How to Darken Wooden Furniture?

How to Darken Wooden Furniture?

Dark color furniture fills the space of the room and gives an elegant look to the room. The polyurethane and gel stain darkens the color instantly and also protects wood from scratches. If you keep clean the wooden furniture regularly, then it is more durable.

How to Darken Wooden Furniture? You can darken wooden furniture by using steel pads and a black coffee stain that gives brown color to the wood. You can also stain the wood with beat and turmeric that gives beautiful shades. You can use oil paints and water-based varnishes that darken the furniture.

Protect your furniture from heat and water because it damages its structure. 

Clean the wood carefully and do not use harmful chemicals to clean them.

You can use homemade stains and apply them to your wooden furniture. These are cheap and darkens the wood. 

Use Linseed oil to darken furniture

It gives an elegant look to the furniture and makes them shiny. In addition, linseed oil is affordable, and you can use it easily.

It provides a golden look to the table and beds. In addition, linseed oil nourishes the lignin and protects furniture from scratches.

It makes its surface sticky and takes a long time to dry. Instead, you should use boiled linseed oil because heat makes them vicious, which takes less time to dry.

The boiled linseed oil is also called polymerized oil that mostly use in paints to give a stylish look to the furniture. You can also add a drying agent to this oil, such as, cobalt that decreases its drying time. In addition, it has a good smell that keeps your room fresh and airy.

You can easily apply it with a piece of cloth or brush. Clean the wooden surface before apply, so that all the dust remove; otherwise, it may stick to the table.

Apply a coat to the table and leave it for 5 to 6 minutes. Clean and removes excess oil; otherwise, it makes the surface sticky. Now apply another coat of linseed oil and leave it for 15 to 20 hours.

Apply this oil once a year because this prevents it from drying and makes it shiny.

You can also add an aniline color and make it darker. Carefully handle the linseed oil because it is flammable; therefore, use it in the open air.

Apply Gel stain on wooden furniture

Gel stain gives to darken the color of the wood, and it is difficult to apply than the other stains. Instead, stir it continuously, and then you can easily stain the table.

The gel stain penetrates and prevents water from absorbing into it. You can also add different colors in gel stain according to your desire. For example, it gives a dark brown with deep red shades, making it beautiful.

Before applying gel stains, you should clean the furniture so that dust removes from them. If you do not remove the dirt, then it gives an ugly look to the table.

If grease is present on then it repels the gel stain; therefore, clean the surface carefully.

Now take a small brush and apply gel stain on the wood. It gives them a smooth look and takes less time to dry.

 After drying, clean the extra gel from the piece of cloth; otherwise, bulrush marks appear on the furniture. Next, you have to clean it in the same direction of wood stain that gives a uniform look.

It takes 30 to 36 hours to dry, and after this, apply another coat of the gel stain. Always use the thin layer because it takes less time to dry.

Stain wooden furniture with the tea

It is a cheap method that gives an elegant look to your furniture. It is non-toxic and a natural way to stain the furniture. In addition, it is not flammable like the other paints that catch fires.

Tea gives a beautiful color to the table because it enhances it reacts with tannin and gives a darker color. This is because the light color contains less tannic acid, and the dark color is due to the high tannic acid.

Put the tea into the water and boil it until it turns into a dark shade. Then, clean it and apply the tea to it with a soft brush.

 Apply it on its surface, and it takes 6 to 10 minutes for drying. Next, you coat it 3 to 4 times so that it gives dark color. After this, apply a sealant to it that maintains its beautiful shade.

Use Turmeric to darken the furniture

The turmeric powder stains rich orange-yellow color. Turmeric powder does not dissolve in water, and it lay down in the bowl. It can also give your finger yellow, which cannot remove easily. It has a pungent smell to the mixture because it has a strong odor.

You can take a half cup of water and add 4 to 5 tablespoons of turmeric powder to it.

Clean the surface and remove dirt and dust; otherwise, it gives an odd look to the wood.

Now apply it with a soft piece of cloth and left it for 1 to 2 hours. After this, apply another coating of turmeric paste and dry it. Finally, clean the table with a clean cloth so that any extra pigment removes easily.

Beat stain

Beats are cheap, but they give beautiful color to the wood. It has a light red and dark pink color that makes it colorful for your furniture.

It has a strong smell, but its paste is thin.

Clean it with a piece of cloth so that dust removes from it. Now cut the beat into slices and dip it into the water. Now, take a soft brush and apply the beat paste to the timber. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes in the drying because it takes too much time.

Clean it with the new cloth so that extra pigment removes easily. 

Coffee stain

Coffee gives a dark brown color because it gives a new look to the furniture.

You can add half a cup of coffee in a half cup of water and mix them well. Store it for few hours, and then stir it continuously to make a homogeneous mixture.

Now you apply this thick paste with the brush on the wood. Apply it in one direction so that uniform finishing occurs. Now dry it for 1 to 2 hours and then clean the surface with the piece of cotton.

 Apply 3 coats of coffee paste on the wood because it gives dark color to the wooden furniture.

Cherry stain

Cherry gives purple color to the wood that is different from the other furniture. It is cheap, and you can easily apply it to your cupboard and beds.

You can take a cherry and cut it into small pieces. Now add water to a bowl and crushed it. It forms a thick paste that has a strong smell.

Dry it for around 30 to 50 minutes and apply another coat. You can coat them easily again and again if you like dark colors.

Darken the furniture with steel pads

It gives a deep rich color, and you can apply it to the wood. Mix the steel wool and the vinegar in the bowl and keep it for 2 to 4 hours. Rusting process occurs due to the vinegar and steel wool.

It forms a dark color stain that you can apply to the chairs. Now take the small piece of cloth and dip it in the past. Apply it and dry it for 20 to 40 minutes.

Now clean it with the cotton pad so that any extra layer that forms can remove easily. After this, apply another coat because it darkens the wood.


Glazing is the same as stains, but it contains thick pigments. Glazes are not solvent-based, but they are water-based. It does not require an extra coating like the other stains due to its good quality pigmentation.

It highlights the lines on the timber, which gives a pretty look and makes them shiny. Before applying, glaze protects the surrounding with newspaper or tape; otherwise, it affects the corners.

 Now coat it with a paper towel and cotton pads so that it forms a uniform color. Before applying, test it on a small piece so that you can set it according to your desire.

Use Polyurethane on the furniture

It is water-based or oil-based, and it gives a glossy look to the furniture. Water-based polyurethane is best because it dries within few hours.

The oil-based polyurethane is hard to use because you should apply it in one direction to get a uniform appearance. In addition, it takes more time to dry, but its resistance power is high than the water-based.

Stain with lacquer

Lacquer gives orange and dark yellow color stain to the timber. It makes furniture durable and makes it and protects the wood from damage. It is less toxic, but you should keep it in the ventilated room after coating.

It comes in different colors that make them beautiful. 

Clean it before applying the lacquer; otherwise, it reacts with them, and you do not get a good finish.

Use vinegar on the wooden furniture

Vinegar cleans all types of wooden furniture, and you can use it because it prevents the timber from damages that do not change its color. 

The vinegar maintains its quality and also makes it more shining. When your table and chair are full of dust, then you use vinegar to clean them.

The market offers many products and a wide variety to clean the furniture, but it’s more expensive than vinegar.

 White vinegar is a natural product you can purchase easily at a reasonable price. In addition, the use of white vinegar doesn’t affect the room atmosphere because it does not use any chemical products, which are harmful to your health.

The white vinegar is colorless that doesn’t affect the actual color of the wood. You can also use white vinegar with others products for efficient results.

When there is wine discolor on the wood, and then you can apply the white vinegar. You can also use white vinegar with olive oil and mix both.

After mixing, you can apply it to your table with a cloth to clean the dust. If some liquid stays on it that doesn’t absorb, then you can use white vinegar.

What causes wooden furniture to change color?

Wood changes its color when exposed to sunlight and the atmosphere. Cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals that damage the structure.


Bleach contains chemicals that not only remove the stains from the wood but also lighten its color. In addition, chlorine is present in the bleach that is not absorbed; therefore, it does not kill molds.

Chlorine damages the lignin that strengthens the wood. Bleach breaks down the finishing of timber and damages its appearance.

Sodium hypochlorite in the bleach penetrates that alters its color. It breaks the bond between them and weakens their structure.


Water leaks in the wood structure and allows the growth of molds on it.

If it absorbs moisture, it swells and increases in size that damages its structure.

Use a dehumidifier to maintain the humidity of the room; otherwise, this moisture absorbs in it.

Watermarks form on the table that looks ugly therefore use water-resistant paints and sealant that prevent moisture absorption.


Heat swell the wood, and thermal expansion occurs that causes wrapping of the timber.

It also loses its natural color and affects its appearance. Do not keep the heater near the furniture because it burns and affects its color. If more heat comes in contact, then cracks form that breaks easily.

Do not keep the tables in the sunlight; otherwise, heat destroys them.

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