How to Remove Pet Hair from Suede Couch?

How to Remove Pet Hair from Suede Couch?

Many people like to place the Suede couch in the living room, drawing room, and bedroom. Sometimes the pet hair remains on it and gets stubborn when you do not remove these timely.

How to Remove Pet Hair from Suede Couch? You can remove the pet hair from the suede couch by home-based tricks such as using a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, rubber gloves, wipers, and moisture. You can also rub the sofa with wax and slime and collect the hair. Anti-static dust spray, bubble, chewing gum, and de-shedding tools are market-based products to remove pet hair and dust.

The suede couches are durable and add glamour to the interior. 

Many people prefer suede fabric for slipcovers, upholstery, and as a comforter because it is thick and soft. It is also available on velvet, fluffy and feathery surfaces.

Do dryer sheets help with pet hair?

The dryer sheets have anti-static properties and repel the pet hair. In addition, the coating of the dryer sheet on the suede upholstery will break its bond and clean the sticky particles.

Take a sheet and rub it on the affected area, and it will remove the hair. Next, you can remove the slipcover, put it in laundry and pass through the tumble cycle in the dryer machine.

How do you get dog hair off a suede couch?

You can get rid of the dog’s hair from the furniture by using a lint roller. The lint roller is like a wiper, but it has a round roller instead of a rubber sheet.

It will work like a magnet and attracts the hair towards it. There is a creation of force when you rub the upholstery with a lint roller.

You can also purchase the roller with a grainy texture. It will look like a brush when you see it closely. The professional made the lint roller with a plastic and metal frame.

How do I get cat hair off my suede couch?

It is easy to get the cat hair off from the upholstery. Take rubber gloves if available in your home, or you can buy these from the market.

Put on these gloves in your hand and rub on the soft texture of suede couches gently. The grainy texture of the palm side will gather the hair within minutes.

Use a toothbrush and hairbrush

Toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and comb are available in almost every home. You can utilize a used brush or buy a new one from the market. Many people do not use the hairbrush, but they buy and keep it in the drawer.

You should move it slowly and be soft; otherwise, it can disturb the arrangement of fiber.

In addition, you can also use a simple comb and put the bristles on the hair. Then, comb the surface and collect the pet hair and discard it.

Use a Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is the need of every home to clean the floor and carpet. It removes the dust and dirt particles inside the texture.

It pulls the pet hair and cleans them within minutes. Vacuum cleaning makes your furniture neat and clean. However, you should prefer it to remove any foreign particles from the upholstery.

Dusting with a microfiber cloth

The traditional and effective method to clear the furniture is dusting. Take a small piece of about 20 inches in length and 20 inches in width.

Hold it in the center or at the corner and rub it on the surface of the sofa. If the hair does not lose its strength, take the fiber above a few inches.

Hit the cloth on the dirty area with some force and drag the hair to the side. These will fall, and you can collect them in the scrapper. This will also work if you place 3 sofas in the living room.

Use a Hairdryer

Sometimes the pet hair sticks to the couch and becomes stubborn when it absorbs moisture from the surrounding.

Grab a hairdryer in your hand and focus on the surface of the sofa.

It will get dry and blow away due to the pressure of the air. But, it will be dry, and you can collect these with a brush and comb.

Remove the suede cover

The easiest way is the removal of suede cover if you have already covered it. First, take the slipcover outside in an open area such as in the lawn and courtyard.

Moreover, if the slipcover is larger and you cannot hold it, you should hang it on the string. Then, hold it from one side and jerk it; the hair from the sofa will fall on the floor.

Remove the pet hair with your hands

You can remove the cat hair from the couch without any tool. Instead, put on gloves on your hand and pinch it with your fingertips.

Moisten the surface with simple water if you cannot catch the dog’s hair in dry form. Furthermore, turn on the fan and dry it, or you can also open the door and windows.

Pumice stone and wet sponge

Pumice stones are available in the market at a cheap rate. Take a pumice stone and rub it on the surface of the suede couch over the hair.

It will catch some hair with it and gather all in a round shape. Use can also use the wet sponge to clean the surface and not leave extra moisture.

Wipers and squeegee

Take a wiper with bristle, and you can also purchase the separate bristles and fix it on the simple wiper. Then, hold it and rub it on the surface of the couch to collect the pet hair.

The squeegee functionality is the same as the wiper, and you can clean it within no time. It has the best cleaning action, and a soft brush goes inside the microfiber and removes the dust and dirt particles.

Use Forks, pizza knife, and Scraper

The forks and pizza knife are part of the crockery in almost everyone’s kitchen. Take the less sharp knife and use it as a scrapper.

You can also remove the hair with folks and scrappers. These things should not have sharp edges; otherwise, they will damage the upholstery.

Use packaging tape, Wax, and sticky material

It is the creative way to clean the couch by packaging tape, Wax, and other sticky materials. Take a scotch tape of large width and stick it on the surface.

Apply the Wax on the stick, leave it for a few seconds, and then stick it to the surface. Hold these at the corner and pull with instant force.

All the hair will stick to it and throw it in the dustbin. Instead, use sticky material such as gum and glue. Take this out and make a small ball with your hand.

Rub this on the surface in a circular motion. Then, throw it, take another ball, and repeat this procedure until all the pet hair is removed.

Bubbles, chewing gums, and slime

You can remove hair and thread from the furniture using bubbles and slime. Buy a chewing gum from the store and take it out from the pocking.

It will get all the foreign objects by rubbing in a circular motion. Many children play with slime and enjoy its sticky texture. You can use it as a cleaning agent as bubble gum to remove the hair from upholstery.

Hair removal sponge

It is a special type of sponge having a thin waxy layer. Its main purpose is to remove the hair. Keep this on the hair and remove it after tapping on the upper surface.

You will see that all the hair will stick to it. It is better to select a pack of hair removal sponges and keep it safe if you have a pet in your home. You can use it on upholstery, sofa, and carpets.

Use Deshedding tools

The primary purpose of deshedding tools is the removal of pet body hair.

It is a type of hair removal eraser that you can run manually and with electricity. It has a sharp blade with maximum performance. You can also use it to remove the hair from the furniture as well.

Anti-static dusting spray

The benefit of using anti-static dusting spray is that it reduces time. For example, you can clean the upholstery within seconds to minutes.

Spray it all over the surface and leave it for a few seconds. It will swell the dust particles and soften the pet hair. Next, rub the sponge and soft fabric and remove these things.

Use of fabric softener

The fabrics softer of different brands are available in the market. Mix 260 ml fabric softer in 360ml water and make its dilution.

Fill the water in an empty bottle and replace its lid with a spray handle. Press the shower handle and spread it on the sofa. Rub it with the help of fabric because it will become soft and will remove easily.

How to keep a Suede Couch safe from pet hair?

You can prevent the pet hair from sticking to the suede couches by adopting the given points.

It is better to make a separate fabric or polyester for dogs and cats. Put this on the sofa at the side for pets.

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