Do Corner Sofas Have to Go in a Corner?

Do Corner Sofas Have to Go in a Corner?

If you are planning to buy a corner sofa, you should know the methods to place it. These sofas can go anywhere in the house.

Do Corner Sofas Have to Go in a Corner? Corner sofas can be placed in a corner and they are equally suitable for other places. You can determine its location depending upon its intended use and size. Locate it in a corner or the middle of the room. Set it in front of the window or across the window depending upon the area of the room.

It is a sofa that has a corner part along one side. It has two portions; the corner part can be on the right or left hand.

The side portion is usually shorter than the other part. But in some cases, both have equal lengths.

These sofas provide more seating space than ordinary couches. You can use it in family homes where all of you can sit together. It can also divide a large living room into two portions. 

There is no specific rule to set a sofa in a room. You have to consider some specifications before deciding its location in a room.

Left or right-hand corner sofa

First, you have to know about the type of corner sofa before arranging it in a room. It has two edges, one is long, and the other is short.

In the left-hand facing sofa, the long section is on the left side when you are facing it.

In the right-hand sofa, the long edge is facing the left side of the room. The position of both will be different in the room.

You can also determine by standing in front of the couch. Sometimes both edges have equal lengths. It also has an impact on the ideal location in the room.

Chaise end sofa

These are available in different configurations or styles. You should select the place of sofa according to its design and size. 

It is an L-shaped sofa with a sofa seat extended aside. It takes more space than other styles and has both right and left-hand chaises. Set them in between their living room with a large area.

Recliner sofa

It can lower the back or raise the base according to the situation. It serves as a sleeper sofa and footrest in a room. Place such sofas against the wall of the room.

Modular sofa

It is a type of sectional sofa that consists of different pieces. Such sofas give you the flexibility to choose a location according to your choice.

U-shaped sofa

These sofas have two corners and a large sitting place. The short edges are present on both sides to make a U shape. You can place it against a large wall or in the center of the living room.

Measure the space

The place of a sofa depends upon the dimensions of the room. It also decides which style you can place in a room.

That’s why you should measure the dimensions of the room. First, measure the length of the room.

Measure the length along both walls of the room. Take the measurements taking into account extra space for side tables.

Then measure the width of the room. It can affect the location and the size of tables and rugs. After this, measure the height of the walls to decide the height of the couch.

Larger rooms or living rooms can offer more suitable places to arrange a sofa in it. Smaller rooms have difficulty in accommodating large furniture.

Where to place the corner sofa?

Depending upon the length and the style of sofas, you can place them in multiple positions. Here is a brief description of all the possible sites in a room or living room.

Against the walls

It is common to place a sofa against the walls of the room. It is not always suitable to push it tightly against the walls.

This place is ideal when you have a small area. After measuring the dimensions, place it against the large walls.

You can also pull it slightly away from the wall. It will increase the breathing room for your furniture. It will give some walking space around it.

You can also place some other furniture around it. L-shaped sofas are best for setting against the walls of the room.

In the middle of the room

It is appropriate to place sofas in the center in living rooms or large rooms. It can serve as a divider of the space.

You can also use a large modular sofa in the center and skip other sofa and chairs.

It will allow more people to sit together in the middle when watching TV. You can also place it in the middle of an open place to divide it for different functions.

This location will give a stylish and contemporary look to your room. Set stands and tables around it

In the front of the door

This site is best for placing for a small corner sofa. It is usually not recommended in the small rooms. Placing it in the front can block the door.

You will not want your coming guests to face the back of the sofa. Place it many feet away from the door.

Be careful that it will not block any site of the room. Place at a safe distance so that people will get enough space to walk into the room.

Choose a sofa with unique upholstery. A U-shaped sofa works best when placed in front of the door. Living rooms with large doors can easily accommodate sectional sofa at this place.

Facing the mantel

When you have a fireplace or chimney in the room, place the sofa around it. It will give a relaxing place in front of the chimney in the winters.

Place it at least 2 to 3 feet away from the mantle to prevent damage to the upholstery. The fireplace is usually a focal point of an area, so; the sofa should face it.

In summers, when you do not use it, place the sofa in front of it. It will save space for other furniture and rug in the living room.

Place a recliner sofa facing the mantle to maximize or minimize the sitting place according to need.

In front of a window

To place in front of window choose sofa with a short back. A sofa with a tall back will block the window.

It will also block fresh air and light coming into the room. Place it few inches away from the window to give some breathing room.

It will also leave enough space from any window treatment. It should not touch the curtains or other hanging on the window.

L-shaped and recliner sofas are ideal for placing in front of the window.

Across the window

It works best when the window is big and opens to the outside. You can have a look at beautiful scenes outside while sitting on the sofa.

This place is suitable for large rooms with two or more windows. Keep a safe distance from the windows to allow walking in the room

Place it with a high back and large edges to have a clear view of the outside garden. When you have windows in the living room, it will advantage of the place divider.

How to set up a corner sofa?

Corner sofas come in different sections; you have to assemble the parts before placing them on the respective site.

The procedure for all the sizes is the same just fitting of parts will be different.

First, assemble the base of the furniture in an upward direction. Then connect the front and back spacers with the help of struts. With this method, you can connect the sectional sofa.

The arms covers are present within the packing of the sofa. Cover the arms with covers and fit the arms on both sections.

Insert the stand boards in the cushions in the upright position, then fit all the parts of the furniture together.

First, attach the arms to the sofa, and then lift all the pieces to approximately 15cm to locate the brackets.

After this, lower all the sections down to lock into brackets. Finally, place it where you want to set it.

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