Why Are Dining Tables So Expensive?

Why Are Dining Tables So Expensive?

Dining tables are expensive furniture, and these tables make dining rooms appealing and spacious with their beautiful designs and color themes.

Why Are Dining Tables So Expensive? Dining tables are so expensive due to unique designs, high-quality manufacturing material, and different size options. Also, their durability, manufacturer standards, imported tables, and customization make them costly. Furthermore, the challenging carriage, durable vanishes, labor, and tools charges increase the total cost. Dining tables cost between $300 to $1600 depending on their designs and quality.

In addition, the furniture makers provide customization options across the USA. Multiple specifications determine its cost, but manufacturing material is one of the most significant factors.

According to a survey, around 70% to 80% of Americans purchase wood and marble dining tables despite the high cost. They select them due to their quality, appeal, and long-lasting performance. 

What is the average cost of a dining table?

On average, you can purchase a dining table for around $418 to $1050. A few are expensive with sleek shapes and durable designs.

The maximum cost of these items is around $1190 to $2900. 

Also, the cost increases according to customer demands and additional components.

In addition, a few are affordable, and you can purchase them for around $165 to $240. 

What makes dining tables so expensive?

Several factors affect the total cost of these furniture items, and I have mentioned ten prominent reasons. They are expensive items with various designs and attractive shapes. 

Design of table

They come in all types of shapes and designs. A few are rectangular, and others comprise an oval design. However, a few are high, and other types have flat bodies.

Moreover, the manufacturing industries provide complex designs with hand carvings. The vintage and hand-painted wood tables are costly. In addition, designing consumes time and effort.

A few are expandable and comprise extra pieces. The removable parts improve seating, but versatility makes it an expensive item.

Moreover, oval designs have high rates than rectangular tables. The square shape items require less effort and trimming. Free forms and square tables are cheaper than other shapes. 

Composition materials

It is a leading factor that decides the cost of dining tables. It includes the price of manufacturing material, its type, and other tools with supporting things.

Moreover, the supply and demand determine the cost of wood tables. The quality of woody material varies. In addition, the manufacturers use walnut and oak wood. 

They are costly materials and require reshaping. Also, one of the most costly tables comprises hardwood with versatile designs.

The solid wood tables are more expensive than pine furniture items. Also, a few contain marble and glass tops. 

The marble is a costly material and requires specific machinery for cutting procedures.

Also, it has no environmental effects. External factors cannot break marble into pieces. 

Glass dining tables are fragile and require extra maintenance.

But, they have sleek shapes with smooth edges. They are more costly than pine wood dining tables.

A few comprise metal material more than wood and glass. They are durable but cost less than wood, glass, and marble tables. 


The larger dining tables with glass and marble tops are expensive. Also, the hardwood tables with massive bases have high rates. 

Moreover, the height of these furniture items determines the entire package cost. A few have metal legs with wooden tops, and these are rectangular tables with a moderate price range. 

Manufacturer standards

The mega manufacturing industries make multiple pieces with cost-effective packages. But, small-scale manufacturers have different standards. 

They provide one piece without any discount because it involves labor and machinery. On the other hand, the imported tables are expensive due to their complex design, appealing designs, and classic backgrounds. 


The hardwood solid dining tables are more durable than glass top items. Also, marble tops with wood and metal legs have long-lasting properties.

The durability of the furniture determines its cost and selection depending on the customer. 

Customized options

On average, you can purchase a dining table for around $250 to $450. But, customized items are costly because they include various components.

Also, the selection of manufacturing material depends on customer choice.

Paints and varnishes

Wood and metal tables have paint coatings. Also, manufacturers utilize varnish on their surfaces.

Multilayers are more beneficial than a single coat. But, it increases the cost of an entire piece of furniture. 

Manufacturing costs

The complex designs require planning, strategy, and tools involvement.

Only experts can handle such electrical cutters and shaping gadgets. In such conditions, one table becomes more expensive than multiple items. 

Challenging carriage

Generally, wood and marble dining tables are heavier than others. Therefore, they require vehicles and labor help for their movements. 

The supplier adds extra charges to the total package and provides such facilities. Also, you cannot move heavy furniture in your room without external help. But, it may cost you a fortune in emergencies. 

Changes for accommodation

The sizes vary according to the type and design of the table. You have to make changes in your dining space for better accommodation.

On average, a person can spend around $100 to $150 on such changes with the table cost. 

Examples of dining tables with their cost, size, weight, and manufacturing material

Names of dining tables


Size (in inches)


Manufacturing material

Crosley Shelby expandable


38 x 32 x 90

90 pounds


Christopher knight dining table


37 x 73 x 31

75 Pounds


DHP Fusion dining table


33 x 33 x 32

32 pounds


Armen Zenith dining table


34 x 53 x 32

20 pounds


Nidouillet Round table


34 x 34 x 32

35 pounds


Livinia Aslan


33 x 49 x 31

54 pounds


Conard Modern Large dining table


50 x 50 x 32

76 pounds


EMERIT patio table


39 x 39 x 30

37 pounds


Rivet Noah Ash Engineered


37 x 37 x 32

40 pounds


Hillsdale Castille


26 x 47 x 38

78 pounds


Ashley Lacey traditional


62 x 40 x 32

102 pounds




62 x 37 x 30

49 pounds


Christopher knight Audrey


34 x 34 x 31

30 pounds


ESPSENT Mid Century dining table


33 x 55 x 31

42 pounds


InRoom Designs Modern


32 x 50 x 31

30 pounds


Rivet Fulton


73 x 41 x 32

92 pounds


Modus furniture table


82 x 42 x 32

380 pounds


Giantex round table


38 x 38 x 32

33 pounds


Crosley Griffith dining table


41 x 41 x 25

29 pounds


New classic oscar table


33 x 37 x 32

35 pounds

Walnut wood



48 x 48 x 31

73 pounds


ACME Furniture Fabiola


41 x 81 x 32

162 pounds


Nathan Amalia


34 x 34 x 32

25 pounds


IDS Mid-century table


34 x 32 x 54

66 pounds


Progressive furniture Muse


50 x 50 x 32

92 pounds


INK+IVY Oval Mercer Dining


40 x 72 x 32

99 pounds


Poly & Bark dining table


39 x 39 x 32

62 pounds

Wood & glass

Meridian Mercury Furniture


86 x 44 x 32

178 pounds


ACME dining table


116 x 46 x 32

212 pounds


Wood dining tables

They are regular furniture items that are essential for every dining room. However, they have high-quality wood with classic shapes. 

Also, they have hardwood, oak, and walnut tops. They are the most expensive items with unique carvings. 

On average, you can purchase it for around $675 to $1050. Also, the cost varies according to customization and additional features.

Glass dining tables

They are one of the most stylish dining tables that provide stain-free property. However, they are delicate and require a lot of maintenance. You should estimate the weight a dining table can hold for better results.

Glass dining tables have round shapes, but you can purchase rectangular dining tables for large family setups. On average, you can buy it for around $300 to $365.

Stone top tables

These tables provide a unique look to the dining room and other furniture. They have marble tops with different patterns. In addition, they have matching colors like floor tiles. 

Moreover, the manufacturers offer a variety of colors with a smooth surface. They are long-lasting tables with wood or metal supporting legs.

In addition, they require protection from water and food stains. These are among the most expensive oval tables. They may cost you around $255 to 452.

Moreover, they can reach up to $4100 to $4300 according to the type of marble and size of the dining table. I have also seen many people using concrete dining tables.

Metal dining tables

They have a bold and flashy appearance with durable functions. Moreover, they are mixtures of metal and steel material. Usually, they have glass tops and stylish metal legs. 

They are stable on carpets and floors. On average, a metal dining table may cost you around $180 $690.

What are the cons of buying a cheap dining table?

The cheap dining tables have a basic design and are less durable. Also, they break within a few months, and their repair is challenging. 

Moreover, they lack versatility and cannot perform appropriately. The rectangular tables are cheaper, but they take a massive room space. 

Also, they block the walking passage and require several decoration items. In addition, they cannot bear weight, and their legs break immediately.

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