How to Open a Drawer Lock Without Key in 5 Seconds?

How to Open a Drawer Lock Without Key in 5 Seconds?

Opening a drawer without its key is a bit tricky. The drawers are present with the side tables, dressing tables, and cupboards. You can lock your home accessories in them, and it can also save space. 

How to Open a Drawer Lock Without Key in 5 Seconds? You can open a drawer lock without keys in 5 seconds by using a tension wrench, picking a lock, and screwdriver. You can also do this by using bobby pins, knives, paper clips, electric metal wires, and safety pins. It is also beneficial to use tweezers, pen capes, and paper cutters to unlock the drawers quickly.

Placing your items in the drawers is safe because you can lock them. When you lost their key, you need to learn some tricks to open them in a few seconds. It is necessary that you have to keep spare keys to tackle any trouble.

Use a knife to open the drawer quickly

It is an easy and quick method; moreover, it also prevents damage.

Now, you have to insert the front and thin side of a knife into the lock and keep inserting them until you feel its edge hits with something.

The binding force through this gadget allows the pin to raise and keep all of them above the shear line. Now, move the knife up and down for 10 to 20 seconds.

During this procedure, the up and down movement of the knife sets the pins at the same height as the key sets them.

You can also do this by one more process, insert them into the bottom side and rotate them slightly in a circular motion.

You can also push the top side with thin metal wire and give them a jerk to unzip all the pins simultaneously.

These methods couldn’t damage the whole system; you can use them again.

Use Bobby pins to unlock drawers

It is a simple process but needs more practice to do this procedure correctly. However, if you are perfectly doing this, it will unlatch in just a few seconds after the jerk.

You required two bobby pins to open the lock efficiently. Take one pin, and remove the plastic from that to create a thin and sharp end.

Now bend the pin at an L-shaped right angle to insert it into the keyhole. Next, take a second bobby pin and also insert it into a hole and turn them perpendicularly.

You can use one pin as a lever, slide it into the base side, and press the upper side by using another pin.

Apply the pressure by the lever pin and press each pin one by one with the help of a hair pin. When you open a seized pins that are harder to remove, it can produce a clinking sound.

It is not a long process, but it just required skills and practice to do this whole procedure.

Paper clips

It is a quick and cost-effective method, and paper clips are also readily available in the market. Take out one paper clip from the box and straighten it. After straightening, doubled them and twist its both lower ends.

Take another clip and only straight it’s one side. Slide the twisted pin into the base side of the keyhole and push the upper end by using vertical clips.

After pushing them inside, wiggle it up and down, and it will unlock all of the pins. You have to do this process gently and slowly, and it will take less time to unfasten them.

A screwdriver can be helpful

It is an effective procedure to unlatch the system effectively in a short time. First, take a screwdriver on a thin and short length according to the size of the hole.

If you are taking a thicker screwdriver, it cannot enter into the hole quickly.

Insert the screwdriver in the keyhole and turning them gently in a clockwise direction. In this way, it will open all the pins of the system.

Once all the pins move upward at the same height, it will open the drawer lock.

It is a safe method; it cannot damage the wood and its part so that you can use them again.

If you cannot unfasten them by this method, you have to try another approach. Push the hole by using a screwdriver and slightly tap it with the hammer.

The jerk through hammer unlatches the seized pins easily. However, it is not safe; it will destroy them, and you have to insert the new one.

Remove the whole lock system of your drawer

When you have lost your keys and can’t open the drawer, you can hire a locksmith to do this whole procedure properly.

The technician tries to open them with different methods but couldn’t do so. So the effective way is to remove them entirely and to install the new one.

You can’t replace the drawer, but you can reinstall the fastening system because it is not expensive and readily available.

Technicians used two methods to secure them one is by fastening it with two nuts, and the other is to fix them according to the size of the hole.

If they are secure with nuts, then unbolt them with a screwdriver or moving them in a clockwise direction to remove them from their original position.

Lock picking method

In this method, you required two tools to unfasten the security system of the drawer. You need one device to apply the pressure torque on the lock and the other to maneuver the pins.

For this whole procedure, you can use hair pins or a small electrical wire. But, first, you have to remove the insulating layer from the cables.

Then bend them and start twisting to double them, so they become thick. Now place one wire in the base of the hole to exert pressure on the lower end. Next, use the second wire on the top side and start wiggling them.

It will produce a sound and open them in a jerk, but this process requires practice.

The lock picking kits are also available in the market to create tension. It is also beneficial to use bobby pins and paper clips for this whole procedure.

Use of drill to open the drawers lock quickly

You can use this method when you prepare your mind to change the lock system. However, it can damage the keyhole, and you cannot use it again.

This process can break the internal pins and hence open them fast. Set the drill machine and insert its switch in the socket to turn it ON.

After starting them, place their nozzle side in the correct position. You have to put their nozzle rod in the right-angle direction straight to the hole.

Hold the machine carefully and drill them for a few seconds in a straight position. It will unfasten and drops down, but now it is not useable again.

When using a drilling machine, carefully hold its rod accurately because a slight deviation can damage its wood.

Use of nail file clippers

When you are worried and can’t unfasten the drawer with keys, the easy and quick method is to use nail file clippers that are present on the backside of the nail cutter for filling of nails.

You can move this file clockwise and counterclockwise direction to straighten them. It is beneficial to use because of the curved end, which makes the process easy.

Insert the file on the bottom side of the keyhole and when you feel that they are hitting with pins, start moving them back and forth in a clockwise direction.

When you find a correct position, the nail filler will slide more inside them and then move them up and down to unbolt the pins.

You can do this 5 to 6 times until you feel a collapse sound. Now take your nail filler out carefully in an accurate direction.

Tension wrenches to open a drawer lock

Tension wrenches are readily available in the market at low prices. However, they differ from one another according to their size, design, and material.

If you cannot open them, you have to purchase these small wrenches from the market. Take thin and bent edge tool from the kit for unbolting process. Insert them on the lower base of the keyhole at the correct position.

Apply a slight pressure, which means very little pressure to raise the driver pins above the shear line. Applying unnecessary pressure will cause more difficulty and make them come lower to the shear line.

It is beneficial to place these tension wrenches at home for emergencies.

Use of fork

You can do this with a fork and the backside of a spoon. First, take a spoon whose bottom is too much thin that it can quickly enter the keyhole.

Place the backside of a spoon in them and move them in an accurate direction. After pushing them inside slightly, moves them upward and then move them in the key’s direction.

It will open, unfasten your drawer in a single jerk, and can’t damage its structure.

You can also use a fork, but you have to remove all the front ends of the spoon with the help of pliers; just one end remains on the spoon.

Now slightly bend this remaining end with the help of a plier. After turning, push them into the hole and moves in an upward and downward direction.

When you feel solid pins, then move them into one side, and it will unfasten them.

Sharp metal ruler

The metal slides are fixed on the upper side of the drawer when you lock them with keys. If you lost them and did not have any spare keys, you can open them using a sharp metal ruler.

Use a sharp ruler, insert them in a space above the draw, and move them in a back-and-forth direction.

Their movement will cut the fixing bars of the lock system, and you can do this in 2 to 3 seconds.

You can also use sharp knives that can cut these metal bars easily.

Safety pins

You can open the lock by using a safety pin. It is a quick and cheap method, and these are available in our homes.

Take a safety pin and insert its backside into the hole and start moving them in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction. After 4 to 5 moves, it will open them and produce a clicking sound.

Take a safety pin, open it and bend its free end by using a plier.

Don’t bend them too much, and their bowing shape looks like a hook or slightly L-shaped. Now insert this bow side into the hole and move it in one direction with a jerk.

Use of tweezers

Tweezers have the same bowing ends as the tension wrenches have. Separate its one part with the help of pliers.

Push its bowed end into them and move them in a circular motion; it will unfasten the seized pins and open the section.

Use of scissors

You can also do this process if you have thin-edged scissors in your home that can quickly enter into the keyhole.

Place the front and sharp end of scissors in them and move them in the rotational direction. After some moves, it will raise the pins above the shear line and open its locks.

Use of pen cap and paper cutter

Take a pen cap off from your pens that have extended long ends with them. Then, you can push them with extended sides and unlatch them easily.

You can also do this with the help of a paper cutter, insert its thin side into the hole and move them in one side with slight pressure.

Ball pens

You can also open them by use of ball pens ink riffles. Open the ball pens and take out ink riffles from them.

Now insert them in the lock hole and slightly put pressure in an inward direction. After this, move it upside and then slide them outside to open.

Why would you open a drawer lock without keys?

You are doing this because sometimes you lost the original keys in the homes or mistakenly lost them somewhere else.

While doing their shopping, many people place them on the counter and forget to pick them up from there, which will cause trouble for them.

Keys are the most favorite toys of your children so they can throw them somewhere and you can’t find them easily.

Every locking system has its keys; people place them in a single box and cannot differentiate them quickly during emergencies.

Due to poor lubrication of the hole, they get stuck in the lock, and then you should avoid opening them by using different tricks.

It can also become rusty due to its metal material, and you can’t adjust the corrosive keys in the locking system.

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