How Much Weight Can a Nightstand Hold?

How Much Weight Can a Nightstand Hold?

If you are buying a new nightstand, you should know its weight holding capacity. In this article, we have added details about the weight holding capacity of various nightstands along with their shapes and sizes.

How Much Weight Can a Nightstand Hold? On average, nightstands can hold weight up to 20 to 80 pounds with an 18×30 inches in size. It is the average limit of this table. It will vary in some cases if we design it, especially for more weight capacity.

You should access this before placing stuff on the nightstand. You can use it by looking at their capacities and their needs.

The nightstand is the small table that we use at our bedside to keep a few things. There are different types of raw materials that we can use, such as glass, wood, and pressed wood. 

You can make different types of drawers on the nightstand. The number of drawers may vary from one to three in these tables by looking at your choices.

Different types of a nightstand and their weight holding capacity

There are different types of tables, and their capacity will also differ from each other. Some of the essential raw materials are as follows:

Types of the nightstand tables Weight holding capacity (pounds) Standard height (inches) Standard size (inches)
Wooden 40 24 24 x 18
Glass 30 30 30 x 24
Presses wood 35 24 26 x 18
Foamy 50 18 18 x 18
Branded 100 36 30 x 18

Weight Holding Capacity of Wooden nightstand table

A wooden nightstand is among the most durable pieces of furniture for the home. We can keep our gadgets, books, other materials without taking too much care of these small things.

It will help us to use them when we need them and place them near us. You can use this table near your workplace to keep extra things there.

Natural wood has better strength as compared to manufactured products. It is made in different shapes in it that includes the long, wide, and high place as we need them.

The average weight carrying capacity of this table is around 40 to 55 pounds.

These are standard in a household because we may put more weight in our house. It must be capable enough to bear the weight.

You must purchase the table by looking at the height and width of the space available to you. There are different considerations while looking for the right height and size of the table.

You can use it for multiple purposes. You can add shelves to it to pace the books and gadgets.

Glass nightstand table

It is a sensitive nightstand that we can use to increase the beauty of our workplace and bedroom. It will help you to note that the products that you are using are providing benefits to you.

You cannot keep a few things because it is a little sensitive than others. You may use that there are different products like hot utensils will cause great trouble for your system.

There are multiple options as it may break when you load it with a heavyweight. Its weight-holding capacity is 25 to 30 pounds. You must consider a few limitations to it while purchasing it from the market.

You should not look for whole glass material because it is too sensitive. You must consider the table with wooden legs and a glass surface. If you have king and queen size beds then you can add it with them.

This combination will make it more robust, and you will keep them at certain limits. You can enjoy it for more time. It will not break away easily. You can use it for snakes during work.

It will provide you multiple benefits by adding beauty to your combination. You can install a system that is free from all problems and fulfilling your needs.

You can consider both things while choosing it for your area, which is strength and beauty. If you make a better combination of these things, you will enjoy it in your bedroom or any other area.

You will start your day by watching marvelous furniture in your room. It will keep you active all day. The size of this table will be a little higher as compared to the wooden table.

Pressed wood nightstand

It is another artificial raw material for making the table. There are a few merits and demerits while using it in your house.

You cannot use it as you use the wooden table because it will start deteriorating when you place any heavy thing on it.

You cannot change its place by dragging the nightstand. If you pull the table in a specific direction, then its pedestal will fill with cracks.

You can use it for light use like you can use it to keep your personal computer. You will no need to change its place regularly.

Its weight is much lighter than other tables because the material is not too heavy. It is made up of a sheet that is pressed by glue.

You cannot use them near the water. You will start seeing the swelling of the sheet due to moisture. You can keep it free from all these things.

It can hold weight up to 32 to 37 pounds. You can use different supports under it to increase its capability to much extent. You should not eat a meal and drink something while sitting at this table.

It will not bear the effects of these things if anything fell on it. Its cost is less than glass and wood tables. You can purchase it after seven to eight years of use as its shelf life is less.

The size of these side-tables is also varying by looking at the dimensions of the room. You can use it at any place where you find some free area.

You can use it beside your bed. You can add any number of drawers that you will need in all these settings.

Customized nightstand table

Many brands make home furniture by a mixture of few things. They design this furniture to carry more load. You can get different designs and shapes in these tables.

There are websites of these brands that you can visit to make an online order. They will deliver your furniture in your footsteps. Many brands offer a warranty of ten to fifteen years.

Their cost of nightstands will be higher than the simple table that you can prepare by giving an order to a local furniture shop. You must review the response of the customers while picking any band for online ordering.

You can choose any payment options that include cash on delivery, prepayments, and other online methods. You can note your budget availability and decide the type of the table accordingly.

This nightstand can hold a weight of 100 pounds, which is not common in ordinary tables. Brands have used special machinery to make it. They have added different types of support systems to it.

Its useful life is double as compared to the ordinary tables. The cost of these tables may be higher up to 50 to 60 percentage.

You can use all these products that fulfill all your needs and provide the best possible services.

Foamy nightstand tables

You can use the foamy nightstand tables in your bedroom by matching its color with your bed and the color of the walls.

It will increase beauty many times. You can use it for keeping the books, gadgets, and all other accessories.

It will look better while keeping them near to the bed. You can use them near your study table as it will help you to keep your books and stationery on it.

It can bear the weight from 50 to 55 pounds. It is a good number if we consider all these things.

It is a multi-purpose table that will stay with you for a longer time. You can use the products that suit you. Many people prefer round dining tables for small spaces.

Standard height of nightstands

You can get an idea where you will keep this table in your room. After getting this idea, you can look for different options in the market. You can talk to an expert about the relevant expertise in this field.

If you want to choose it for the bedside, then two feet is maximum. You can increase its height to two and a half feet if the backrest of the bed is higher.

If you are using it near your workplace, then its height must be near to three feet. These are the standard number that has calculated on an average basis.

Every person has different needs and styles. You cannot increase it to a certain height where it becomes impossible to keep things at night.

If you want to use it near your dressing table, the height may require three and a half feet to four feet. It will depend on the height of the person that is using it. You must take care of all these factors while taking care of these small things.

Different sizes of nightstands

You can purchase it in any size. The standard size of the nightstand is around 24 inches long and 18 inches wide. You can place all the useful things while purchasing the table in this area.

You can use it as you want. You can use it for makeup purposes by sitting on it near the dressing table. You can get all the benefits out of it that you want to get. You can also fit a desk in a small room.

This area will cover the length and width of drawers if you want. You can add multiple drawers beneath the surface. If you require to add two adjacent drawers, you have to increase its width to 48 inches.

You must take care of all these things if you want a beautiful room. You can decorate the table by covering it with different things.

Why knowing the weight capacity of the nightstand is essential?

It is an essential thing because you can take care of its strength while placing certain things on it. You will not exceed the limit that will break it. If you have invested a suitable amount of money, then you will care about these small things.

If you have purchased this from branded stores, then they will provide you the sticker having a limit of placing the weight on it.

You will achieve different benefits while having it in your room. You can use it in your whole daily routine.

Benefits of nightstands

Many people use it near their sleeping place to manage things during sleeping. You can place your mobile on it and other essential gadgets. You can keep an alarm clock to get up early in the mornings.

You can place a water bottle to drink water during the night. There are multiple benefits that you can get while using it during the day time.

You can buy it by looking at the dimensions of the room and bed. You can maximize benefits by using it.

How to increase the weight holding capacity of nightstands?

You can face various issues if you have purchased bad quality furniture in your room. You will spend too much time in fear of placing things on it or not.

You cannot use it with confidence because you have doubts about your strengths.

You can increase its supporting material if you have any doubt about its abilities. You can manage the nightstand in your room that is free from all the problems.

You can decrease a few issues by researching all the things before going to the market. If you have noted the measurement of the room, free space in a room, the purpose of use, and other factors, then you will not feel any problem.

It will provide you all the benefits in a minimum time. You will love to have it in your furniture.

If you consider all these things while making it for your room, you will get rid of all the problems.

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