Where to Hang Wall Clock in Bedroom?

Where to Hang Wall Clock in Bedroom?

Wall clocks are always an essential item in a bedroom. You should select a suitable size clock to hang on the wall.

Where to Hang Wall Clock in Bedroom? The right place to hang a wall clock in your bedroom is generally on the wall behind the bed, contrasting it with the surrounding furniture. You can fix the wall clock above the couch or the TV to make it visible to all.

The bedroom is your privacy and cozy space, incorporating every item of your need and desire in the most appropriate manner.

Philosophers say a person who cares for time is the most successful, while a well-organized clock in a home indicates the owner’s personality.

A home without it is incomplete in my perspective because they are not just the object that keeps you updated and on time but can spice up an under-attractive wall.

The major concern about hanging it in the bedroom is selecting the right place where it gets the right amount of attention as needed; So one should spend significant time planning for its arrangement.

At what height should you hang a wall clock in the bedroom?

Generally, the ideal height is your eye level and chest level which means you have to anchor it considering the height of people who use the room.

Extra high attachments disturb the flow of the positive and negative energies according to some beliefs and faiths. Many people use it to decorate the corner fireplace by fixing it right above it.

Remember, your comfort should be the priority, and any position that makes it awkward to look up to the clock is not preferable.

The idea is the keep stability and synchronization among all the items and elements in the room, which is only possible when you hang it at the direct view of your eyes.

Usually, 8 to 10 inches above the furniture and 56 to 60 inches above the floor from a standard ceiling height is ideal.

However, keep it higher when you have taller obstructions and structures in the bedroom to harmonize and unblock the vision from varied angles.

Meanwhile, its size and design also determine its appropriate location, such as lengthy ones are better positioning more than 12 inches from the objects.

Another correct technique to identify its right location is to measure the center point or middle points between the ceiling and the furniture.

Nevertheless, slightly lower anchoring towards the floor, like 48 to 50 inches, is preferable when you locate it on the side or more towards the edge of a wall.

These inches’ distance is for the hooks behind the clock, and the overall attachment can be a few cm higher or lower than these values, and it depends on the position of hooks on it.

In addition, assess the location by sitting on sofas, beds, or chairs to see if your neck is stretching more to look at the time.

Conversely, you can have a high ceiling above 10 feet, so anchor considering your ease and avoid measuring the floor-to-ceiling lengths.

What should be the size of the wall clock for a bedroom?

Its size determines its beauty and aesthetic impact on the whole area, so better to follow the layout and textures of the room.

Typically, oversized ones are the worst choice because they can either mask the charm of other items or will start giving off a mysterious and unorganized feel.

I recommend getting medium or small clocks of 8 to 24 inches width for an average room’s dimensions.

Select the smaller ones when you arrange them with other wall decors while keeping the medium ones subtle and statement pieces.

Round and square are the typical shapes, while you will also find distinct pieces, like triangular, hexagon, octagonal, rectangular, and others.

These shapes have different attraction and appealing levels, but my stance is for the simple circular ones, but you can vary as per your choice.

According to the feng shui, the square shape means earthy, triangle means fire, rectangle-shaped indicates growth, and round means energy, so the believer should keep these points in mind. 

What design wall clocks look better in a bedroom?

Usually, the only way to determine its right design is to assess the design and theme of your room, typically the furniture in it.

80% of people prefer wooden beds and sofas, either dark or light, and a wooden or a traditional rustic clock will look stunning with these.

Antique style with three needles is my other favorite because nothing can beat that boho and vintage feel that comes off with such pieces.

Modern styles are popular nowadays that usually have a silver touch to match with most of the decorations.

Metallic ones are best for the more industrial and contemporary look, while white and golden are a type of template that never go wrong in any situation.

Roman numbering with two arrows pointed needles for hours, and the second is the classic style which looks equally beautiful as the marble-like ones.

In addition, digital and minimalist clocks are the new way to accessorize your bedroom with smaller space and few furniture items.

A mid-position is the best location for a wall clock

Nothing can beat its authenticity and classy outlook when you hang it in the middle of the wall, spacing equally from the floor, ceiling, and both the edges.

Nobody can ignore it in this location, while it looks most organized, irrespective of its pattern, shape, and style.

Moreover, you have sufficient space to add other things to the wall, and it provides you a center mark from where to start the arrangement of frames. You can decorate around a large wall clock by using accessories.

This phenomenon is necessary to create a feeling of balance and add visual weight to any area which is pale and uninteresting.

I prefer to get a statement or striking clock with an attention-drawing color palette to make it the center of attraction, removing the need for other wall decorations.

You need to understand the correct arrangement of surrounding furniture because anything odd and in-blended will create an offbeat symmetry.

Hang it between the window

The partition or boundary area between two windows is usually narrow, which can not hold larger frames and most wall arts.

Contrarily, you have the best opportunity to use this space for hanging a small but glamorous wall clock.

However, you can hang it on one side if you have only a single window in the room that look fairly complementing.

We surveyed the general population of America, and there were around 200 people, so we asked them about the windows.

80% of them have one window, only 5% have two windows while 15% have not a single in their bedrooms.

Considering this, we offer them whether they want to add a clock around the window, and most of them reply with yes.

It indicates that people like to decorate their windows and hanging curtains with these necessary items and feel this place is the most appropriate.

Make use of the wall behind the bed

The clock above the bed is the placement in most houses because other wall embellishments are risky to coordinate with the furniture.

Simple and minimal is the optimal approach for the owners that love to have decent and clean bed space.

However, this is accurate positioning unless the typical tick noise irritates you while resting.

A large clock is preferable for this setup, whether you have a narrow or wide wall, because it is the only source of ornaments in the area.

Feng shui arrangement of a wall clock in the bedroom

Feng shui is a Chinese practice or philosophy that people use to arrange different items in the home to balance positive energy and put away evil spirits.

These use some scientific calculations concerning nature and have typical rules and guidelines, integrating their estimation.

There is a belief that wall clocks placement plays a vital role in bringing prosperity, wealth, and happiness while their swing and ring boost and revitalize the environment.

The general rule in the feng shui practice for its location in the bedroom include:

It should face either north or east, and you can also position it northeast if you do not have enough space at these locations.

The west placement should be second preference or move towards the wast-east or wast-north for better effects.

One clock per room is the ideal organization for creating the right pathway of bringing auspicious energies.

On the other hand, some practitioners advise having only one piece in the whole home.

The wall above the bedside table is the ideal place to hang it, which helps to eliminate the feeling of nervousness, unease, and insomnia.

A silent clock that does not produce the sound of tick tick brings peace and does not disturb sleep.

There are also several restrictions because people believe these placements will be a sign of curse or bad luck and include the rules such as:

Never position it towards the south at any cost, not even towards the southeast, southwest.

The restriction for south location is to prevent poor health and bad influence, according to their belief.

Do not locate it above or beside the door and avoid hanging along the passageway, where you enter or exit the room.

Its glass should not mirror the picture of the door, which will send back the positive energy entering the space due to reflection.

Feng shuis also discourage its placement above and against the window as it creates a sensation of losing time from your hands.

A broken clock is an indication of difficulties in life so repair it as soon as possible.

Never set the time before or after the right time and put extra care to keep it running all the time because a stopped piece means temporary static in your life.

Around 40 to 50% of people follow these rules while maximum people do not generally believe in such predictions and follow the current trends and fashion, which is fair.

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