How to Make a Daybed Look Like a Couch?

How to Make a Daybed Look Like a Couch?

Here are 15 easy methods to make your daybed look more like a couch. Many people love to place the daybeds in their lounge and living room due to their excessive space and multipurpose. 

How to Make a Daybed Look Like a Couch? You can make a daybed look like a couch by adding bolster pillows and thickening its arms upholstery for the armrest. You can also do this by adding coffee tables and faux flowers around them. In addition, the use of bed skirts, colorful pillows of different sizes, throw blankets, and comforters give them a perfect look. You can also make its seat sloppy by adding leg risers on the front side legs.

It is related to a twin bed in size and shape. They are perfect for use as a regular bed; you can also place them in your children’s rooms. It has three sides, two sides for headboard and footboard, the other one is relaxing back that makes them look like a sofa.

Place pillows on the daybed to turn it into a couch

When you want to turn a daybed into a couch, you first have to place cushions. They help cover the depth and enhance their look. They will also cover extra space and make their look like a couch.

They also make them more cozy and comfortable for sitting. Therefore, it is better to place them to provide an appropriate position for sitting and proper backrest.

You can also place remove them when you want to sleep on them during the night. Again, the texture, design, shape, and colors for cushions are significant.

You should match their color with the paint of your interior walls. You can also use different colors of pillows on base and the two smaller ones with different shades.

Select the color according to seasonal variation and color of your daybed. You can also use different size cushions for them.

The rectangular ones are the best, so they occupy more space and depth. However, it will be better and more relaxing if you place a double layer of cushions as larger ones on the base and smaller ones in front of them.

The size of pillows also matters a lot; their average size must be 70 inches long and 3o inches wide. You should not place small cushions on the backside place the larger one for better relief. The best texture for cushions slipcover is velvet, linen, and cotton. They are less slippery soft, and readily available in the market at a low price.

Make upholstered headboard

Some of the daybeds are made of metal, and some are of wooden material. Some metal frames have less comfortable fabric upholstery.

Some of the upholstery is not enough for the best relaxation and backrest. When it comes up without upholstery, then you have to install it at the backside.

First of all, select the suitable fabric of the right size for them. After this, take a headboard and install leather of velvet upholstery at the head side.

When they have less thick upholstery, then make them thick by installing extra covers on them.

You can make them thick by sewing a thicker and bulky fabric with large size needle.

The color contrast must be good to give them attractive touch. You can match the shade with the paint of the daybed, or you can paint the legs according to the fabric color.

The upholstery with buttons is sometimes unpleasant, so you can place slipcovers to prevent this situation.

After installing the fabric, they become more cozy and pleasant. It gives a couch-like look and makes it more elegant and sophisticated.

Use slipcovers to transform the daybed

Some daybeds are of twin type, and they have drawers and a sliding bar beneath them. It is better to hide them, so they look like a perfect couch.

You can purchase the covers according to their length and width.

You should buy full-size covers so they can cover their lower side and legs. However, it is better to use fitted slipcovers; you can remove them quickly and wash them weekly.

Adjust the fitted covers on the backside first and then hold its elastic side and take it into the front side lower position.

It is better to use warm color fitted sheets so they cannot get dirty early. However, you can also use bright-colored sheets; they give a charming and fresh look.

If you purchase silk fabric, it is slippery and always remains on the floor.

I will recommend cotton or linen fabric; it is synthetic and has more grip. It is also a better option to change their color when you get bored with the same design.

Place table in front side of the daybed

In your living and guest room, traditional sofas have a table on their front side to place accessories and food commodities on them.

Some people also place the tables so they can place their files during work. However, it is necessary to add tables on the front side for their perfect appearance when giving them a couch look.

You can also place small tables that are also called ottomans on their front side for filling of space and relaxing of legs.

They can also be used as a sitting table, and it gives a beautiful look to the couch because they become a focal point.

It also gives a classical look to your couch when you place them in a living room. It also becomes more inviting and warming in front of a guest.

You can also use the ottoman as a coffee table in front of guests or family gatherings. It will also be helpful that you can remove them at night during sleeping hours.

Place end tables and chairs

When you make daybeds as a sofa, they look empty and superficial alone without any decorations. You can fill this space by adding side tables on both ends.

You can also place end tables so you can put your reading items near you. You can make the setting in this way, add a couch than an end table, and a comfortable chair.

This arrangement makes the space more filling and satisfying. It will also provide a space for the placement of your coffee and teacup while sitting.

The placement of the rotter makes the sitting area more welcoming for guests. You can also place your cellphones and magazines on these sides.

It will be beneficial to add chairs so your whole family can sit in living rooms during gatherings with friends and families.

It will also provide more overlook to your whole room by occupying more space. You should also place a rug beneath them to give perfection.

You can also decorate them by placing reading lamps and small clocks on them.

Use throw blankets

Many people love to place throw blankets on the sofas to give them a luxurious and modern touch. When you turn your daybed into an ideal couch, you can also put throw blankets on them.

They are beneficial to give a comfortable and cozy status during breezy winters. It will also enhance their look by filling the space on beds.

You can match their color and fabric with pillows, so they both look excellent and satisfying.

You can add grey, pink, yellow, and other bright shades on creamy white covers. If the fitted sheets have a warm color, you should use light shade throw blankets and pillows.

When you want to sleep on them, you can pull the blankets and quickly put them on yourself for comfortable sleep.

The soft throw blankets make the surface soft and smoother. For decoration purposes, you can use two-color and place the diagonal sides.

You can also use soft and light shades to give your whole interior a calm and relaxing touch.

For an ideal and convenient couch, add two large pillows on the back and a smaller one in their mid, then add a full-size throw blanket with them.

Use skirt covers to modify its look

Skirt covers are the critical part when you are turning your daybed into a couch. It gives your sofa a more pleasing and enchanting appearance.

It will provide a perfect look by hiding the legs of the daybed. Some of them have drawers underneath them; you can also hide them by using long skirt covers.

They can also hide the daybed mattress if you place them entirely and cover the sides completely. You should place them just 4 to 5 inches above the floor.

You can select their color according to the paint of the interior walls. You can also contrast with varnish shade to make a warm and unique appearance of the room.

Light-colored skirt covers like light pink, yellow, blue, ocean blue, and soft lavender are most common and widely used.

Upholstery on daybed arms gives an impression of a couch

Some types of daybeds have thin upholstery on arm sides. It is ok when you are using them as a bed for sleeping.

When you want to turn it into a couch, this pint will become problematic. People always want soft and thick upholstery on arm sides for comfortability and relaxation.

You can thicken the preexisting upholstery by adding more fabric to them so they become softer. You should also install new upholstery at home or by hiring a professional for them.

The installation of this procedure will take 4 to 5 hours, and the cost required is $100 to $200.

Add lamp stand

Many people place the nightstand or lampstand on the sides of their sofas to place their accessories. 

In addition, it also gives them an utter look by occupying the extra space. You can read your novels while sitting on them after turning on your night lamp.

When you want to sleep, you can turn off the lamp and sleep well. It is also the best decoration piece that enhances the look.

Some of the nightstands come with drawers to place your important files and documents during working hours.

Add faux flower

It is beneficial to add a faux flower on the sides of a dining table to give a daybed couch a flawless look in the living room.

The placement of flowers also freshen your mood and makes the space more calming. You can add faux flower color according to the furniture color and paints on the interior walls.

The white, brown, and pink colors are widespread and readily available in decoration stores. You can also place them on the lower side to adorn the beauty.

It will also look prettier if you add flowers, lamps, and some decoration pieces with side tables. On average, they will cost about $10 to $50 according to their size.

You can also add multiple colors of artificial flowers to freshen your mood and make the interior more inviting.

Place comforters

The placement of comforters makes the sofas pleasant, and they are also beneficial for the overlook. The size of the daybed is larger than sofas so that you can add comforters.

The long comforters also hide the lower side and also over its mattress. It also covers the depth and makes it comfortable for sitting.

You can measure the length of comforters slightly some inches more than a mattress or a bed to fully cover the boundaries.

The color of comforters also comes under consideration when you are purchasing them. Choose the color according to the pillows and fitted sheets.

You can also select bright and light shades for a final and better touch.

Add bolster pillows on the arm side

Some types of daybeds come without arm sides, and people are worried about them. 

When you want to turn these kinds of beds into a sofa, add bolster and long cushions on both sides so you can easily place your arms while sitting.

These cushions will help you to turn your beds into sofas quickly. You can also add printed covers of different colors for bolster cushions.

You should add thicker bolster cushions to relax your arms. Place two long pairs of matched bolster cushions on both sides so they become more comfortable and relaxing.

How to adjust the seat depth and angle of daybeds when you are turning them into a couch?

There is a considerable difference between their seat depth and angle. The average size sofas come with a seat depth of about 20 to 25 inches, while mattresses of daybeds have 45 inches.

It is an important thing to adjust to maintain a comfortable sitting position for a long time. The ideal sofas come up with some slope on their seats to maintain the comfortable position of legs.

You can adjust its slop by adding different things under its legs

  • Add rubber pads
  • Add wooden wedges
  • Add shins
  • Use leg risers
  • Add more fabric under the front side of the mattress
  • You can also do this by shortening the back legs

Why would you use a daybed as a couch?

It is multipurpose furniture that you can use for both a bed and a sleeping sofa. It is familiar from the Egyptian era and gives an aesthetic appearance to your living room.

Some of them have three sides, and some have only headboards without arms. They look like a couch, but they are deeper and broader than them.

You can make them a couch by adjusting its depth and width. These beds are easily adjustable in your rooms and occupy less space than a traditional oversized couch.

It is the ideal place for sitting as well as sleeping at night. It is beneficial to make them a couch because you can easily sit on them when you invite your friends at home for some study project. In this situation, you don’t need to place extra chairs in the room.

They are also helpful if you live in a small apartment with less space to adjust furniture, so you can place this multifunction piece in your rooms and TV lounges.

You can also take benefit from them when you are working from home. For example, you can sleep at night, and during working hours, you can turn them into a couch with front-end tables.

They are less costly than large sofas, and they are also less heavy. You can also do this when a guest comes to your home, and you don’t need to move chairs.

It will also give a cozy and comfortable touch, but they are slightly less comfortable than sofas. It provides an excessive sitting place in a small room.

They are also beneficial to place in a children’s room to work on them during the day and comfortably enjoy their sleep during the night.

Can you place a daybed couch into a living room?

You should place your daybeds into your living room after turning them into sofas. Then, they purely look like a cozy and comfortable sofa.

You can use them in your living rooms, rooms, and hallways to enjoy your favorite movies and dinner with friends and families.

The creative setting also enhances the look of the living room. It is a beautiful addition when you place them near windows and decorative walls.

Their perfect placement is the living room due to its multipurpose as working, sleeping, and eating.

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