What is the Standard Height of a Dining Table?

What is the Standard Height of a Dining Table?

If you are buying a new dining table, you should know the standard height and size of the table. In this article, we have added sizes of different shapes of the dining table and methods to measure the height of the table.

What is the Standard Height of a Dining Table? On average, the standard height of a dining table is 30 to 32 inches. There are different factors that you must consider while measuring the standard height of the dining table. These factors include the height of the chairs, the purpose of using them, and their location.

There are different types of dining tables available in the market. Brands of home furniture are making dining tables of various sizes and shapes.

You will require a different height and shape for coffee, kitchen, and other purposes. If you are making a table for your kids, you must consider the lower height. 

We have added a detailed chart that explains the height and features of these tables.

Examples of Dining tables with their standard height, shape, and size

Shapes of the dining table Standard height (inches) Size of the table (inches) Height of the chairs (inches)
Round 29 36 21
Square 30 48 20
Rectangular 32 42 x 90 23

The standard height of the tables will not allow the kids to eat correctly. They will waste their maximum energy by managing their arms on the dining table. 

If you want to use the table for coffee or as a side table, its height will be lower. The height of the side tables is around 20 to 22 inches. You can use it for managing the space on the table by keeping a few things on it.

The height of the coffee table will be around 24 to 25 inches. You can use all these tables in your kitchen that will increase its beauty. Beautiful furniture plays an essential role in making them look better.

You must invest a suitable amount of budget on charming furniture. You will enjoy the pleasure of seeing it all day in your surroundings. It will keep you strong and motivated to do your daily work.

The height of the bar table is a bit higher than the other tables that we have discussed earlier.

Its height is 34 to 35 inches. Its use is too little in your homes. 

Standard height of Dining table chairs

It is one of the essential constraints while considering the height of the chairs. You will note that the chairs that you are using should be compatible with the dining table.

There are different types of chairs, like wooden chairs and foamy chairs. You will see that there are various heights of the chairs. You have to decide on the height of the seat, its back, and its width.

All these things require complete focus and care. You should purchase both products at the same time or by looking at each other. It will help you to run longer in your home furniture. The standard height of the dining chairs is 20 to 22 inches.

It may differ when you increase or decrease the size of the table. You must remember the thumb rule that the difference between the height of the chair and table should be 8 to 10 inches.

You will enjoy your meal for a longer time if you consider all these factors while considering the chairs’ height. There are different designs on the back of the chairs that help to stop a wooden rocking chair from squeaking.

Few chairs come to the neck of the person while others come over the head of the person. You must note that the products that you are using must be comfortable for you.

If you want to cover the person’s back, then take the height of the back to 36 to 38 inches. If you require to cover the head, then purchase a chair with a height of around 39 to 41 inches.

You must note the width of the chairs should be more than 12 inches.

You can amend these numbers while considering your likeliness and needs.

Different shapes of dining table and their height

There are several shapes of the table. All of them have different heights and use. The shape of the table will decide by looking at the room’s size or lounge in which you will keep them.

Different sizes suit different styles. If you have a bigger room, then you can use a rectangular shape. If the size of the room is less, then the rectangular table will cover the whole room. You can arrange the round shape table there.

Round shape table will cover less space and do the same task for you. There are a few limitations to use every shape.

You must note them while considering the shape and the size of your home furniture. Some of the common shapes of the table are as follows:

Round Dining Table

It is the most common shape of the table because it can adjust in all types of room. It covers less space.

You can add more decorations to the room by sparing space from the table. Its radius is around 24 inches for 5 to 6 chairs.

If you want to cover more persons on the table, then this will not do for you.

You cannot increase its number from this limit. It is the major drawback of this design. Round dining tables are perfect for a small room.

You can use other designs of the table also if it is not fulfilling your needs. All the bowls on it will be easily accessible to all the persons sitting.

This facility is not available in other shapes. The height of this table is 27 to 29 inches. It will look odd if you increase height from this limit.

Square Dining Table

If you have a smaller room, but you want to cover more persons on the table, then use a square table. It can cover from 7 to 8 persons.

You can arrange two chairs on every side of the table, and it will arrange a meal for eight persons.

You will no need to add the side tables and others to its help because it has a better area to keep all the meals. It will cover less space, and you can manage other things in your room also.

The height of the square dining table is around 30 inches, and keep it higher than the round table. You check the weight holding capacity of the dining table.

Rectangular Dining Table

It is the best shape if you have proper space in your lounge. You will no need to look for any other design if you can manage it. It can cover ten persons at a time.

You will keep four chairs on both sides of the table, and two persons can sit by the width of the table.

You can increase its length and the number of persons by considering the area of your room.

It can cover up to 16 persons at a time that is a good number. You can use it in your dinners and parties with your loved ones.

Its height will be the same as that of the square shape. You can increase the height of this dining table by 2 to 3 inches.

Things to note while choosing the right height of the dining table

There are several things that you must consider while choosing the right height for your dining table. Some of them are as follows:

Height of Dining chairs

We have discussed the different heights of the chairs in this article. It will help you to choose the right size for your table. You can increase or decrease to a small extent by looking at your needs.

If you have chosen the chairs before purchasing the table, then you must measure their height. It will help you choose the right product for you. Wooden tables are usually 9 to 10 inches higher than the seat of the chair.

If you are choosing the plastic table, then the difference will be around 7 to 8 inches.

Purpose of use

There are different purposes for these tables as you can use them in your family, friends, or parties. All the purposes require different heights.

You can choose standard size, but there will be few limitations to it. If you know any specific purpose of use, it must be in your mind while choosing the right home furniture.

Location of table

You can set different locations to the table, and their height will be according to that location. You may use it in your closed room, open lounge, grassy lawn, and other locations. All these things play an essential role in managing its height.

The open lounge will require more height of the table as compared to in the closed area. You can get take an idea by looking at all the small details of the location.

You can purchase the table with a little variation that includes some flexibility in its height. It will make the table multi-purpose.

You can increase it while placing it in an outer environment and decrease it when you are using it in your room.

Why choosing the right height for the dining table is necessary?

There are different benefits of choosing the right height for your room. You will enjoy your meal sitting at the table.

You can note the standard height of the table by managing all things. You can enjoy the parties and dine-outs. There are multiple benefits as it will increase the beauty of your room or lawn.

You can host large gatherings in your room. If you have a vast social circle, then you can host your friends at your home.

They consider as the center of any home as you can arrange different conversations between your family members. It is ideal for a large family.

You can arrange birthday parties on these tables, and kids can use them to do their homework and other school activities. You will have multiple benefits of using this furniture in your room.

How to measure the height of the dining table?

You can use different materials like measuring tape and scale. You can note that the products that you are using should be free from all types of errors.

You can sort all errors before starting the measurements of the table. It will help you to measure the size of the table and the chairs. You can use it by keeping it at a lower level and start pushing it upwards.

You can use the tape and scale that have readings in the inches. You will get different benefits from this measurement as you can enjoy the meal with friends and family members.

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