How to Move a Bed Without Taking it Apart?

How to Move a Bed Without Taking it Apart?

You can move your bed without disassembling its parts. Some people prefer to unscrew the bed frame and move each piece one by one from one place to another. 

How to Move a Bed Without Taking it Apart? You can move a bed without taking it apart by using an appliance dolly, furniture straps, and hand truck. In addition, you can also transfer your bed on glides and carry them with the help of carrying straps. Cover the bed with bubble wraps and a plastic cover to protect it from any damage during lifting. 

Some couches are lightweight, and you can easily carry them anywhere with the assistance of a second person. 

Consider the size of the bed

There are two types of bed such as single bed and double bed. If it is small, you can take it from the door and put it in another room. If it is queen size, you can only change its position within a room without separating its part.

If you are shifting your home, then you have to disassemble the king and queen-size. Generally, the queen-size couches are larger than king-size.

In addition, the king sizes come in different styles, such as platform bed, canopy bed, storage bed, and sleigh bed.

Check the size of the doors

When you have decided to shuffle the things in your home, you have to measure the length and width. For example, it is necessary to check the height and width of the doors because you will take the things passing through them.

If its width is one to half-inch less than the width of the door, you can hold it from the pillow and lower side. Take this wherever you want to place it within an apartment.

Sometimes the width of the furniture does not match the door then measure the height of the headboard and compare it with the width of the door. If it reaches the door dimension, turn it on one side and pass it from the door.

Access the weight of the bed

After measuring the size of the bed and doors, you have to estimate the weight of your furniture. If you do not know its weight, you can ask the carpenter when you buy them, or sometimes it is already mentioned at the corner.

If it is lightweight, then two people can lift it at home. However, you have to call the professional to bring his vehicle or other lifting material with it when it is heavy.

You can shift the lightweight furniture from one floor to another by lifting it upward or dropping it on the lower floor. Remove all the pillows, mattresses, and bedsheets to reduce the load on the couch. It will help you to drag the bed.

The floor of the room

You have to consider the floor of the room while dragging or sliding the luggage. If the room is carpeted, then place sliders under the legs and bring them where you want.

If you have the tile’s floor, then you can comfortably drag them. However, keep in mind that legs are fragile, and cannot bear the slides on the floor.

Wrap the surface of the bed with plastic paper

The most important step to follow is to cover the surface with simple plastic paper or bubble plastic paper. It will protect the furniture from any scratches during shifting from an apartment to another and moving your furniture within an apartment.

When you do not separate its part and want to drag it without wasting time on its separation, the chances of damage increase. It can damage the polish and sometimes destroy and break the wood. Also, there is a chance of dents in the bed if it is made up of metal.

When you disassemble the parts, there will be no risk of damage, and you can move the large size furniture wherever you want within minutes.

What will you need to move the bed without taking it apart?

You will need furniture glides, dolly, and hand trucks to change furniture location without disassembling the parts from each other.

Furniture glides

Furniture glides are the hardware you put under the bed’s legs to move it on the floor. It will not damage the floor and bed, protects the furniture from any damage while dragging it.

These are easy to install; you will need a drill machine to drill a hole and place the nuts and bolts of glides in it. Then, tighten the nuts and bolts with the help of a screwdriver. Now you can move your bed without fear of being damaged.

These are available in hardware shops in the market. These are made up of plastic and other metals such as iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Its cost depends on the quality and material, and you can buy and insert them at the bottom of wooden and metallic legs.

Use a Dolly

Dolly is a tiny vehicle that pulls the luggage by binding them at a clip. A clip is present on the back of the dolly. First, you have to put the joining string on the clip.

Sometimes people attach the dolly with a motorcycle and pull the heavyweight luggage. In the same way, if your bed can bear the horizontal dragging with heavyweight, then pull it with a dolly.

Make sure about the strength of legs from the carpenter first. Otherwise, you can use other options for moving it from one place to another.

Hand truck

Hand truck and dolly have similar structures to some extent. People load luggage on the dolly, and a man will push it and turn around according to the destination. It has two holding areas and three tiers.

Put the bed on the hand truck and carry it to another place. You can arrange them from the market and ask the luggage carriers to bring their vehicle and shift your bed. It will cost according to the weight and time.

Furniture straps

Furniture straps are the instrument that helps you to tie a bed and lift it to move. These are made up of high-quality plastic fiber, which has strength and reliability. Generally, a strap can bear two hundred and fifty pounds weight.

You use these straps to shift the luggage and pull the bed. You adjust these in a suitable position and sometimes put cotton or extra fabric on the corners where it will pass. In this way, the corners of the wood will not damage by dragging force.

A large simple fabric

There is another option for your convenience. You can use a large rough bed sheet when you do not find any other method and person to help you move wooden furniture.

Place the cloth under the object by lifting it upward and passing the fabric below it. When you have done with it, grab the bed sheet from two ends and start pulling slowly.

The cloth is the protector between the legs and floor. Keep in mind that it should not be as older and weak that will tear into pieces.

It works efficiently on the marble floor with little effort when the furniture is lightweight. However, if it is heavyweight, then you should try another method for shifting.

Moving a bed within the room

Sometimes you change the place of them within a room if it has a space.

You should be creative regarding the paint color, furniture furnishing and refurbishing, and interior design. Some people get bore by sitting and watching things for a long time at the same place.

If your bed is at the side of the entrance, then you can pull it with the other wall. You should consider the windows and doors on the wall while dragging the furniture.

You can place it in front of the sliding window as it does not require extra space to open, but you cannot put them against the door opening window.

You can lower the weight by removing mattresses, pillows, and other bedding objects.

Shift the bed from the ground floor to the first floor

The most appropriate way to shift it from the upper floor to the lower floor is through the furniture straps.

It depends on the quality and strength of how much weight it can lift. If it is lightweight, then you will pull it without any hesitation. However, the average weight that a strap can bear is about two hundred pounds.

It not only helps you to pull or drop them, but you can also drag them. You should tie the belts carefully and do not stand beneath the object which is lifting upward or settling down.

Why it is difficult to move the queen bed?

It is not easy to move queen-size as these are too large and awkwardly designed. If you want to move it without taking it from one apartment to another, arrange some van, cargo, and trailer.

Queen beds are larger than other beds, and you will need furniture straps and rent a vehicle that will transport them safely from one place to another.

You can move it without difficulty when you separate each part, but it will take much time and require a professional.

Try to save your time during this busy schedule and move the furniture without taking it apart from one room to another, and even you can shift it from one apartment to another with the help of a proper vehicle.

How much does it cost?

The cost of dragging the furniture depends on its weight and distance. Sometimes you do not need to spend a penny on it because you do it yourself.

When you move the heavyweight and large size bed, then you will need a professional and rent a vehicle. Some carrier demands according to the weight, and others demand according to the time. Usually, the person who moves it from one room to another will charge $130 per hour.

The furniture straps are available in the market starting from $15 to $50, and the rent of vehicles such as dolly and hand trucks will take almost $100 as rent. Generally, you have to pay $500 to move your furniture safely without any damage.

Time require

The average that this process takes is about half an hour. However, wrapping the furniture with a bubble sheet and plastic paper will take half an hour more.

If you talk about only dragging and pulling of bed, then it will complete in 20 to 25 minutes maximum. You will need 2 hours while you are shifting your home at some distance.

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