table 20×20×18 inches $30 Natural wood color 32 pounds
Kate & Laurel nightstand 13×13×18 inches $76 White and golden 5 pounds
East Loft nightstand 18×12×29 inches $50 Black 12 pounds

Types of nightstands

Nightstand types can differ based on their style and size. Here are some basic types of nightstands that we commonly have in a house.

Traditional nightstand

These are simple side tables with a single drawer and open surface area to keep all the belongings. Such types are not in demand nowadays due to their conservative design.

Bedside cabinet

These are small and have more than one drawer beneath the surface area. As the name suggests, place them on the sides of the bed.

Side chest

It is excellent for those who need large storage space. The design of such stands allows you to hide any harmful things from children.

Accent chest

Such nightstands are eye-catching with unique style and color. They also give other features like space, durability, and quality.

These nightstands are equally suitable for hallways, along with the sofa and other furniture.

Characteristics that make a nightstand expensive

Many factors determine the price of a nightstand. . Here I have discusses some main characteristics that make it costly.

Variety of size and color

Nightstands have a wide range of dimensions according to your demand. Each size requires a different quantity of materials and other tools to manufacture it.

The width of stands depends upon the stuff you are planning to place on it. Generally, we keep lamps, books, mobile phones on top of it.

The height of the bedside table depends upon the height of the bed.

Getting different shapes of the surface like Hexagonal or diamond shape can increase the price.

When you buy a customized nightstand price will be more than any traditional end stand.

Usually, nightstands should have a height approximately to the height of the mattress on the bed. You can choose a smaller nightstand for short beds and a taller one for tall beds.

Nightstands on both sides of the bed should have the same size and height.

Buying a nightstand that matches the other furniture increases the cost. The colors used to paint the wooden nightstands are high-quality varnishes.

Their prices depend upon the warranty of color. The color lasts long on the stands with a smooth finishing.

The different color combinations on the same nightstand can also increase the cost. Brighter colors are highly costly due to their light-absorbing properties.

Larger surface area and storage space    

These both features depend upon your demands. The place where you want to place the end table can increase or decrease the manufacturing and material cost of tables.

It has two possibilities you can have a larger surface area and storage space by having a large nightstand. When you have little place in the room, have space-saving nightstands.

Floating and suspended nightstand shelves are the best example of space saver stands. You can add shelves and cabinets in both types of the end table to increase the storage space.

Space-saving stands are expensive than other types. Such bedside tables need to hang or attach along the wall to save space.

This extra labor cost is another reason for its higher price. Interior designers have innovative ideas to arrange a beautiful nightstand into a minimal space.

Choosing nightstands with different symmetry and chest shapes can also increase the cost.

Increasing storage space by having 2 or 3 drawers in the stands is another factor involved in its high price.

Different shelves and cabins are other options for getting more space in a small nightstand. Adding a USB port to the nightstand requires extra material and electrical tools.

Drawer’s handles or looks are also costly due to high strength and resistance to wear. The handles of the drawer should easily open the drawers. They should not make any noise in the room.

High-quality material

Nightstands are usually made from woods and not from the chipboard. The chipboard is cheap, but it can decay over time. But metal or plastic end tables are also suitable for casual use.

Wooden nightstands are very expensive than other types of stands. The cost of raw wood is high than metal or plastic.

Walnut and maple are suitable for nightstands and different types of furniture. These woods also vary in color from white to dark brown.

These are durable and can maintain the carved shape for years. Birch and oak are dense and hence increase the durability of the nightstand.

Mahogany wood in dark color can add a contemporary look to your product.

The higher quality of material also makes the performance higher. It will resolve the tension of rebuying nightstands after every season.

These woods are also adaptable to a wide range of temperatures and humidity. Another factor is the transportation cost of wood.

Importing good quality woods from distant places, the price of the item goes up due to an increase in transportation expenses.

You have the option of choosing metal or glass accent nightstands for your room.

The glass stands are more expensive than wooden bedside tables. Because glass stands are fragile and carving them into a shape is difficult.

In metal brass with polish have more strength and resists changes in shape due to humidity. Carving any pattern on the wood and glass is a work of art.

Aesthetic design and style of nightstands

The nightstand is expensive due to its wide range of styles and designs in every size and material.

Each of them is aesthetic and appeals to every eye. The aesthetic and style are a sustainable and timeless investment to your interior.

Classic style

In this design, all the drawers, shelves, and open surface areas are symmetrical. Simple wood carving is present on the front side of the stand.

Modern style

In this style, the shape is customer choice. They can match the design with your home interior. The décor and carving o the wood are excellent. This style is more costly than classic.

Country style

This style resembles classic in shape but has a combination of pastel colors. The décor is antique and bold.

High tech style

It is suitable for minimal space with geometric shapes of the end table. These are hanging designs with light and bright color combinations.

Rococo style

It gives a fancy look in your room with curved legs of brass or iron. It has beautiful décor on the front of the stand. Pastel colors with different shades make it much costly than other styles.

Hand made nightstands are expensive

It involves labor in each step of crafting an exclusive nightstand. Importing high-quality wood from forests and carving involves different artists.

Second, joining and assembling each part of an item is another task that utilizes time and effort.

Craftsmen spend many hours designing, developing, and carving an antique design for the consumer. This factor makes a classic nightstand way more costly than any other product.

Usually, a small number of people have a desire to change the decor and furniture frequently. An item of more than $500 is not a choice for every customer.

When the market appeal is minimal, the price ultimately goes up. Only affordable classes can afford such items and pay a high amount for their taste. The purchasing power of consumers also increases the worth of interior design items.

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