Why Does My Room Get So Dusty So Quickly?

Why Does My Room Get So Dusty So Quickly?

People like neat and clean rooms and keep them up to date. Sometimes, bedrooms get dirty very quickly due to various reasons.

Why Does My Room Get So Dusty So Quickly? Your room can get so dirty so quickly because of the excessive moisture and dust particles. If you do not clean the interior properly, the dust remains there. Moreover, open doors, windows, and faulty vents add dust to everything present there. In addition, pet hair and dust mites cause this problem.

To keep your room up to date, you should take steps for its maintenance. For example, you can use detergents or shiners so that the furniture looks neat.

Excessive moisture

When there is extra moisture in the walls, it leads to dampness. The paint of the walls starts removing and gets mixed with air, leading to dust formation.

It creates small empty spaces in the walls containing paint and dust residues. It falls from the walls and creates a messy look of the interior.

If you have carpet in your room, you cannot easily remove such residues from the carpet quickly. The flakes of paint get stuck in the fibers of the carpet.

It would be best to have a vacuum cleaner remove the paint flakes. Otherwise, it may contaminate the rugs if you do not take care of them.

Extra dampness may contribute to a bad smell in the room, and you don’t feel comfortable while sitting there.

Improper cleaning

You can get so much dust in your room when you don’t clean it correctly. For example, if you have an improper furniture arrangement, there are chances of accumulation of these particles.

Moreover, if you don’t clean the furniture regularly, the dust on it cannot maintain the cleanliness in the room.

Sometimes many people don’t mop thoroughly under the bed, corners, or the spaces between the furniture.

You need to remove the dirt from the tables, mirrors, and furniture using an alcoholic solution that removes the stains and dust.

Many of my friends complain about the dust in their room because of improper interior cleaning as they have to work maximum time in the office.

This factor contributes to the entry of foreign particles inside, which makes the interior dirty.

Open windows and doors

The most common factor contributing to this issue is the inaccurate closure of the doors and windows.

If you do not close your door while coming in or going out, the dusty air affects everything present there.

It would be best to close them every time you enter or leave the room; that helps keep it clear.

The dust makes its space from even a tiny opening, but the doors and windows create more space for the gust of air to move inside.

As the sudden gust enters the room, it makes everything dirty, and you can not remove it without thorough cleaning.

Most people keep the doors open all the time, and it affects the nightstands and bed frames that do not give an appealing look at all.

It would help if you kept them close to maintain the cleanliness of the interior.

Faulty air ventilators

The primary purpose of the ventilators is to provide fresh air to enter the room and prevent suffocation.

Sometimes your room has faulty air ventilator locks that do not cover the open area accurately. As a result, it provides the space for air to move inside it.

Dust particles start accumulating on everything present in the room and make a layer of it. This makes your room so dusty within a short time.

If you open them in a season when there is a strong windstorm or keep it open for a longer time, there are chances of more dust accumulation.

Sometimes the dirt or other heavy particles are stuck in its railing, which does not let them close accurately and provides passage for the dirt to enter the room.

You should clean the railings after every three days so that this issue does not occur.

Dust from shoes

Mostly the dirt comes with the shoes that you use outside the house. However, it does not keep the interior clear and add more dirt.

I have placed mats outside the house and in front of every room, which helps to keep my home clean for more time.

Sometimes, it happens that the dust does not remove entirely with mats, and it enters as you move inside with shoes.

If you remove shoes in front of the entrance, it may make your room untidy because the air entering inside takes the dirt from your shoes with it.

The fabric of bed sheets and sofa covers

The fabric of the sofa covers and bedsheets matter the most in this regard. Mostly stuff of these covers has porous material, which absorbs the dirt from the surroundings.

The cotton covers adsorb more dust particles from the air and give a dirty look to the upholstery. This causes your room to look dusty within no time.

Using vacuum cleaners, you can remove the dirt from the curtains and covers once a month. You can also dry clean them after one year.

You can get rid of this issue by changing the material of the sofa covers. For example, you can use a leather sofa because it does not absorb dirt from the surroundings.

It is easy to clean the leather sofa easily compared to the fabricated covers. You can wash your bed sheets almost after one week.

Pet’s hair

Most people have pets in their houses that need proper care. As the pets move around the house, they shed their fur and hair everywhere.

You need to comb their hair regularly to collect their weak hair, and it does not produce a mess.

As they move outside the house, the dirt gets stuck to their paws which comes inside as they come in.

It would help wipe off the dirt from the interior every day. However, as the hair comes in contact with the dirt, it creates a mass making the room dusty.

Sometimes the pets take some dirty material from outside and make the room more untidy.

Dirt from carpets

when you have carpet in your rooms that need extra effort to clean. It happens because of the fiber of the rugs that attaches everything with it.

The dust from the air adsorbs in the carpet quickly and gives it a cloudy appearance. If you comb your hair in your room, the hair gets stuck in the carpet.

You can vacuum clean the rugs and carpets at least two times a week. This is because carpets attract dirt, hair, or tiny particles that are present around them.

You should cover your carpet with a piece of cloth while cleaning the furniture. It can prevent the rugs from an extra accumulation of dirt.

Sometimes people don’t clean the carpet thoroughly, which makes it dirty. So you have to wipe off all the dirt, foreign particles, and residues once every one to two months.


A windstorm is a natural phenomenon, and you cannot control it. However, you can take some preventive measures to avoid its damages.

Once you close all the doors and windows, there are chances of the entrance of dust because of the air pressure that comes with the windstorm.

Most people don’t use stoppers at the door’s lower end, which lets all the particles move inside the interior.

If you don’t use the curtains in front of the windows, the gust of air enters the room, making it filthy.

If there are holes in the wall behind the air conditioner, the air, including many particles, moves inside through them.

Many people have shingle roofs that can get damaged in a heavy windstorm. If these are loose, their removal is possible because of the wind pressure.

You need to check them daily to fix the issue in case of any fault.

Dust mites

The allergens may involve the production of dust mites that get attached to the bedsheets, pillows, and other fabric.

If dirt is present in your surroundings, there are more chances of existence in that area. Therefore, you have to keep your furniture up to date so that no extra particles reside on it.

In a more humid environment, the dust mites produce, so you can manage this issue by reducing the moisture in the air.

You have to wash the bedsheets almost once a week to get rid of these mites. Moreover, you can use such easily washable toys, and these mites cannot survive on them.

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