How to Paint a Dining Table With Chalk Paint?

How to Paint a Dining Table With Chalk Paint?

Here are 17 great ideas to paint the dining table with chalk paint. People always love to try a new color with different designs in their home furniture to give them a unique and finished look.

How to Paint a Dining Table With Chalk Paint? You can paint the dining table with chalk paint by selecting the color and then prepare your furniture. First, clean the table and then apply primer and equalize the surface by using low grit sandpaper. Next, apply the first coat of chalk paint, let it dry, and add a second coat. Finally, seal it by using sealants and wax.

It is common nowadays because it gives a modern look and smooth appearance to old dining tables.

Before starting the procedure, you must know about what is it and how to use this? For example, is chalk paint appropriate for wooden, laminate, synthetic, and metal dining tables?

It gives a chalky, matte, and finished appearance to your home furniture. It comes from a brand-named Annie Sloan.

It is the decorative varnish that looks beautiful. It is necessary to seal it for longevity.

Chalk paint is a cheap way to refurbish your furniture. It comes in different colors and designs that give a fabulous look to your dining table.

It is different from latex varnishes due to its chalk-like appearance. You can also use them on your walls, kitchen cabinets, wooden chairs, beds, and metal bed frames to give them a matte finish.

Clean the dining table

It is crucial to clean the furniture before applying the coat. Remove the dust, grime, and dirt from them so they can’t stick to the surface after painting.

Mix a bar of soap with water and then apply it using a soft sponge and clean them. Then dry them thoroughly.

You should not use furniture wax for cleaning purposes because it can cause the problem in fixing.

Select a suitable place 

A suitable place is necessary before applying chalk paint to your furniture. Take them outside in the open air for better results.

Keep them in a shady area; otherwise, rain and heat from sunlight can also damage them. I recommended that a garage is a better option for coloring.

Now place a plastic sheet on the floor and then put a dining table on them. It is easy to remove their stains using detergents; you can also color them on carpets in your rooms.

You can waste the wrap and don’t need to clean the floor.

Prepare your dining table.

After placing them in an appropriate place, then you have to prepare them for polish. Now remove all of the decoration pieces and other accessories from them.

During coloring, the furniture can be damaged when you care about changing its place again and again.

Remove the drawers if they are present. Then, once again, clean them with lint-free cloths so their microfibers do not remain there.

Selection of color and preparation of the chalk paint

Now select the suitable color for the dining table and gives them a brand-new look. You can match it with the floor; it also looks fantastic.

I compare the varnish with the shade of my other furniture, so they all look fabulous in the same tint.

The use of dark shades like dark brown, marron, and wood looks beautiful on wooden furniture.

The use of light shades is also better in hot conditions to prevent damage from excessive heat. After selecting them, purchase the bucket from the market.

Now for extra sticking and their extended stay, add a small amount of water in them to maintain their consistency.

Stir them well with a stirrer to make a homogenous liquid. You should always cover the container after using it because it becomes dry, and you can’t use it again.

It is also beneficial if you close the container during the whole procedure to apply them quickly.

Apply primer

The use of primer is essential before coloring to give them a furnished and smooth look. You can use water-based and oil-based primers on the top of the surface.

They prevent the wooden furniture from bleed through, so it is essential to apply their coat.

The use of primers gives them extra sticking power on furniture. However, for the wooden dining tables, it is always better to use oil-based for better adhesion.

Don’t use water-based primers because it attracts the tannins and causes bleed-through issue in them.

If you don’t apply it on the surface, it can peel off early, which is awkward.

The one coat can make the surface smooth and easy to color.

Do you have to sand a table before using chalk paint?

Now take low grit sandpaper and apply them to the top surface of the dining table. You can also do the sanding by a machine known as a sander.

Sanding is necessary to equalize the surface for better adhesion. Sanding the surface slowly, and don’t rub it too hard; otherwise, it can make minor grooves.

You can also apply chalk paint without sanding, but it provides better adherence. Next, remove the sand particles by using a damp towel.

It is also essential to remove them from the floor to avoid sticking to them with air pressure.

Apply first coat of paint

Now your furniture is ready for the application of chalk paint. First, use a suitable brush and then dip it in the bucket to apply it on a small surface.

After applying on the shorter area, moves forward to the whole surface. Then, finally, apply it in a horizontal motion and cover the top surface.

Then apply them on legs and slightly raise them from the floor. Don’t apply them in a vertical position because it is not suitable and also takes more time.

Don’t make 4 to 5 coats on the same surface; it can cause uneven and unsmooth surface patches.

First, you have to apply one layer on all of the dining tables. You can also use a roller for this procedure.

Dry the paint and prepare for the second coat

After the first layer then let them dry for about 24 to 26 hours. You can’t apply a second coat subsequently without drying it is not beneficial.

Check the surface; if it does not stick to your fingers, then it becomes dry. Now, apply the second coat on them to maintain their smoothness and finishing.

You have to follow the same procedure.

Apply sealants 

You can apply them after drying for a maximum of 1 to 2 days. After that, you should seal them with wax, polyacrylic, and water-based sealant.

Apply them on the top surface with a brush and then on the legs and let them dry in the open air for 4 to 5 hours.

It can increase the durability and longevity of chalk paint. It prevents wear and tear and also the surface from peeling off.

It can also prevent them from stains and unnecessary scratches. You should use them so the water can’t damage its surface.

Yellowing is very common; after that, it can also fix this issue. The tannins cause bleeding after some time and form uneven patches on them; it can also solve this problem.

It gives a shiny look to your furniture, and it looks modern and new.

Distressing with chalk paint

You can also distress them to give them an old vintage and antique look. It is the process that covers the wear and tear and grooves from the edges.

First, you have to sand the grooves and edges for 4 to 5 minutes. Then apply them by using a brush and let them dry for 4 to 5 hours.

Does chalk paint come in a variety of colors?

The customers always want new and emerging colors for painting their dining tables. They come in various colors and easy to use. However, when the consumer compares them with latex paint, it has less variety.

People want variety because some have to match them with their walls, and some want to make a contrasting combination.

Some of the standard colors are:

  • Creamy white
  • White
  • Light green
  • Light pink
  • Light red
  • Wooden color
  • Marron
  • Light and dark gray
  • Lilac
  • Light and dark blue

These are the standard colors that are readily available in the market. However, the versatility also depends upon the brand that is making them.

Some brands produce a variety of color combinations, and some brands give a very selective range.

You can also make the custom and desirable color my mixture of two or more. One of the more tricks to achieve your desired tint is adding food colorings to them.

Why would you use chalk paint on a dining table?

It is beneficial to use them on furniture because sometimes they need a little or less preparation. In addition, it saves your cost for primer, but it depends on the type of surface where you are applying varnish.

You don’t need to sand smooth surfaces before coloring them. It is a cost-effective and time-effective process.

They adhere to the surface for a long time and are more durable than the latex ones.

They are also easy to distress and give the antique touch. However, it takes less time to dry, and you can do it on your own.

It is an easy method and also saves your labor cost. In addition, it gives a dry, matte, and smooth touch to your dining table.

It comes in the market with different designs, and they are used for artistic paintings. Due to their high adherence, they upcycled the furniture thoroughly, and they look brand- new. Sealing them is also essential to prevent them from damages.

It is also helpful in filling grooves and scratches. It is highly durable and prevents scratches.

They have a thin texture that is easy to apply, and you can use them by pouring them into spray bottles. One of the essential benefits is that it is thicker and only needs 1 to 2 coats for proper surface coverage.

Is it safe to use chalk paint on your dining table?

It is safe to use them, but they are slightly more costly than latex and other varnishes. It also takes much effort that you can to apply a protective coating to seal them.

It can also leave brush marks on the surface which is not reliable.

The bleeding process is common in these types of chalk paints which can leave stains. It also has less variety in colors, and that’s why people are reluctant to buy them.

How do you make Chalk paint at home?

They are costly, but you can make them at home to save your economy if you want a matte look. I have added three different recipes to make them.

From plaster of Paris

Take the latex paint and mix them with water to make a homogenous mixture.

Then add the plaster of Paris in them and stir them well to avoid precipitation formation. Finally, you can take the components according to the size of the furniture.

Baking soda

It is also helpful material in the formation of these types of varnishes. Take latex paint and add a small amount of cool water to them.

Now add baking soda powder and stir them quickly to prevent lumping.

Unsanded Grout Chalk

It is the most beneficial and most common method for the preparation of matte varnishes. First, add water to the latex paint and then add chalk powder to them.

Stir the mixture to make a homogenous solution. Then, you can add chalk powder according to the smoothness you needed.

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