How To Put Fitted Sheets On King Size Beds?

How To Put Fitted Sheets On King Size Beds?

People purchase king-size beds because they can provide enough space for your family to sleep comfortably. In addition, many people place fitted sheets on them to protect their mattresses and use them for a long time. 

How To Put Fitted Sheets On King Size Beds? You can put fitted sheets on king-size beds by finding the tags to put them in the proper position. Then, stretch its bottom corners and place them underneath the bed on the foot side. In the same way, stretch the head side and secure the elastic end on the lower side. You can also fix the sheets by using suspenders, safety pins, and flat sheets under them.

People need comfortable sleep at night on a soft and cozy bed because they are tired after working the whole day. So they place these fitted sheets on the beds, giving your overall bed a smooth and beautiful look.

Things to consider before purchasing fitted sheets for King Size beds

When you are buying them, keep the following things in mind

First, measure the accurate size of your mattress so you can purchase them according to its length, width, and height. You can also do this by taking an old cover of the bed with you for measurement.

If they are short in size, you can’t properly fit them underneath your mattress, and it will cause problems and comfortability due to slipping situations.

For the king-size mattress, the average size of fitted sheets is about 197 × 208 cm.

Always consider 12 to 16 cm more while purchasing them because the fiber will shrink after laundry.

Purchase a good quality fiber that lasts for a long time. I always prefer cotton fabric because they are synthetic, more durable, and inexpensive.

The mattress depth is also essential so you can purchase covers with enough size that you can easily tuck beneath the bed.

Measure the depth by inches of tape from top to bottom and then buy the new one accordingly.

The thread count is also important; it is the thread knitted in per square inch area. Purchase the covers with a higher thread count because they are more long-lasting and softer.

Easy steps to place fitted sheets on the king-size bed

You place fitted sheets over the flat ones with the comforter to make them cozier and more comfortable. They also the look of your bed and provide luxurious sleep at night.

Locate the tags

Before putting them, ensure that you have purchased a king-size cover for the mattress. The wrong size cause problem in tucking.

First of all, iron them carefully for straightening and enhance their look.

Select the correct position of putting them. Place these sheets in a direction that its fabric is facing upward and the elastic side downward.

The tag is present on them; next, you have to fin these tags search in on four corners. Finally, when you find these tags, locate them in an appropriate direction.

The tags include both the head and foot sides; place them in their appropriate direction after finding them.

On the side where tags are present, locate this corner on the bottom right corner on the foot side. You are doing this to ensure the appropriate fixing.

These tags are helpful to find the exact position of sheets that indicates that how to put them. For example, you should place the foot side tag on the foot side and head tags on the top side.

Your covers are lying on the top of the mattress; you have to fit them correctly in the next step.

Fixing on the foot side

First, you have to fix these sheets on the foot side of your bed. Grasp the one corner, stretch them and take them into the foot side on the bottom corner.

Secure the elastic side underneath the mattress. Hold it correctly, and you will also need the help of another person in that step.

The other person will grasp it from one side so it can’t slip from the different corners. Now do the same procedure on the bottom left corner and secure them for proper fixing.

Fixing the sheet towards the head side

Now you have to move towards the head size for fixing the sheets there. In this step, the helping person grasps the secured corners of the foot side so they can’t slide from that end.

You will hold the top right corner, stretch it to the top side, and fasten the elastic end.

Now, pull the other side in the top left corner, extend it towards the head, and secure it underneath the mattress.

After fixing, straighten them from all corners so they can’t become loose and slippery.

How often do you need to wash fitted sheets?

The cleaning process depends on the usage condition of sheets. If they are in more use, then you have to cleanse them frequently.

On average, you have to wash them every 6 to 7 days to remove dust, dirt, and grease from them.

If you can’t sleep daily, you can also extend this time for 10 to 12 days.

Don’t use harsh detergents and chemicals for washing purposes because they can damage their color and fabric.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends upon the brand and the quality of the sheets. It also relies on interwoven fabric, and the fine cotton and linen fabric will cost more.

A large king-size mattress with a good thread count will come under higher price tags.

The average cost is $120 to $170, and it may vary from brand to brand.

Why would you put a fitted sheet on the bed?

They are beneficial to use because it is a protective cover between you and mattress. In addition, it prevents liquid spill, colors, and stains.

  • It also makes the bed neat and clean.
  • They are ready-made; you have to purchase them according to the accurate size and place them.
  • They will protect the foam from wear and tear.
  • It also prevents them from stains of body oils and perspiration.
  • It can also increase the life of the mattress by protecting them from liquid spills.
  • They also prevent your children from falling while they are playing.
  • It also provides the feeling of comfort and softness.
  • You can sleep well on the soft and cozy covers rather than the rumpled bed with flat sheets.
  • They can’t be easily tucking off while sleeping and watching TV. But, on the other hand, the flat covers can be easily pulled and rumple while sitting and laying on them.
  • You can easily place them and readily remove them; it takes less effort.
  • These are easy to clean and wash after 3 to 4 days.

How do you keep fitted sheets tight on the bed?

The placement of these sheets is not the end of the task, but you also need to tighten them. If you don’t pull them properly, it can cause an unpleasant situation due to the sliding of these sheets.

You can fasten them by using different tricks

First of all, choose the right size; if they are too small, they will come out from the bed, and if they are larger, they will cause loosening of covers.

  • Place a rough flat sheet under them to provide friction.
  • Place the head side on the top corner and the foot side on the bottom end.
  • You can also use bed suspenders to secure them appropriately.
  • You can also secure the lower ends by using safety pins and zips.
  • Use cotton stuff; it is less slippery than linen one.

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