Repair Broken Springs in a Sofa

Repair Broken Springs in a Sofa

Here are the simple methods to fix and repair broken sofa springs without spending much amount. If you have a sofa with a broken spring, use these tips and techniques to repair springs.

How to Repair Broken Springs in a Sofa? You can repair broken springs in a sofa by dissembling the whole sofa and with the use of the required tools. For this, you have to remove all the cushions or mattress, wooden sheets and reach up to the springs. You can use zip-ties or clips to fix the broken springs.

The sofa is the best and ideal choice of comfort in a living area of a home. You can also keep these cozy pieces of furniture in your bedroom when to are habitual of spending your most time in it. 

The manufacturers add springs into the sofa to add suspension, but it becomes a headache when the springs break. Usually, people come to face the broken springs after using them for some time. 

The problem is common, and almost everyone passes with it, but the good thing is you can repair and eliminate this issue by yourself.

It does not require too much effort and time, but you have to give complete attention and dedication to convert your painful sofas into the comfiest place.

It can help prevent the reoccurring of the issue once you fix it. Also, you have to take necessary precautions while doing repairing because safety is the priority. Following these simple methods, you can get sofas that look new and advanced.

Types of sofa springs

There are two typical types of springs that makers fix in the sofa to create good suspension. They attach the springs with wires and hooks beneath the cushions or foam mattresses.

In many sofas, manufacturers fix the springs inside the mattress or sofa cushions. You can feel them when you sit on them.

The purpose of adding them is to make better seating comfortable, supporting the posture, and offer a painless sitting.

Zigzag springs

The name indicates they have a zigzag shape that often looks like a snake. They are metal springs that cover the whole length of the sofa.

A single strand is not more than 3 to 4 inches, and the spring length varies with the sofa length. On both sides of the frame, some hooks hold the spring strand on both ends. 

A sofa may contain 3 to 4 strands of these springs depending upon the sofa width.

In some sofas, the makers do not attach these strands directly into the sofa frame, but they make separate wooden frames for them and fix this frame beneath the mattress or cushions.

Coil springs

These are coil-shaped springs that have their place beneath the foam or within it. They have a length of approximately 1 to 1 1/2 foot, but it may be less or more depending upon the sofa height.

They compress when applying pressure and expands on releasing. They are usually more stable and less vulnerable to break.

There are several coil springs present inside a sofa, and they look like twines. These metal twines are usually thin and have many rounds or circles in a single strand.

Usually, they are less in width from ends and have more expanded tops that touch the foams or cushions. Some sofas have these twines or coils inside the foam.

What causes the sofa springs to break?

Several factors are responsible for breaking the springs in a sofa, and you have to recognize the cause and eliminate it first before repairing them.

The simple reason for this issue is the application of pressure. The more pressure you apply on them, the more are the chances of their breakage. 

Things that cause the sofa springs to break are:

Extra weight

Every sofa can hold pressure and weight depending upon the strength of the springs. These springs are hardy, but when you put too much weight on them, resulting in breaking the springs.

For instance, a sofa can bear and hold a maximum weight of 100 to 200 kg, and you apply a weight of 300 to 400. The springs can not tolerate this excessive weight and lead to breakage.

The zigzag sofa springs are more vulnerable to break when you add more weight to them because their strength and weight holding capacity is not too high.

Slightly more weight for a long time can also cause the springs to break, so you should be careful.

Jumping on the sofa

It is the most common practice in many households where children jump on the sofas.

They jump with extreme pressure onto the sofa cushions or foam, and this behavior can immediately break the springs.

This jumping can also damage the cushions stuffing, and foams resulting in damaging the whole sofa setup.

Lack of plywood sheet

Some people avoid placing a plywood sheet beneath the foam due to budget issues. A plywood sheet is the most significant part that adds more strength to the sofa.

It supports the springs and foam and develops some resistance in the springs from breaking by supporting them. When sofas do not have this sheet, weight and pressure can cause the springs to break easily.

Storage items

Many sofas are available in the market that acts as multi-functional furniture by providing storage spaces inside them.

They are getting too much popularity with time and are becoming the demand of almost every house owner. These storage spaces can hold many things in them, but there is capacity. 

When you add so many extended or protruded things, they can apply pressure onto the springs. The springs can break as they can not hold too much weight or pressure.

Reshifting and replacing

Sometimes, a spring can break during the shifting or replacing process, and there may be several reasons.

An accidental and severe hit can break the springs, which is usually during the shifting process. It can also damage the frame, cushions, or foam and upholstery with a single hit.

You have to be very careful while shifting a sofa from one place to another; Either in the same home or another home.

Methods to repair broken springs in a sofa

Repairing and fixing broken sofa springs is not too hard, and you can do it yourself at home using simple tips and tools.

Tools required

  • Screwdrivers
  • Nails
  • Hooks
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Springs
  • Wire or gauge

There are two different methods for repairing broken zigzag springs and broken coil springs. 

Firstly, look for the area or place where the broken spring is present. Usually, spring breaks from the corner due to more pressure and less support.

You can judge it by placing your hand on the cushions or mattress and pressing it down. The area that goes deeper down can be the area of broken springs.

Another thing you can do is remove the cushions or foam, if possible. See inside the frame of the sofa after removing foam and cushions.

Carefully inspect every area or spring because there can be some other broken springs about which you do not know.

You will notice broken zigzag springs immediately, but it will take time to point out broken coil springs as they are many. 

Method to fix a broken zigzag spring

The method is feasible, but all you need is care. Following this method, you can fix your sofa’s broken zigzag spring so it can become comfortable again. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1:

Find a suitable place where you can perform all these activities. Removes cushions and padding from the sofa and flips it on the floor. Keep all tools by your side for ease.

Step 2: 

Remove the fabric or upholstery by pulling out all the staple pins from it. Sometimes you have to cut some fabric to reach the springs, so be careful while doing this. Cut it from the edges only so you can reuse it.

Step 3:

Once you approach the springs, you will see that some horizontally attached strands connect to the brackets or clips at both ends.

Sometimes you will immediately notice the broken side, or you have to take off the strand to see the damaged area. Check all the sides of the spring and bracket.

Step 4:

The spring breaks from the brackets or clips present on the frame. For this, you have to re-fit these clips into the frame by drilling holes in the frame. Screw the clips or brackets into the frame. 

Step 5:

You can take a zip-ties and tie it to the broken spring to stabilize it. It will hold the springs together with the frame. Also, it will provide double surety to the spring and make them last longer.

Step 6:

Sometimes, the spring does not break but bends or changes shape as a result of pressure. In this case, you have to take pliers and try to bring them to their original position. Make sure to apply less force unless it will break. 

Step 7:

Cover the fabric again onto the sofa and staple from all sides. Flip it and put on all the cushions and foam.

Method to fix broken coil spring

Fixing coil spring takes careful inspection, more time and effort. 

Flip over the sofa after removing all the cushions or padding and remove the fabric. Pull out staple pins or cut the fabric to get to the springs and frames.

They are bottom-tied springs that have their attachment on sofa frame, or they have wire gauge frame. After inspecting the broken or displaced one, fix it in its place.

Usually, these springs displace from their position due to pressure, so you have to re-fit them in their place.

This displacement gives the feel of broken springs as they start coming out of the frame. Take the twine and tie it with spring from one side, and tie it with the sofa frame from one end. 

Tie the twine to all the springs making a web-like structure. Pull it tightly to keep all the springs at their place and make a knot on the frame clips. It will hold all the spring together and increase the strength of the sofa.

Reassemble the sofa structure by covering it with fabric and putting on all the cushions and foam.

Repace all the springs

When there is more than one broken spring, it is preferable to change and replace it all at once. It can increase the life of your sofa and can give it new strength.

Few tools are enough for this, and you can do it with some information. Here are the steps for replacing all the springs.

When the sofa has cushions or foam that you can remove or separate, remove them first, then remove all the pillows from it. Place all these in a safe place.

The next thing is to flip the sofa upside-down carefully. The sofa is too heavy so you may need a helper for this. Do it slowly and carefully instead of throwing it fastly onto the floor.

Pull out all the staple pins from the upholstery fabric using pliers or screwdrivers. Remember, you can not apply too much force on it as it can tear or rip the fabric.

It is necessary to reach the springs and frame. Take the cushion fabric and keep it in a safe place to prevent stains.

When there are zigzag springs, remove them from the side hooks and carefully take them out.

Sometimes, the attachment with clips is tight, so you may need pliers to lose them. You can either throw them or cut out the unbroken part and use it in small sofas or chairs.

Take a zigzag strand and cut it to the sofa length. You require a measuring tape and cutter for that.

You can also use broken strands as a stencil for measuring the length of the new one and cut them in an appropriate size.

Usually, there is no requirement to replace the clips because mostly these clips are in good condition. Do not change the clips and tie or hook new springs into the frame correctly. 

Staple the upholster fabric again onto the sofa properly. Staple on every side around the frame, and do not leave any plucked staple there.

It can tear the sofa fabric and can harm you. You can also change the foam of the sofa to make it completely new.

Call a repairing-man or upholster

Repairing anything yourself is sometimes risky as there are chances of further damage. When you are out of tools or other repairing necessities and find yourself unable to fix the issue, call an upholstery or repairing man.

Upholster will fix springs within minutes without any trouble or damage due to experience.

The time required to fix a broken sofa springs

The time for the repairing process depends upon your efficiency and experience. Doing it for the first time requires more time, and if you have an experience, it will become a matter of minutes for you.

As you have to disassemble the whole sofa so keep in mind that it will take some time. Also, it depends upon the damage and number of broken springs. 

If there is more than one broken spring, it will take more time. When you have to replace all the springs, you have to spend more time on them. Concisely, repairing a sofa spring requires about 1 to 3 hours.

Cost of repairing

The cost does not extend too much when doing it yourself, and it ranges between $10 to $50. You have to spend on some springs, wire, and glue only if you have your tools.

If there are other damages to the sofa due to broken springs, such as damage to foam or cushions or damage in frame, its cost will increase. 

Also, the cost increases when you call a repairing man or upholster for this purpose. In this case, you have to get all the necessary things and pay the fees of repairing-man. It means you have to pay almost double. 


Precautions are compulsory to prevent further loss or harm to you and your sofa. 

  • Do not rush to repair the sofa and give yourself sufficient time to fix the springs.
  • Safety is before anything, and neglecting it is the biggest mistake that can give you a lifetime loss. 
  • Remember to wear gloves about using tools and use all the tools, with too much care. 
  • Prevent damaging your sofa while dissembling it and correctly put everything together afterward. 
  • Use hammers carefully as a wrong hit can break the frame and damage the sofa springs.

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