How Much Weight Can a Dining Table Hold?

How Much Weight Can a Dining Table Hold?

If you are buying a new dining table, you should know its weight holding capacity. You can measure their weight capacity by using multiple techniques. You must keep the load less than twenty pounds as prescribed in the limit.

How Much Weight Can a Dining Table Hold? On average, a dining table can hold 250 to 300 pounds with a size of 160×80 inches. There will be a different range of weights as you change the raw material to make it. You can increase or decrease weight holding capacity by changing the raw material.

You should know about the weight-holding capacity of your dining table. You can place the crockery by considering its limit. It will improve its life many times by taking care of these small things.

Different types of dining tables and their weight holding capacity

There are multiple types of raw materials that you can choose for forming these tables. Some of the most common types of tables are as follows:

Types of tables Shapes Weight holding capacity (pounds) Size of the tables (inches) No of persons
Aluminum table Rectangular and square 200 120 x 40 10
Glass table Square and round 300 60 x 60 8
Wooden table Square, wooden, and round 300 150 x 48 12
Plastic table Rectangular 100 48 x 18 4
Pressed wood table Rectangular and square 200 48 x 24 6
Melamine table Rectangular 250 72 x 24 7

Weight holding capacity for Aluminum table

We can use aluminum to make the dining table out of it. These tables can use at open places like lawns and other courtyards. They cannot destroy in hot or cold weather.

We can use them in any weather. It will create no negative impact on it. They can bear the weight up to 200 pounds. It means that you can place all of your meals on it without taking care of the strength. You should also check the height of the dining table.

It will not break away if you have attached strong legs to it. There are multiple advantages of using these tables rather than going for the traditional tables. They are available in various sizes and designs.

You must look for the available space and decide its layout accordingly. You can use it for multi-purposes. If you want to change its place after some time, it will be easy for you to do that.

You can manage its length and width as you can. You must arrange a meal for 10 to 12 persons on these tables. Its useful life can increase if we use it with great care. Your sofa will be uncomfortable if you add it with this furniture.

Weight carrying capacity of Wooden dining table

It is another option for making the dining table for your home. It is the best raw material that is natural and has more capability. You can use it at any place in your home. Its shine will not disturb in any environment.

You must take care of a few essential things that you must cover its surface because if there is water on it, then the wood will start expanding.

There are different factors that we must consider while using them. This dining table can bear a weight of 300 pounds. You can make different designs of its legs.

Some tables have only one pillar at their center. Some have four legs as usual. You can choose any design by looking at your needs.

You must check that it must be beneficial for you. You should make your choice by considering all the factors.

You cannot purchase the furniture for a short time. You will buy it once in a lifetime. You can use these tables for all the purposes in your house.

Plastic dining table

It is a portable table that you can place anywhere. You can fold it when you do not need it. It is easy to clean.

You can wash it with water also. Its color will not dull in the early days. It can bear the weight less than all the tables, but its cost is also many times less than these tables.

There are different limitations of its use as you cannot use it to keep heavyweights. It can bear 100 pounds weight. You can use it for small purposes that include tea parties.

You cannot use them for more than four persons. They can only serve three to four persons at a time.

This product has few benefits that include the easy to change its place and fold it when not in use. You can also increase the height of the dining table.

Wall-mounted table

It is the best design for short dining halls. If you have less space in your lounge, then you can use this style of table there. It will help you to provide more space to keep all the meals there.

Persons can sit only on one side as there will be a wall on another side. You can fix the wall by using different support systems.

You can achieve multiple benefits that include more space in your room. Its cost will also be less than the wooden or aluminum table. You can manage it in lower budgets also. It can hold a weight of 150 pounds.

It is less than many tables but more than the plastic table. It can serve four to five persons at a time by looking at its length and width.

Pressed wood table

It is the standard raw material that is used in all new types of dining tables. It has less cost and lightweight. You can mold it in any shape that we want. It can serve six to seven persons at a time.

There are different categories of these sheets. You must choose the better one as a lower-quality sheet will destroy your product in a minimum time.

You can place more than 200 pounds of weight. It will not create any problem for you while using it for a longer time. Its useful life is greater than the plastic material.

Melamine table

This raw material is a chemical compound that can use to make different shapes of furniture. We may use it for various locations in your house because it is a beautiful material. It is also known as hard plastic.

You can make it in any size and shape. Multiple brands use this material in their product. You can use it for various purposes, as a nightstand near your bed.

It can bear the weight up to 250 pounds. This limit is much higher than other materials. We can use it to serve five to six persons.

We can increase this number by increasing the size of the table. We can change its position whenever we want.

Glass dining table

This dining table will have the whole surface of the glass. There are different thicknesses of the glass.

You can use more than 4 millimeters thick glass. It will not melt with the hot utensils. You can make its pedestal of wood, steel, or any other material that increases its strength.

You can use it regularly as you use other tables as there is nothing sensitive in it.

You cannot change its place regularly, but it is easy to clean. If you have added wooden legs to a glass table, then you should be careful.

If you are using it in an open environment, then it will be dirty in lesser time. You can remove the glass from the pedestal and clean it.

You can change the glass when it fills with cracks on its surface. It can bear the weight of more than 300 pounds. You can serve eight to ten people at this table.

These are the different types of tables you can choose for your system by looking at your needs and available space. The number of persons you want to serve on it plays a pivotal role in managing the tables’ shape and designs.

Different shapes of dining table

You can make different shapes and designs of various models. Some of the common styles are as follows:


You can make this shape in any materials, but it looks better than the wooden material. You can make the half-round or complete round by looking at your needs.

You must note your priority while making any design. It can serve four persons at a time and can bear the weight of 150 pounds. You can use round dining tables for small spaces.


It is also a standard shape that we can make in small rooms where rectangular tables cannot place. It will take less space and do the same work for you. Its cost is also less than the rectangular shape.

They found rare in the brands of home furniture. You can place an online order to form the design of your own choice. These tables are durable and unique that we can use in any environment.

It can hold up to 200 pounds. You can serve multiple persons at a time.


It is a unique type of tables that can form of wood and steel. You can keep more than 150 pounds of weight on it. You can serve more than seven persons on it. It will require more place as compared to other tables.

How to check the capacity of a dining table?

If you have purchased your products from the branded store, you will get a tag of the weight limit on any place of furniture. You can get an idea of the weight from it.

If you have purchased it from the local furniture shop, you can consult the owner who will tell you about its weight holding capacity. This exercise will allow you to take care of your furniture and you can increase its life.

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