Can a Nightstand Be Taller Than the Bed?

Can a Nightstand Be Taller Than the Bed?

Many people use taller nightstands with their beds. It looks beautiful and also provides a storage place to keep in them. 

Can a Nightstand Be Taller Than the Bed? The nightstand should be taller than the bed because it looks cool and easy for you to take something from it. Do not use small nightstands; otherwise, it makes it difficult to reach items during midnight. In addition, the lamp on the taller nightstand brightens the room, and you can read books easily under lights.

It comes in many different styles, and you can select it according to your choice and bed design.

The average height of the mattress is about 23 to 27 inches, and the nightstand is around 24 to 29 inches. Therefore, you can select it according to your mattress height.

You can also use it as a table and keep your items on it. You can sit an equal range that is parallel to the stand, and you can utilize anything.

How to measure the height of the nightstand with the bed?

Before buying the new nightstand, you can measure the mattress height. First, measure the bed frame height with the mattress.

Then, select the stand which is equal to or larger than the mattress. If your bed is present on the floor, measure it with the floor to the upper side of the mattress.

If it is on the high platform, and you want to keep it on the ground, then measure the height of the platform with the bed frame.

If you keep it on the base, then measure the lower side of the bed frame. If you have an adjustable bed, then buy the product which height is equal to the mattress.

Wooden nightstands are taller

You should select the best material on the furniture and check that if it is made from natural wood.

If it is strong, then choose them; otherwise, it cannot bear heavy weight and break. Set the color of the stand with the bed so that it looks the same as the furniture.

If you use a taller stand, then check its base wood properly. If it is strong, then you can keep anything in it.

You can measure its size so that it fits with your bed. You should also know the methods to make your nightstand taller.

If your bed is king size, then choose the large stand so that it matches with them. However, if you select a small side table with the king bed, then it looks odd. 

If your bed is medium size, then do not choose a bulky stand; otherwise, your bed looks smaller. If your room is small, then use a small bed with a short side table. Do not select a king-size side table within a small room because it takes more places.

Check for the sharp edge because it can damage you from the back. Instead, select the simple style of the stand that cannot damage anything. Also, check the drawer depth of the side table so that you can store anything in it.

It should be wide, about 25 to 38 inches, so that you can keep something on top of it.

Why would you use a nightstand that is taller than the bed?

If you choose the taller stand, it prevents you from bending. It is easy for you to grab something on it without bending.

It enables easy access to the things that you need at midnight. The lower the stand, the more it cannot access anything. You can easily take a glass of water from it and also snooze your alarm clock.

Place it near the bed but do not keep it too close; otherwise, you knock the items during sleeping.

You can put around a 2 to 3-inch distance between the bed and the table. If you have king size bed, then you keep 3 to 5 inches distance.

More storage place

A taller nightstand gives more storage place than the smaller one. You can keep your blankets and pillows in it. You can also put a large basket in it.

It contains deep drawers than the other because it is taller and provides more space. It also looks beautiful near the side of the bed. 

Table surface

The tall stand has a large surface area on its surface that gives you more space to keep your items. You can keep the glass with the jug on it. You

can also keep lamps on the top surface because it provides more space.

You can also keep your mobile and charger on it. You can also put food items on it which you want to eat at midnight.

It also provides space for the TV, and you can watch it when you want. You can also keep some decoration pieces on it and also put a flower vase.

Stylish look

It attaches to the bed; therefore, it also enhances the beauty of the bed. If the side table is taller, then it provides a beautiful look to the room.

It attracts the guests, and the stand is easily seen by everyone, while the small cannot see without keep attention on it.

Provide small library

You can also keep your books on the shelf of the stand. It can keep the large books on the shelf.

Therefore, a taller side table keeps many things in it than the smaller one because it cannot adjust large books. For example, you can keep your documents and newspaper which you read daily.

It comes in many styles, and you can select it according to your choice. If you are a student, then use shelves and keep your books in them.

Then, you can easily read them under the lamp lights. You can also use drawers to keep your Mobiles and charger.

Lamp on the taller nightstand

If you use the taller side table, then the lamps brighten all room sides. You can also read books easily under the light.

If you use a small side table, then the lights do not spread in the room. But it makes the room dull, and you cannot read books under this light. Therefore, select a taller stand; otherwise, you cannot read something under this light.

You can also change your sides easily at night if you have a taller stand. You cannot feel that it might damage your head and easily sleep. It makes boundaries around you that protect you from falling.

Nightstand lower than the bed

The smaller nightstand does not provide space for storage. It has no deep drawers, and it can not keep your accessories due to its small size.

You cannot keep lamps on its surface because it looks very odd. You cannot keep blankets and pillows in them.

These cannot give more space to keep your books. Its shelf is smaller than the taller stand; therefore, you cannot keep your books in it. Likewise, you cannot keep newspapers and documents in it due to its size.

It cannot attract the guest because it cannot see easily, and it needs proper attention to see them. Moreover, people do not need this small storage because it takes extra space near the bed.

It provides less surface area on the top, and you cannot keep the jug and the lamp. You cannot also keep an alarm clock on it because these too many things fully cover its surface. You cannot put decoration pieces on it due to its low surface.

When you turn your side during sleeping, then you can fall on them. It cannot provide support. You cannot sleep your child near the side table because it cannot support him.

If you select the small stand and then you have to bend your back to grab something, that’s why a small nightstand is not the best choice. It cannot brighten your room because the lamp spread the lights to the floor.

You cannot read the books easily under this lamp. Therefore, use taller stands because it brightens the room, and you can easily read the newspaper and prepare your documents.

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