Can You Add Soft Close to Existing Drawers?

Can You Add Soft Close to Existing Drawers?

Soft-close drawers are the high-tech or best quality cabinetry and closet system. Its demand is high in the market, and manufacturer tries their best to promote advancement. 

Can You Add Soft Close to Existing Drawers? You can add a soft close to the existing drawers to make the closing mechanism quiet. You can mount the soft-close dampener in the drawers and install the high-quality soft-lock adapter having a catch and piston that help in closing speed. These are easy to install, secure and cost-effective for you.

If you buy a drawer or a closet, make sure it has a soft close option. For example, your midnight snack craving, in that situation, drawers with soft-close is best for grabbing plate quietly without any hesitation to avoid slamming shut problem. 

You do not need to purchase the new mounted soft-close drawer if you are concerned about noise or obstruction of sliding drawers when opening or shutting.

You can make it or make changes in the existing with putting little effort and time.

Soft close drawer mechanism

Soft-close is a high-quality feature that is usually present in the drawer slides. Through this, you can close or open it without any noise or hindrance. 

These have a specific built-in hydraulic mechanism. In addition, spring and piston are present, which help to shut down the drawers. However, it usually has few components like a sliding arm, drawer runner, and metal housing. 

You can mount slides underneath or on the sides of the drawer.

With this specification, when you glide the drawer to some extent, then this mechanism starts working. As its name indicate that with pushed back on the slide, it can close softly. 

This mechanism is best for those drawers having weights around 30lb, 50lb, 80lb. A drawer having a width of around 650mm a single mechanism is enough, while a drawer with wide width requires two-mechanism. 

Cost of the drawer with soft-close

Drawer with a soft close is not a matter of concern cost is around $15 to $40. 

A modification or adjustment needs investment, so if you innovate or make changes in your existing items, then invest in it what you have for it. Then, with essential tools, few bucks, and soft-close, you can effectively mount it. 

So, its hardware is not too expensive, buy these online and transform your nightstand drawer or kitchen for around $120.

 The labor cost and high-end material budget will be high if you make modifications to the cabinetry system. Its cost also depends on its number, space, and location. 

Select the soft-close based on location

In the cabinetry and closet system, soft close is a high-quality modification with a hydraulic mechanism. You can select it on the base of location like under mount and side mount.

 You do not need to remove the sliding mechanism from the sides of the cabinet. However, such modification will help you in maintenance due to less dirt accumulation at the bottom.

Another factor is the weight on which you can choose the soft close and its slides. Being overweight usually causes a problem or collapse entirely. 

How do you install soft close in the existing drawers?

There are various options available having the best quality specification. For example, you can use it for the existing drawers in the nightstand to make them more convenient to use. 

You should remove the things present inside and check their moving by in and out movement and remove it from the cabinet. 

You can move out these if you face any problem, then unscrew the latch and fasteners. These are usually present at the near back end or the front both sides.

 You check the upper and lower spacing between the cabinet and drawer. Take it out if it scrapes the cabinet top face frame.

 Remove all the screws but leave the one in the drawer guide to make the back intact. 

These slides have components that help in sliding. The metal housing help to mount it, the sliding arm help in opening and closing it.

 While mounting the soft-close, you have to disassemble the slides’ hardware. These are present at the top or bottom that hold by the screw, so unscrew these. One screw will loosen but not remove on the front and back ends. 

The next step is to check the drawer slide compatibility with the soft-close. Again, these are available in different shapes and sizes, so check these carefully. 

As a result, when purchasing soft-close drawers, double-check their dimensions and make your purchase accordingly.

The thickness of slides usually varies from each other. 

Add a soft-close dampener

Kitchen cabinets and cabinets in other rooms become rather cluttered, so using simple techniques and methods, you can enhance storage space and improve functionality. First, I will tell you a few simple ways to improve the sliding drawer mechanism.

Some tools will require to install the soft closing dampeners. It includes drill bit of varying size, battery drill, tape measure, and pencil. 

For its mounting, first, take out the drawer. Then measure the height and width of its frame and mark it with a pencil. Mark at the halves, and this point dampener will affix. At the marked point, drill a pilot hole with a drill bit of 3mm. 

It helps to prevent the large-sized drill bit slip off from the marked point. 

Then, using a big drill bit, create a hole with the proper depth to adjust the dampener. Mark the point with the tape so that you understand when you finish the drilling. 

Finally, gently insert the dampener into that hole, replace the drawer, and reassemble the rest of the items. 

The adjustment screw is usually present at the back of the dampener body that helps in the closing speed of the drawer after its fixing. 

Use the soft-close drawer adapter

The soft-close drawer adapter has some best specifications, like easy to install, smooth and gentle closing, correct installment without making any mistakes, and the preferable choice for your furniture.

It is not essential to remove its slide to prevent slamming; this approach will be sufficient.

 However, these are not available locally, but you can buy these online from well-reputed sources. It is cost-effective, and you can upgrade many in less money. The whole process for its installation is complete in 3 to 5 minutes.

You have a position to attach the adapter in a frameless cabinet, but you can make a place to install it in a framed cabinet. First, cut a board of specified width and connect it to the sides of it. 

For a standard kitchen, ½ plywood with 2” x 18”, and attach it to the epoxy guide slide by the screws in the pre-drilled holes.

You have to attach this item to the guide slide side. The guide slide is the right-hand slide that contains lip to maintain it in the accurate position firmly. It can make the process of epoxy slides installation easy.

Next is to install the adapter catch make sure it is in the forward direction. 

 Next, search the rear trigger. Mark the top corner of the catch with a pencil and hold it to maintain its level. 

The detailed process of soft-close adapter installation

Rockler soft close adapter has a closing mechanism having spring-loaded at its bottom. It also contains a piston at its top that slows down the closing action of the drawer. 

The closing mechanism mounts inside the cabinet. This system is best for all types of the cabinet like having a frame or without frame.  

When it closes, the lip on the catch fits between two tabs of the closing mechanism.

When you open the drawer, the catch loads the closing mechanism. 

When you close it, the lip on the catch hits these tabs and helps this process. That is the soft-close feature rockler adapter mechanism. 

During its installation, place the two longs tabs at the bottom of these slides. 

Slide the adapter back and attach these with the flathead screwdriver into its front mounting hole. 

The next step is to install the catch, place it against the drawer so the big lip is facing out and another side is touching the back face of the drawer front. 

Slide it down so that its bottom edge touches the adapter little knob on the closing mechanism. Mark the point and screw it with the flathead screwdriver. 

Insert the drawer so that catching the gadget tabs of the closing mechanism. 

Add under-mount soft-close drawer slides

In this case, you have to take out the drawer and cuts a couple of notches so that these slides can fit into the bottom.

Drill a couple of holes so that pins will fix properly. 

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