How to Decorate the Top of a Nightstand?

How to Decorate the Top of a Nightstand?

Here are 16 great ideas to make your nightstand look cool on the side of the bed. You can also store many accessories in its drawers.

How to Decorate the Top of a Nightstand? You can decorate the top of nightstands by adding a flower Vass or a funky clock with a family photo frame. You can also add fancy lights with a crystal lamp, colorful books, and antique mirrors. 

The nightstands are also available in customization options. The material of the nightstand can be wood or metal, and few people utilize glass ones. 

There are enormous ways to decorate the top of a nightstand. A few of them are as follows, and they add to the beauty of a simple side table. The methods are efficient, and none of them fails to perform their functions. 

Add a flower pot to decorate the nightstand top

Everyone wants to keep the organic things near them, and it provides them relaxation. The aromatic flowers with pacifying fragrances make the environment fantastic. 

Add a flower Vass on the nightstands and make it mesmerizing. It should contain multi-color natural flowers.

The aroma should prevail in the room, and it must not cause any irritation. Choose its color according to the color contrast. 

Never use a non-matching bowl or structure on the side table. It makes the whole setup worse, and the aromas can do nothing.

Always keep a check and balance on the natural plants and their growth. Never water them on the nightstand top, and take them aside for this purpose. 

You can also put an artificial glass or plastic flower pot. The color combination should provide an aesthetic appearance.

It must add to the beauty, and the cost depends on your budget. Choose the material of the flower pot according to your needs. 

Put a funky clock on the nightstand

People like to put alarm clocks near them because they help them to be punctual. The addition of a funky clock on the side table is an excellent idea.

Choose good quality and attractive alarm clock. Always keep the size small and bold color. 

The brightness of the tool makes the nightstand eye captivating.

Place it on the top in the front direction, and it should face the viewers. The alarm clocks are one of the most beautiful devices. All of them have creative designs, and they add color to any place. 

You can keep the opposite contrasting colors, like a white top should have a yellow clock. The combination of colors adds to the adventurous appearance.

You can purchase a non-expensive and quality side table clock. Observe its battery timing and keep it up to date all the time. 

A family photo frame

The frames are one of the best options to enhance the beauty of a nightstand top. A person likes to keep family photos near to him.

It supports his feelings and fulfills the attachment needs. 

If you are also planning to add a frame on the side table, you should choose the right one. It should add to the decorative property of the furniture.

Select the right and bright color, and it must have maximum accommodating space. 

The size of the frame should be three times smaller than the upper surface.

The crystal frames are an excellent choice to maintain the beauty and appeal together. They make the top of a nightstand fancy than before.

Photo frames are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose it according to the size of your picture. 

Use Fancy lights

The fancy lights are available in various colors and designs. The layouts are available online, and you can also buy them from a lighting store.

The decorative shops also offer these dreamy things. The addition of fancy lights on the upper portion enhances the beauty. 

It makes the environment dreamy and fancy at the same time. You can settle these lights on the surface or the background.

They are in different colors, and you can match them with the paint color. The fancy lights with different shapes provide a fantastic scene. 

They are in circular and rectangular layout, and all of them have tiny bulbs insides. They are electric lights, but few of them have batteries. 

The electric strips keep the switch near the electric panel. Observe the battery life of cellular lights. 

Add a Crystal Lamp

When it comes to decorating a side table, then the lamps are the top priority. They are a requirement more than a decoration item.

The lamps offer light when someone wants to read a book on a bed. They allow finding any necessary medicine on the upper surface.

All of them have a single power button, and you can turn them on instantly.

Some of them have electric wires, and you should settle them behind the stand. The different sizes and enormous patterns of the lamps make them versatile.

There are millions of options, and you can choose according to the table size.

Never buy a lamp because it causes accommodation issues.

Few people prefer hanging lighting tools with tall metal stands. These are attractive but occupy space around the rigid device.

The lamp settles on the top area, and the light directly sprinkles on the upper spot.

The fancy lamps are expensive, and they cost you a bit more than casual metal lamps. 

The crystal tools with a glass body are the most expensive categories of the lightning tool, but they are long-lasting. 

Colorful books and cards

A range of people like to read books, and they appreciate their presence on the side furniture. The addition of colorful books with appealing appearance adds to the beauty.

They interact with its color and beautify the surrounding. Use a proper arrangement to settle the books on the upper surface. 

Never leave them without any layout, and you should take professional help.

Place the books in lines or a bundle shape. The sides should face the viewers, and they must be fancy.

Adjust the colors in combinations and contrasts. Place them near the lamplight because it also enhances their appearance. 

The paper cards are also a good addition, and they should contain motivating quotes. You can also add a favorite quotation or line in front of you.

In this way, a person can see the card every time before sleeping. It gives a sense of pleasure and motivation at the same time. 

You can also keep gift cards in the top area if they suit the entire setup.

Adjust them with the wall side because they catch attention there.

An attractive mat

You should leave the top surface without any covering. It accumulates dirt on the upper area and also leads to stains.

The floral mats enhance the furniture, and you can cover the top side or cover the whole piece of furniture.

The side table looks like a flower when you hide it. Use a silky fabric without any creases. Iron the cloth and then settle it beautifully.

You can make different designs by sewing them from the corners. Use pins to make a specific shape. Hide the top and its surrounding with a soft and non-fibrous cloth.

These mats are also available in ready-made form. You can buy them online or from the carpet stores.

They offer different varieties and price ranges. Choose the right mat according to the measurements of the side table. It should be low in dimensions in terms of the upper surface. 

Few people like descent and small mats with beautiful colors, and they also add glass mats and bowl mats.

The material can be plastic or leather and occupy as much space as you want. Adjust them on the wood or glass surface with the particular glues.

The other things look clean and significant when you adjust them on such materials. 

Fragrance candles

It is one of the fancy and charming additions to the top of a nightstand. The aromatic candles offer fragrances on burning.

The different shapes and their styles make them significant. The candles make the top corner extraordinary. 

There is a pattern to place these tiny things. Never adjust them in direct contact with the mat or another fabric. It can result in fire and burning spots.

Settle them away from the lamp’s light because both heats can attack each other.

You can add two candles of moderate size with other decorative materials.

If they are tiny, then use three to four and accommodate them in a specific manner.

Light them together, and they offer a dreamy look in the room with color and aroma. 

Add Pearl boxes

The pearl boxes are outstanding but expensive. They are full of crystals and pearls and are one of the most mesmerizing additions.

The pearl boxes are often wooden, but now glass boxes are also available. You can get a customized wood box from online stores. They are also available in the decoration shops.

All of them are available in a range of colors and sizes, and the number of pearls also depends on the customer’s demand. Female customers buy them to put their jewelry and other precious things. 

It is like an accessory holder with such an appealing design. Never put the pearl box in the middle of the top area.

People find its presence no matter how far or hidden they are on the side table. 

The wooden pearl boxes are more beautiful than the glass ones. They look like mystery boxes, and few manufacturers add locks in them.

Place it near the wall with support because they can break when they fall. The pearls are present in different colors, but white pearls give a marine appearance.

Adding more than one pearl structure is not a good option because the side tables are not big enough.

It looks like a loaded nightstand with plenty of things. The lesser is better for such surfaces with even broader space. 

Use a Decoration piece

There are a lot of decoration pieces in the market, and online stores also offer them. Everyone has their hobbies and passions that associates with a specific thing. 

The customization stores understand people’s demands, and they make such things for them. If you like cycling or you are a sports person, then add a small plastic cycle on the top.

Add a tiny car of fancy and funky color and choose the right size. You can add any other decorative thing like a wooden house, a fountain, or a tiny tree. 

All of these things enhance the beauty of your nightstand top. You can also settle an artificial tree beside the side table.

The shrubs should fall on the surface. It is not advisable to perform this arrangement by yourself. 

Take professional help for these ideas, and the experts decorate them according to your choices. They turn your dreams into outstanding realities.

The number of decorative items can be three or four, and it depends on their size. You cannot add huge items on such a small surface of the nightstand.

Backside posters

The back wall posters are also a part of the top surface decoration. Choose beautiful scenery or paint the wall behind.

Adding pictures of mountains and flowers make it mesmerizing.

All other things appear more enchanting with the posters. The wall painting offers a scenery sight, and it is an addition.

It beatifies the upper side with colors and patterns. Add bold and bright colors when the surfaces are white or dull. It dominates the tip more than anything, and people find gravity toward it. 

Hanging antique mirrors

Mirrors are beautiful components of the side table. The lamp lights make their use easy and smoother.

The antique mirrors are expensive, but they make the setup charming. They are usually in hanging formations. 

It is one of the most eye-captivating things for a piece of furniture. The mirrors swirl in their frames, and it gives a fancy look.

The metal stands provide stability to the mirrors.

They hang and fall on the top side of the table. All of them are stable with firm qualities.

The nightstands and mirror frames are of various sizes, and you should choose according. Few of them are adjustable, and you can settle them according to your needs. 

Bowls with lucky stones

The ceramic bowls are beautiful decorative items. They have accommodation space for various things like pebbles and stones.

The majority of the population has their lucky stones, and they want to keep them when they are sleeping. 

The bowls of these tones are one of the easiest ways to fulfill this wish. Choose good quality and flawless bowl.

Ceramic bowls are best for this purpose, but glass bowls are also available.

Always select the size in terms of table surface and keep it near the alarm clock. The color combination should offer an excellent appeal. 

A nightmare catcher

These are fancy things, but people trust them as nightmare catchers. They are made of peacocks’ feathers and provide calm sleep.

Mostly they are available in hanging formations, but you can settle them on any stand. There are specific stands for them on which you can align it.

They remain intact in their passion with a particular weight. 

Air cannot affect them, and they never fall. The colors of the nightmare catchers are so mesmerizing that people feel lost in them.

They are not expensive, and few jewelry stores also contain them. There is a pattern variation in them that changes the color alignment. 

Lucky charms 

Multi-color stones and shiny stones are lucky charms for many people. Few people consider their bracelets and other jewelry items as their precious things.

Adding such things in a tiny box on the top of the nightstand offers an extraordinary impact, and everyone gets curious about their presence.

Never settle them at the middle of the top because you can lose them. Keep them safe and clean if you are not using them regularly. 

Baskets for accessories

The baskets of accessories are of various sizes and shapes. Always choose the right size and put the immediate things like perfumes and room fresheners in them.

Adjust them in any corner because they occupy space on the top of the nightstand.

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