How to Measure Loveseat for Slipcover?

How to Measure Loveseat for Slipcover?

It is better to use slipcovers for the loveseat because it protects the furniture from dust and fur and enhances the interior look.

These covers protect the whole sofa from top to bottom and from one side to the other side. The choice of fabric depends on the material of the couch and upholstery, such as leather.

How to Measure Loveseat for Slipcover? You can measure the size of the loveseat using a measuring tape. First, measure the length from one arm support to the other and note the reading. Second, measure the height from its back, including the backrest and at the side with the arm, and then measure the depth and width of the sofa accordingly. Finally, take a large fabric, cut it for measurement, stitch the covers according to the size of the loveseat.

The manufacturer designed loveseats for couples and love birds. These are larger than a single-seater but smaller than a three-seater sofa. These are attractive and romantic pieces of furniture.

You should keep your furniture safe from damaging material and direct sunlight; otherwise, it will become dull, and its shining fades away.

Which things should you consider while selecting a slipcover for a loveseat?

The first thing is to consider the size of the couch while you are choosing the slipcover. You should measure its size carefully and note all the dimensions.

The other thing is to consider the material, for example, velvet, cotton, and stretch. You should select a suitable fabric with upholsters.

There are different colors and designs of fabrics available in the market. You can choose a single color or classical prints to give a modern look.

The high-quality fabric is expensive than the others, but all are good for furniture.

You must know the durability and washing of slipcovers. The bonds between the microfiber of some fabric weaken when you give a washing.

Steps to measure loveseat for slipcover

You should follow the following steps to measure the perfect size for the sofa. It should not be too small or too large that it will not fit into it.

Measure the length of the loveseat

First, you should know about the length of the loveseat. There are two factors in length: from one arm to another and the length, including the arm support.

Measure its length from one arm to the other about including it from the inside edges. Note this reading on notebook and again measure the length, including arm support.

Measure the cushion width and full width

When you have done with the length measurement, go towards the width. Open the tape role, put its zero point on the seat’s front corner, and take this towards the beck end near to the backrest.

Write the reading on paper with a pen and now place the measuring tape to the backrest; add this to make the total width.

Some people prefer to make the slipcover of sitting and back cushions separately.

Height measurement

It is better to stitch or buy a large fabric when you provide a shield to the loveseat with fabric. There are various sizes and materials of a sofa.

Take the height from three sides as it is not the same from all the sides. First, measure the height by placing the measuring tape at the top corner of the backrest to the floor.

Use a measuring tape and place it at one side of the couch from upper edges to lower end. Note these readings on a paper and go to the next step.

There are two options for you to take the front height measurement. First, you can evaluate the height by placing the tape at the upper edge of the floor. Second, you can take this as seat to floor flap given below.

Seat to floor flap

It is convenient for you to take a separate estimate of seat to floor flap. You will place the starting point of measuring tape where both the seat cushion and back cushion join together.

Take it to the floor by opening and bending downward. It is the seat to floor flap reading, and note all the estimated values.

You can add or subtract the few points depends on the type of fabric. For example, some fabrics are stretchable, and it is better to make at least 2 inches small cover.

Measure the back flap and depth of the seat

You will put the measuring tape at the joining point of the seat cushion and back cushion and take this to the upper side of the backrest to the floor.

It is tricky and sometimes difficult o understand the procedure. However, there is a solution to your confusion; it is not necessary to estimate the size by this method; you can also take the separate reading as the depth of the seat.

Measure the depth of the seat only by placing the tape from the upper edge of the backrest to the end. You can then add the height and thickness of the backside to it, and it will be the back flap.

How do you know what size slipcover to get?

You can measure the size of the slipcover if you want to put it to protect the loveseat. For example, many people like to surround the sofa with a large and single cover, while some people prefer the separate cover for cushions.

I suggest removing the back and seat cushions and measuring the sofa’s length, width, height, and depth. Measure it from all directions and measure the length and width of a cushion separately from the edges.

Add the dimensions of a cushion two times if the loveseat has two seat cushions. Then, you should make a separate cover for the cushions to enclose it completely.

Usually, the standard size of a loveseat is 65 inches length from arm to arm, 35 inches height at the backside, 25 inches height at arm sides, and 25 inches deep at seats.

You can buy readymade covers from the market if you have a standard-size loveseat. However, it is better to get the large fabric of your choice, cut it according to the dimensions, and stitch yourself or the tailors.

13 Examples of Loveseat Slipcovers with their Size, material, and cost

Brand names of loveseat slipcovers

Cover material

Size of loveseat


Package/ fitting form


SureFit home décor Loveseat cover

Spandex and polyester

60 to 75 inches

Cream Color

One Slipcover and one cushion


Easy-going love seat slipcover


65 to 78 inches

Navy Color

One Slipcover and one cushion


SureFit home décor three-piece Loveseat sofa cover


34 to 45 inches

Taupe Color

One slipcover with 2 cushions


Easy-going microfiber loveseat slipcover

Spandex and polyester

67 to 75 inches

Grey Color

One slipcover with 2 cushions


JIVINER Slipcover

Spandex and polyester

40 to 96 inches

Dark Grey Color

One Slipcover and one cushion


YEMYHOM checkered slipcover


92 to 112 inches

Light grey Color

One Slipcover and one cushion


NORTHERN brothers loveseat cover


93 o 109 inches

Grey Color

One slipcover with 2 cushions


Easy-going waterproof and leak-proof slipcover


42 to 65 inches

Dark Grey Color

One Slipcover and one cushion


ZNSAYOTX loveseat cover


57 to 71 inches

Black color

One slipcover with one cushion


ZNSAYOTX jacquard


58 to 72 inches

Light grey Color

One slipcover with 2 cushions


RHF slip-resistant loveseat cover

Leather & Polyethylene terephthalate

70 to 80 inches

Chocolate color

One slipcover with 2 cushions


Madison Loveseat cover

Polyester $ spandex

45 to 78 inches

Red color

One slipcover with one cushion


How to select the best fabric for your loveseat slipcover?

The first thing after the measurement is the choice of the type of fabric. You should go for that fabric that is washable and long-lasting. Cotton, Canvas and, denim is trending, and you can wash these by taking them apart.

You can choose leather and twill if you want a stylish and modern cover. The leather slipcovers are more durable than any other type of fabric. In addition, you can clean it with cleansing material and simply with a wet fabric.

Some people give a vintage look to the interior, so it is better to choose the velvet slipcover. These are also washable and provide extra protection to the original leather of the loveseat.

The twill cover is the best choice for the couches that have separate cushions. It is 100% pure cotton, and you can wash it in the washing machine. It is reliable and maintains its color and texture after frequent washing.

You can cover your furniture with polyester, but it is best to use the polyester-cotton blend. You can purchase a blend of different fabric types as it is trending and available in the market.

The polyester covers do not allow the water to go inside the original upholsters as it is water-resistant. However, you can use it for o more extended period to shield your furniture.

The loveseat needs protection from dust and fur. You can use soft and simple cotton if you are unwilling to use a thick cover.

You can wash it whenever you want as it is easy to handle. However, it is necessary to take it apart and remove the dust after 3 days.

There is another blend of furniture covers which is polyester and spandex blend. It contains 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is durable, stylish, and eco-friendly.

You should choose a stretch fabric if you want a sturdy, comfortable and stretchy style. It has a strong grip on furniture and covers the entire surface.

The suede is the supreme option for people who want a soft and stylish slipcover. You can place the separate pieces of suede on the arm, backrest, and seat.

What features should present in a loveseat slipcover

The best and long-lasting slipcovers should be water-resistant such as polyesters.

It should contain natural fiber instead of synthetic fiber. The natural fiber is more durable and has strong bonding.

They should be durable and long-lasting even after frequent washing and drying.

The main thing that should be in your mind is it should be non-slippery; otherwise, you cannot sit properly on it.

It is better to choose a material that has antimicrobial qualities or can bear the disinfectants.

They should bear the machine washing for other methods of washing also for your ease.

How to prevent loveseat slipcover from slipping?

Many people complain about the slipping of loveseat slipcover. However, you can fix it by adopting some creative things.

Put the fabric between the foam of cushions and the sidearm ideally. It grips the cover from slipping and sliding when you sit on the couch.

Another method is to add the strips beneath the fabric and attach it with arms. The cover will fix in one place and will not slip again and again.

You can also tie the cloth with the legs of the sofa using ribbons and rubber bands. It is better to add friction and some weight at the four corners.

It will keep the cover wrinkle-free and will not allow it to gather at the seat. In addition, you can use sofa tuckers to prevent the cover from slipping.

Place the head twisted pins at different places and put them into the upholstery of the loveseat. It will keep the fabric in its place and does not gather in one place.

Take the old newspaper or magazines and roll them to make a hard stick. Use the tape and put the roll between the joints, and press it. You can also use the rolling pin made of polythene foam instead of newspaper.

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