How to Raise the Height of a Dining Table?

How to Raise the Height of a Dining Table?

Here are the 9 DIY methods to increase the height of a dining table. These techniques can be used on all types of home tables.

How to Raise the Height of a Dining Table? You can use multiple methods to raise the height of the dining table, such as adding wooden extensions, PVC pipes, Bun feet, and changing the legs of these tables. On average, you can add 8 to 14 inches to your table. You can improve your experience with your tables by choosing any one of these methods.

First of all, we have to measure the height of the table. You can use the measuring tape to note its height. After noting it, you have to check the suitable size and calculate how much height you want to increase. You should also know about the standard height of the dining tables.

It will let you know which methods you can use to raise it. Every technique will not work in any case. You can choose a suitable option to increase it.

You can increase the height by two to three inches more as you want. It will help you to manage with more height, but you cannot enjoy your meals by bending your neck down for a maximum time.

It will not relax your body, but you will be tired in the minimum time while sitting at the table. You must know the weight holding capacity of a table before you start this process.

Use wooden extensions to raise the height of the dining table

If you are using a table with wooden legs, it is one of the most stable options you can execute. You may choose the number of extensions and their height by looking at your dining table’s condition.

You have to turn the direction of the table upside down. When you check the lower part of the table, you can check how to fix these extensions.

You can purchase these extensions of different designs and shapes. You must measure the height of these extensions while purchasing.

You will see that there will be holes present in the extensions to attach them to the legs. You have to drill the holes in the legs to attach screws and glue with them.

You must check the condition of the wood before drilling the holes in it. It may be swelling and will not fix the extensions with them. If it has swelled, it will not have the adhesive power to attach another piece of the wooden extension.

You can cut the leg from where it is not in a better position. You can attach a new piece of wood of that measurement to keep it equal to others. You must check the balance of the table after fixing a new one.

You can increase or decrease it before attaching the extensions because they all are of equal sizes. After resolving this issue, you have to drill the holes in the legs.

You can fix the fasteners and screws in it that will help you to fix them. You may choose that the products that you are using should provide the function for which you have installed it there.

You can use a hammer or screwdriver to fix it in the legs. You can try by keeping some weight on it. It will help you to get a try of all the functions of the wooden extensions.

You can fix the glue on the small gap between the legs and extensions. It will not allow both of them to detach from each other. You will not see any issue after following all these guidelines.

After completing the process of fixation, you will paint these support in the color of the legs. If you leave them untreated, it will look odd to see the legs in two different shades. There are multiple negative impacts that you will face as it will deteriorate the beauty of your bedroom.

Use PVC Pipes

You may attach the plastic pipes to the legs of the dining tables. You can cut them into small pieces as you want to increase their heights.

You should keep its size more than two inches because some parts of these pipes will fit in the legs. You must note all these factors before attaching them to the legs.

You cannot use simple plastic pipes as they cannot bear the weight. You can only use these pipes to the tables.

There are a few limitations for using this technique like you cannot fix it in the irregular shape of legs. It will not adjust itself in this condition. You can use it only in straight legs of the metal or wood.

You can use it in all types of frames if it maintains the balance. You will not need to drill the holes or push any nails to fix them. You will push it on the legs of the dining table, and they will adjust it.

It will execute if you have used the pipe with the same thickness as that of the legs. If they do not have the same thickness, then you have to look for glue or nails.

You can also paint the pipes in the same color as the legs to implement for the wooden extensions.

You can make all the efforts to make it beautiful for your home. You should not install them at any place where it may not look good.

By adding bun feet to the dining table

Bun feet are simple wooden extensions that are present in different shapes. You can fix them under the feet of the dining tables. You can purchase them in different shapes and sizes as you required.

There is a ready-made wooden extension that we can fix under the table if we cannot use any other technique. Some bun feet will include screws or fasteners fixed in them when you purchase them.

You will no need to drill the holes in it, but you have to make the holes in the legs. It will provide multiple benefits like increasing the height of the table and increasing the beauty also.

You can paste some glues on these surfaces to attach them. You can also paint it with any new paint or match its paint with the legs of the table.

You can do all these things by keeping the position of the table upside down. It will help you to adjust all these things.

You will require less force to push it inwards than doing all the steps by lifting one leg upward. You will exert more pressure in this way and get lesser results.

Change the legs of the table

You can change the entire legs of the dining table. If you think that any support will not work, you have to remove its older legs and replace them with a new one.

You can change its legs that have more size as compared to older legs. You can use this method when you want to add more than 12 inches to your table.

You have to follow some steps while changing the legs. Firstly, you will remove the older ones by using the woodcutter from the top. You have to make the holes in the frame of the table with a drill machine.

You have to purchase new legs of the same shape so that they may fix. There is no need to change its shape as the frame has a structure according to the leg’s shape.

You have to add fasteners and glue on the top of the leg and push it with a hammer. You will fix all four legs in the same way.

It does not require a lot of expertise to change the legs if you have all the tools available. If you keep practicing it, then you will not feel any problem implementing it.

Add supports

Different types of supports are available in the market. You can purchase them for the dining table and fix them under the legs of the table.

You can add all types of supports under it by looking at the thickness of the legs. You can execute this option if you are looking for a small increase in height.

Add flanges

Flanges are simple metallic structures to increase the strength and spread of the weight on different sides. You can add 3 to 4 inches to your table. You have to drill the holes as the holes of the flanges.

You can push nails and screws to these holes in the legs of the table. If you are using metallic legs, then you can weld them to the legs of these tables.

How to raise an antique dining table?

Antique dining tables are tables that are older than 100 years. You have managed it by using different techniques like they will require double supports as that is a simple dining table.

It is weaker because its life increases from the limit. Its components are not in a position to sustain for a longer time. You may add the supports to it to make it capable enough to bear the weight.

You must use these tables with great care like you must not increase the weight to its loading capacity. You can plan all these things by looking at the current condition of the table.

You must maximize its support system double and repeat the same method to increase its height as that of the simple dining table.

How to raise a table to counter height?

Counter height is the height that is higher than the simple table height. We use the dining table in the kitchen if we like it to enjoy meals.

The difference between the simple height and counter height is around 10 to 12 inches. You can use the same methods to achieve counter height for a simple dining table.

How high can you raise a dining table?

There are different limits of the size that we can increase for the dining table. Raise the height will depend on the method that we are using.

On average, we can raise it to 10 to 14 inches by using different techniques. If we require a lesser increase, then we can also increase it to 3 to 4 inches. We can increase the height by 24 to 30 inches at maximum by changing the legs of the table.

We have calculated these numbers on an average basis. There may be different variations in the height depending on the condition and the methods used.

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