Are Glass Dining Tables Any Good?

Are Glass Dining Tables Any Good?

Glass dining tables require low maintenance and are easy to clean. Here are the pros and cons of using glass tables.

Are Glass Dining Tables Any Good? Glass dining tables are good but expensive due to their many designs and varieties. Glass is a transparent material that distributes the light in the room. Do not put any pressure and weight on the glass tabletop; otherwise, it can break its glass.

The glass dining top is delicate; therefore, it needs extra care; otherwise, it breaks. You keep it beautiful because it takes more attention, and it demands neat flooring due to its transparency.

Glass dining tables are not porous and can resist scratches. In addition, it is a colorless material, and you can tint it according to your choice. In general, these are not affected by changes in humidity and temperature.

Glass Dining Tables have a modern look

Glass tables are modern and give your room a good theme. On the other hand, these are edgy, and you can set them according to your design.

These come in many styles, such as the oval, rectangle, and circle. 

You can also use colorful mates on them that make the dining table beautiful. Therefore, you can set it anywhere in your room because it adopts a different look.

Glass dining tables are easy to clean

Glass is a non-porous material; therefore, the stain of wine removes easily. You take a wet cloth to clean the surface, and it looks like new.

It has a smooth surface that should be clean easily. You can also use cleaning agents to clean the table because it has no side effects on it.

It gives a clean look to your dining room.

Wipe the table regularly to maintain its quality and good shape. Its color does not fade with time; therefore, it does not need staining. It also does not require highly reactive chemicals for cleaning because it is easily clean with a damp cloth.


The glass table is a good choice because these are more durable. The tempered quality is best because it has high resistance power.

Tempered is 5 to 6 times strong and is highly resistant to thermal breakage. In addition, its crystals are clear, and no scratches form on it. Therefore, it is more durable than wooden furniture.


Different varieties of glass dining tops come on the market, and you can select them according to your space in the room.

These have different patterns as compared to wooden furniture. The table base forms from wrought iron and wood, but you can also select its base that looks beautiful.

Environment friendly

When glass breaks down, it does not add harmful chemicals into the soil, but it remains safe and stable. In addition, it is easily recycled and environmentally friendly than the other material.

Therefore, it uses in the furniture and makes them elegant.

Glass tables make the room look wider and bright

Glass is a transparent material, and it distributes the light in the room. In addition, it brightens the room due to its reflectance ability.

In the small room, sunlight does not spread, but the glass table lightens the room. 

It makes the room larger and shiny that gives a stylish look to the room.

It makes the space of your room wider than the other furniture because of its transparency ability.

It does not block the view between you and the other material. Therefore, it is best for small rooms because it makes the room wider. 

Easy to maintain

The glass top is germ-free because it is not porous like other tables. Therefore, it wipes out all the bacterial strains due to its plain surface.

It cannot damage any insect such as termites; therefore, it is germ-free than wooden furniture. It also protects the wooden base from scratch and dust. Stains are easily clean and not absorb in the table.

Painted glass tables

You can paint the glass top that gives a beautiful appearance to your room. Special paints are available in a smaller pallet and are not expensive.

You can paint the top of the table that can cover scratches and give a new look. Clean the surface before painting so that grease and dirt remove easily.

Apply a paint, coat to the top, and if you use color spray, then keep it away 7 to 8 inches. After this, apply the paint primer on the top, and it takes around 2 to 3 hours to dry.

Protect the underlying table

Dining glass covers the delicate material and wood base to protect it from scratches. You can also keep beautiful mats under it that look beautiful and colorful.

You can also write quotes beneath the table. It highlights the beauty of base colors and designs of wood. Due to its transparency, it also shows the chair frame design.

Disadvantages of glass dining table

Glass is a delicate material, and it cannot bear heavy objects. Never stand on the top of the table; otherwise, it breaks.

Regular cleaning

Glass has a plane surface, and it needs regular cleaning because it is stained more frequently than wood furniture.

Cloudy spot forms that look very odd. Your fingerprint spots form when you touch its surface. Therefore you need to clean them many times than the wooden furniture.

The cupping mark also formed on it that gives an ugly look; therefore, use cup mats.

Clean it with a neat and soft cloth; otherwise, scratches formed on it that look odd.

When the wine and beverage stains form on the furniture, then it is difficult to remove.

Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a half cup of water and dip the cloth in it to remove the stains. Do not place hot things on it; otherwise, hard stains form.

Safety hazard

When it breaks, its small pieces spread everywhere. The broken pieces are small and can cause serious injury. If you have children, do not use this furniture because it breaks easily when it falls.

Rectangular tops can have a sharp corner that is not good. In addition, these are uncomfortable; therefore, use corner-less tops such as oval and circular shapes.

If you like a rectangle and square shape, then choose the model that has round edges.

Tempered is safe and does not break instantly; therefore, I recommend using this on the dining table because it is safe for children.


Glass is more expensive than the other furniture material because of its high quality. However, if you use tempered, then it is best because it protects your furniture from damage. Tempered is expensive, but it is heat and chemical resistant.

They come in many varieties, but these dining tables are very expensive that’s why it is not affordable. Furthermore, it cannot repair after the break; therefore, it requires a heavy amount to buy a new one.

Do glass dining tables scratch easily?

Glass is a fragile material because if it damages, then it is not repaired. Therefore, it is a disadvantage of the glass, and due to this, it does not look new.

Therefore it needs more attention that protects it from scratches. Moreover, these are less durable than the stone and wood because they are not broken like the glass and repair instantly.

Do not keep hot dishes on it; otherwise, it becomes damaged permanently.


Glass is transparent, and due to this ability, everything is visible under the top. Due to this, you give proper attention to the chairs and legs of the table.

Keep clean the floor under the table; otherwise, it has a bad impact on the guests.

Not bear heavyweight

You should not put heavy weight on the tabletop. Its load capacity depends upon its width and size; therefore, use a thick top because it is more durable.

If you use low-quality products, then they can break easily due to heavy load.

Do not put hot dishes on the top; otherwise, it can cause cracks.

Affected by temperature

Glass is a poor thermal conductor, and it changes its temperature instantly. When it faces a high temperature, then it loses its shape that also affects its base. However, if you use high-quality, it does not affect by temperature.

High temperature creates stress on the furniture, and cracks form on it. Therefore, do not keep hot plates and cups on it; otherwise, it damages your furniture.

Use tempered glass material that does not affect due to hot utensils. For example, do not put a hot saucepan directly on it; otherwise, it can damage the product.


A glass table can bear acids, but it reacts with the alkali and leads to discoloration. When the glass top is continuously in contact with them, then it dissolves and loses its shape.

The alkaline solution decreases the flexible abilities, and cracks form in it. Therefore, it reduces its transparency and becomes weak.

Requires good flooring

You can see everything under the table; therefore, keep your flooring clean. Your dining top should be in good condition; otherwise, its base looks odd.

You should also set a stylish rug under the furniture.

Are glass dining tables out of fashion?

Its glossy look makes the room shiny; it can never be out of fashion. Moreover, it gives the room bigger space and wider than the other furniture.

You can also redesign it according to your choice. For example, the dining table has a smooth surface other than the wooden furniture.

These are set in any tradition, and you can decorate them according to any function. 

How do you protect the dining table glass?

The tempered glass tabletop highly uses because it is resistant to high temperatures. You can also use a rubber bumper that protects its surface from scratches.

These are available in various sizes and shapes according to your requirements. It prevents your top from sliding that protects it from falling. If you have a tinted top, match the rubber with the color; otherwise, use a clear bumper.

If you have a big top, then it requires many rubber bumpers. First, remove the glass from the table and clean it with a soft cloth. You can also clean it with the cleaner that removes dust from it. Now take the bumper from sticky paper and attach it with the glue.

Now place it on the rubber bumper and set it. Press it on the rubber bumper gently and make sure that the top fix or not.

Never drag the heavy things on its surface; otherwise, scratches form. Instead, you can use mats and a soft cloth to cover the surface that protects the top.

Do not use rough cloths to clean the surface because it makes white marks and removes its transparency. Instead, clean the top surface regularly to maintain the quality of the glass.

Never place hot cups on the top directly but always use cup mates that absorb the heat.

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