How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger?

Here are 27 great ideas to make a small bedroom look bigger. You will be amazed to use these proven techniques in your bedroom.

How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger? You can make a small bedroom can look bigger by using an appropriate color scheme, the right furniture selection and arrangement, convenient storage, and optimum lighting.

Here are some easy tips to make a small bedroom looks larger. If you have a small bedroom, try these tips to make it look bigger and spacious.

Your bedroom is your possession, and you decorate or design it with all your desires and needs. You keep all your favorite and personal items there. Your bedroom describes your personality. All you want is to make it the most beautiful and comfortable place.

Usually, small bedrooms are hard to design and assemble. You have to use every bit of space intelligently to fit furniture, decorative, and storage into it. Tiny areas are also uncomfortable and suffocating.

There are several creative ways to decorate and arrange all the necessary items into the room, irrespective of the small space.

By applying some space-saving and organization tricks, a tiny room can look gorgeous, relaxing, and spacious.

Arrange the furniture to make a room look bigger

Furniture is essential in a bedroom, especially a bed. So when you buy furniture for your small area, consider these points to make your room appears to be more spacious and big.

Appropriate furniture size

The first thing is to recognize the correct size of the furniture. It should be according to room dimensions and space. A few large statement pieces of furniture are suitable than adding a lot of smaller ones.

A large piece of furniture defines the room. A bed, a closet, and bedside tables are all you want in your bedroom, so better go for a larger but sleek one rather than creating a mess. The idea is to reduce the number of items.

Low grounded furniture

Low grounded furniture is more suitable for a tiny room as they occupy less visual space.

It gives the ceiling a taller appearance, and the room looks larger. Keeping furniture lower, you give more space to the wall that provides a clean look to walls.

When there is free space on walls, the room automatically looks wide and big by giving the feeling of openness. Either buy a low frame bed or simply place a mattress on the floor.

Correct placement

Look for the most appropriate area to place the furniture. Remember one thing, always follow the direction of the room.

Place it against the walls following the room’s flow, but do not touch them with walls and corners.

Leave some space between walls and furniture and also between the objects. It makes the room look wider and spacious.

There should be a visible distance between all items so that you can move around, sometimes a sofa can be too big for a room.

The longest line in a room is a diagonal line. Place them at an angle where they will maximize the space. Move them all around for accurate placement.

Thin leg furniture

If you are not comfortable with low grounded furniture, lift them with thin legs. Thin legs provide floor space and enable the room to breathe a bit.

These legs balance the heavy upper body structure of the furniture without occupying space. You can also raise the height of the dining table.

The more the floor or walls are visible, the more it looks bigger. Through this, you are creating a sense of space. Do not place anything between these spaces. It will make it airier.

Dual-purpose furniture

In a small space, opt for dual-purpose furniture. Furniture with storage fulfills your two basic needs.

When you are living in a tiny place, it is difficult for you to arrange everything. So better think creatively and make furniture your storage space also.

Beds with drawers are a unique choice. You can add so much storage to it. It does not disturb your room layout instead gives a super organized appearance. Another idea to buy built-in storage beds.

They already have storage space beneath the mattress. You can easily place whatever you want to keep in this area by pulling the mattress.

Bedside tables with drawers are also available in markets. Just go and buy your dual-purpose furniture and get a double advantage from it.

If you have space for an office desk in your room, choose one with drawers or cabinets. It also serves as a storage material.

Do not use a bed with a large headboard

The thin framing of any furniture is vital. If you are buying a bed with thick frames having edgy and expanded structures, it consumes a lot of space.

Always look for thin frame furniture that has a simple design and model for a small bedroom. It should not be protruding or extending. Choose a simple, elegant, and neat design.

In a tiny room, it is better to avoid beds with large headboards. They occupy a lot of space and gives a fuller look.

In a small room, every inch should be useful. These headboards cover most of the wall. The wall starts looking shorter and narrow, which gives an overall tiny look to the room.

Choose a wooden headboard that gives support to the mattress without expanding. So you have space to add wall paintings or shelves.

Use Glass or transparent furniture

Try to replace wooden tops with glass. It gives a view of more space. This addition is a trick, it occupies the same area as the wooden one, but the eyes feel the illusion of open space. It has a minimum visual impact that makes your brain fool in terms of less space.

Remove the wooden tops from desk or bedside tables and place a glass on them. You can also replace chairs and desks with acrylic ones. This see-through technique helps you a lot to make a spacious look.

Float bedside table

Bedside tables are necessary for the bedroom. You can not remove them because you have to keep all your essentials onto it. So apply a trick of floating them to occupy almost no space.

These floating tables or shelves perform the same function as bedside tables but without consuming a whole area.

Place your lamp, candles, or any other thing into it. Also, you can add a drawer into it to make more storage.

You can also make a hanging or folding bedside table. When you want to use it, straighten it and place all the things on it.

When they are in no use, simply fold them up or hang them. This way, you can use it as per your requirement at the expense of no space.

Lighten up the bedroom

A key idea to make the bedroom look bigger is to brighten up as much as you can. Natural light is the major contributor to making a small area look larger.

Do not block the light. Do not place anything in front of windows or anything that provides natural light. When the room has appropriate light, it automatically looks bigger.

Darkness contours the room and gives an overall smaller feel. Similarly, do not block the air and let the air come in.

Keep the windows open. Let the room breathes. If the bedroom is more airy, breezy, and bright, it looks more spacious.

Adding multiple sources of light enhances the bedroom layout, along with giving a larger feel. Instead of placings lamps, it is better to hang lights.

Add scones or hanging bulbs that occupy no floor space. It will draw the eye’s attention up and keep free space in the lower area. Connect these lights to the ceiling that will add glamour to the bedroom.

A chandelier that is irregular, appealing, and glamorous light adds so much drama and character to your small bedroom.

It expands the room’s length. An additional light source further brightens the room and giving it a bigger feel. It is more accurate for a tall ceiling as it fills up the free space at the top.

Free the floor space to make a room look big

To give your small bedroom a spacious look, try to free the floor space as much as you can. It creates a clean and organized look.

Use Wall-mounted shelves

Instead of placing stuff everywhere in the bedroom, make wall-mounted shelves on the wall.

Make your room open with these shelves. You can also place your books and other accessories on these shelves. It creates depth in the wall.

Keep things off the floor and free up walking space. Pick up a whole wall and mount these shelves on it or use the wall around the bed to make these shelves.

It can also act as a center of attention where you can place all your entities. Build shelves on the wall around the bed as it eliminates the need for bedside tables.

Color coordinate them with the bedroom’s layout. Organize and color-code things on it, so it looks more classy. Also, you can add several colors to this place to highlight this area. You can also add some pattern or print detailing to this area. It comes out as a focal point of the room.

Use small rugs and carpets

In a small space, it is preferable to add no rugs or carpets. If you want to add them, think wisely.

Usually, rugs and carpets cover the bare floor, and the bare floor can give the bedroom a bigger feel. If you are going to add them, keep in mind the correct shape and color for them.

A round or oval shape is far better than a square or rectangular one. Square or rectangle rugs define the room, but oval or round does not explain the exact room dimensions.

That’s why giving a perception of increased square footage. Abstract shape rugs are also suitable as they do the same thing as oval or round ones do.

Do not place a carpet that covers the whole floor. It makes your bedroom look compact and less spacious. Choose a medium-length one, so it covers not more than half of the space.

The choice of color should be accurate. Always use a light color rug or carpet that visually expands space. Simple or small prints with unified colors are the best choice.

Add a sliding window

Large sliding windows are a better choice for tiny bedrooms. In this way, you do not have to worry about placing any furniture in front of it as you do not need space for open window glass. Just slide the glass door, and you have all the air and light.

These windows are more visually satisfied. You can also place small plantar or anything on the window shelf without any chances of breaking them.

Moreover, you can add some lightings around the window for a tumbler look. Remember using a white or light color frame for the window so when the natural light hits. It creates a brighter and open look.

Build a small closet

A closet is a must in any bedroom. You have to put all your clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags and so many things into it.

So do not afraid of building a closet in your tiny bedroom. It will not consume much space but hide all the mess and clutter.

Try to make it a little narrow as you have less space. Add all your clumsiness into it and make the rest of the room super organized. Use as much space you can use in it.

Do not leave even an inch. Try fixing all the necessities in it but with a proper arrangement. It is better to make a closet of full ceiling-to-floor length. When you add most of the things into the closet, you have more free space outside.

The best tip is to choose a pale and light color tone or simply use mirror doors. It gives the room an elaborated look.

You are consuming space in the best way by applying this trick. You can also add an LED strip to the frame that incredibly lightens the place because of reflection.

Curtains for a small bedroom

Curtains add elegance and optimization to the bedroom layout, so add them to your bedroom to make your bedroom look vast.

They must be of ceiling-to-floor length. Placing this way makes the room look taller. They add up an illusion of a high ceiling.

Hang one that is more in length and width than the window. Even if you do not have any window in the room, add a curtain to any wall. Particularly the wall behind the bed.

Blinds are the best when you are choosing curtains. They occupy almost no space with a maximum allowance of air and light to come in. They are very light in appearance and works exactly like a curtain so better choose them.

Panel curtains are also suitable for such rooms. These sleek, elegant, and thin curtains help to enhance the room’s layout.

Avoid using too many drapes. More drapes look heavy and thick. Also, they give a crowded feeling so better to avoid them.

Use cotton or linen fabric for curtains. Choose a soft and plain color for curtains, preferably pastels.

They do not absorb natural light. You can also go with prints but simple ones. Simple vertical strips are best as they give the perception of a tall room. Avoid dark shades as they weigh your room.

Use Vertical set up in a small bedroom

Try to make your room setting vertically in terms of storage. When you add vertical storage, you achieve a heightened feeling.

You can build floor-to-ceiling shelves, bookcases, and storage units. If you add shelves with a door, you can add clothes to them. Open shelves can come in use of other small items.

You can even add vertical storage racks where you can place baskets containing so many of your possessions.

You can use it to keep a decorative plant or other attractive objects to make it a point of focus. It diverts attention towards up and serves a room-opening feel.

Use small decorations

Art is a necessity of every living place. When the room is tiny, use a large statement piece. Do not waste money buying smaller pictures and galleries.

An attractive, impressive, and outstanding art is enough to intensify your room outlook. Coordinate the art with your room aesthetics. You can also paint your sold wooden sofa and pace it near the corner.

Mirrors on the wall

Mirrors are the perfect piece of decor for a tiny room. It is the most appropriate technique to enhance the space. It is your choice whether to add a single large mirror or several mirrors on a single wall.

The best location is to place them against the window. When the natural light hits the mirror, it creates an astonishing scenario of reflection.

Also, when it reflects other objects. Your place looks big due to the double image.

Place two floor-length mirrors at the sides of the bed. It exaggerates the sense of space.

The reflection produced is enough to give the impression of a larger room. You can also add a mirror to the back of the door.

Simple bedding

In a small bedroom, simplicity is the best idea. Try to keep things simple. Bedding can be a point of focus in the bedroom, so keep it minimal.

Place only a few pillows on the bed and use light comforters. The bedsheet should be simple.

Dark color makes it deep and intense and also absorbs light. Always Use pale soft colors or simple prints. Avoid heavy prints or embroidery. Use thin and breezy fabric.

Make a small bedroom look bigger with paint

Identify the perfect color scheme for a small area. By using these simple tips, you can achieve an open outlook.

Use light colors

Light and soft colors are the best choices for a small area. You can make it look wider and broader using light colors.

The white color is perfect for this purpose. The monochromatic light color scheme helps to blur the corners and gives an overall exaggerated look.

Your eyes do not notice smaller segments and actual dimensions of the room. Try buying your furniture of the same color as walls.

When the color of the ceiling blends with the wall colors, you get an expanded area. Natural light further increases the room-opening effect.

Monochromatic colors provide a smooth flow and are visually appealing. Through this, you do not see the segments of the room and blend everything. This will make a narrow room look wider with paint.

Also, you can use the same color but in different shades. It provides a color contrast image that involves you in itself and shifts your attention from the dimensions.

A touch of dark color

Never use a dark color on all walls but give its slight touch on a specific area. When all the walls are light in color, paint a wall behind the bed with a dark color. It gives depth to the room and improves the layout.

You can do the same with the ceiling. Paint it dark and keep walls in a light color. It creates a view of a high area. Also, paint the shelf wall darker and then add objects with a soft tone on them.


You can add patterns to give some details to your bedroom, but avoid heavy or darker print.

Add wallpapers on a single wall or the ceiling. Do not add prints and patterns to the floor. Keep it simple. Better is to keep it wooden or tiles.

Simple stripes are acceptable. If your room is wide but less in length, add a vertical stripe pattern to make it appear taller. If it is more lengthy but less in width, add horizontal stripes to make it broader.


Decluttering is essential for a small space. Remove all the excess and useless things from the bedroom. When you have more items in the room, it looks clumsy and concise.

Keep it clean and organized. Identify what you need and want you don’t need. Removing extra things is the easiest way to get more space. Organize it on a weekly or daily basis and get rid of all unwanted items.

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