How to Make a Nightstand Taller?

How to Make a Nightstand Taller?

Here are the 11 easy methods to make a nightstand taller, enhance its appearance, and give it a fancy look. 

How to Make a Nightstand Taller? You can make a nightstand taller by putting the feet bun, making a platform, and adding small wood blocks. You can also place the thick dowel at the top or add the tapered leg jig to increase the height of a nightstand.

Making a nightstand taller is not a hectic job. You have to make it higher for easy access and avoid the odd appearance.

There are different ways to make it tall and enhance its appearance beautiful and give a fancy look. 

Put the feet bun

if you have a master bedroom nightstand, which is too short. It is not a serious issue; you have the remedy to resolve it.

For it, you follow the general thumb rule in which its level is a bit high from your mattress or 3-6 inches above. 

If you have a nightstand without any bottom support, you can allow adjusting the bun feet. For this, you have to buy those which match its style.

You can go and purchase it from any home depot. Fix it with the screw help, and it is not a time-consuming process that completes in 4-5 minutes.

In the end, paint it with a suitable color which compatible with it.

Install the caster

The caster idea is best for you to elevate the end table and gives the new vintage furniture style.

The advantage is that you can roll around your bedside table where you need it.

You require some tools like brass caster for every leg, cordless drill, and drill bit with suitable size requirements for this process. This process complete in 30-60 minutes. 

You have to start the procedure by upside down the nightstand at the smooth place and mark the area where you drill the hole enough, where the caster screw can fit.

You have to make the pilot and large hole and tighten the caster.

Fix the leg extender to the existing nightstand legs

This process is less time-consuming and resolves your shorts nightstand problem.

You go to any hardware furniture store and buy these leg extenders but cheap one article.

It should be solid and has the dovetail drawer joinery. Then, you have to make the hole by drilling a machine of a suitable size.

These have the screws along with these extenders and tighten them by hand.

It is not a difficult task for you, and in a short time and less money, you can give it a nice payoff with the best appearance.

You can paint it with Annie Sloan chalk which gives the uniform and smooth look.

Install the tapering leg jig

You need some essential tools, and items like bolts, knobs, toggle clamps, plywood, table saw, drill set, and few other accessories in this method.

In this case, take a plywood piece and cut it according to the side-table size. It is better that your nightstand should be taller than the bed.

Then, make a broad, shallow groove in which the bolt head cap adjusts with ease and repeat this process for another side.

Next, make some more grooves with the spiral bit in the shallow so that the bolt fit. Use the hardware and with all slot out, adjust your table and assemble it.

Place some toggle clamps and make the bolt hole and screw them.

You have to ensure that you make the small enough, which makes the safety of your bottom piece. In the end, install the jig to the miter bar and trim the corners. 

You have to cut the leg bottom by determining it through the table saw help. In the jig, you rotate the leg to 90 degrees and cut it again.

This process repeats for all four sides and makes the perfect tapered leg. You have to take some precautions while screwing do this by hand instead of a drill or fixing tool.

Build a platform for the nightstand

There is another method, which can enhance the nightstand height according to your criteria. In this case, you have to build the platform for it.

It can be a new addition like plastic, wood, or the floor enhancement of that nightstand underside region. 

Put the thick dowel section

The thick dowel section method is also best for your taller nightstand. You have to cover its top with a tray or glass piece.

Next, attach or fix the thick dowel parts on the edges. If you are upset with its strength, use the wood glue or suitable screw for the new adjustment. 

Increase the top height by a vintage frame

In this method, you can increase the top height of your nightstand or bedside table.

You have to remove the drawers from the nightstand and flip over the piece on the workbench.

Then, figure the screw, which firms that part. They move up through the edge frame into the surface board’s underside from the inside cabinet body. Next, design and construct the extension.

You have to use the wood glue for a solid joint, and the new frame must stable and screw it but make sure not always use the screw through all processes that can damage the surface.

In the end, color the whole with a suitable paint or primer, Annie Solan Pure White. Use the grit sandpaper and white wax for edges and fine finishing.

Put small wood blocks

You can put the fine proper sized wood blocks. In this case, take the plain wood and cut it into suitable four blocks.

It can easily fit under your nightstand floor. This method is best when you cannot afford any other option. It is simple, easy, and cost-effective.

Place another new draw

Another method, which enhances the nightstand height and make it beautiful and more spacious for you. Make some measurements, take a plywood piece to make a drawer, and attach the handle or knob at the opening site.

Make the new shelf according to the direction which suitable for it. Install it with the screw and drill help wood glue can also use for it.

In the end, pace the draw into the new shelf and assemble the top part or frame on it. Use the suitable paint color according to your desire.

Install the extra wood board under the top

In this case, you have to remove or unscrew the top frame or the potion. For this, remove the drawers and other accessories from your bedside table.

You can make some measurements and suitable dimensions for the new extension. Make the new layout or sketch and design according to your perception and construct it.

Arrange it or attach it to the above portion with the bolts or wood glue. Now, reassemble all the accessories like drawers, top surface.

The last step depends on your choice and needs, like the polish or paints it. You can skip this process if you do not want it.

Increase the nightstand top height

If you have a nightstand with a single drawer and underside part, hold some accessories like put the vase or some other option.

You have to increase that height. For this, remove the drawer and the top frame by simply unscrewing.

You have to cut the drawer bar and smooth the corner with filler. Next, you raise the drawer glide and put a small trimming stick that simulates the groove extension, increasing the nightstand sides.

In the end, install the draw and adjust the top. The drawer underside part becomes high which you can put more items according to your needs and size. 

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