Can You Upholster a Plastic Chair?

Can You Upholster a Plastic Chair?

Many people upholster their plastic chairs to make them more comfortable. Here are 7 easy steps to do it yourself.

Can You Upholster a Plastic Chair? You can upholster the old plastic chair by measuring all sides of the chair and then set the cardboard at the back of the chair. It covers the old plastic design and then applies layers of foam to it. You can use tape to fix the foam and the cardboard to them. After this, apply the velvet fabric on it and staple it with foam. Now apply golden panels and beautiful laces at the corner of the chair. 

You can use any fabric to design your chair according to environmental conditions. However, I recommend using crushed velvet because it has a shiny surface that gives your room an elegant look. You can also apply crystal buttons on the stapler pins that cover all the points.

How to upholster a simple plastic chair?

Use the firm measuring tape to determine the exact size of the chair. Do not use flexible measuring tape because it cannot use for furniture measurements.

When you measure the chair, then keep the tape round up about half an inch. Next, measure the width of the chair back and write it on paper. Now measure the back height and note it.

After this:

  1. Measure the distance from the arm of the chair to its back on both sides.
  2. Measure the legs from the seat to the ground.
  3. Measure the front side of the chair to the center and note it.

Proper measurements are essential because it makes sure that you are getting well with the chair.

Cut the cardboard

Before cutting, join layers of cardboard with glue to make them thicker. Next, take two parallel cardboard sheets and fix them with each other.

You can cut the cardboard with a sharp knife. You can also use a cardboard cutting knife that is an electric tool and gives smooth cutting.

Mark on the cardboard with a pen before cutting. Now set it on the cutting mat and puncture it with the knife end. Next, hold the cutter tightly and drag it toward you slowly.

Always use the cutting mat; otherwise, it damages your surface. Keep your other hand away during cutting because the cutter can slip and injure your hand. Cut the same line 2 to 4 times so that it is cut properly.

Now put the decorative pieces on the top of the cardboard and tracing them on it. After this, take the cutter and cut the cardboard according to the design.

You can also use a rotatory cutter while to cut the designs on the cardboard. Apply pressure on the blade so that you can cut it at one time.

You can also use scissors to cut the designs of the cardboard. You can use a cardboard cutting knife because it has a sharp blade that can easily cut the cardboard in any shape.

Fix cardboard around the plastic chair

You should add a plastic piece before fixing the cardboard at the back of the plastic chair. Then, attach the plastic part with the cardboard and set it.

Attach another piece of cardboard at the bottom of the chair below its seat and fix them with tape. Now attach the long piece of cardboard around the back of the chair.

Cover all the back of your chair with the cardboard and fix them with the tape. Set the cardboard with the plastic piece and fix it at the arm of the chair. Now set the cardboard around the edges and cut the extra.

Cut foam pieces

You can take1 to 2 inches thick form. Mark on the foam according to measurement and cut it with the cutter. Next, cut the upper side of the foam to the cardboard design.

Attach the foam to the arm of the chair and fold it on one side. Next, fix the foam on the cardboard by using glue.

It forms a beautiful curve that changes the shape of the handle of the plastic chair. Now set the foam at another hold of the furniture and fix it with tape.

Now cut the form for the backside of the chair and make holes after 2 to 3 inches. Finally, directly attach this foam with the cardboard to its back.

Set the velvet fabric

Measure the fabric, cut it according to the cardboard’s size, and put it at the back of the chair. Next, measure some extra piece that is about 2 to 3 inches than the cardboard size.

Now adjust the fabric on the foam and attach it with pins at the corner. After this, you can take a stapler and staple the material with the holes on the foam.

Set the velvet fabric on the holes, make layers, and staple the corners of the material with the foam. Now push the extra piece of cloth between the seats and fasten them tightly. Stretch the fabric tightly because it is flexible; otherwise, it loses after some time.

Set the handle of the chair

Add an extra layer of foam on the handle that gives a thick look and attach them with the tape. Now put a double layer of the fabric on the arm; otherwise, it becomes slippery.

Set the layer at the front side of the handle and staple them properly. Now adjust the lower side of the velvet within the foam of the seat.

Do not put so many layers of foam and cardboard on your chair because it makes them bulky. Instead, always use the same size of foam and cardboard so that it looks the same from every side.

Do not use rigid cardboard because it can not bend easily. You can not make the design of this cardboard because it can not fix quickly. Check all the stapler pins; otherwise, it moves out and changes the look of the chair.

Prepare seat

Measure the distance between the handle with the measuring tape, and mark on the foam according to this measurement.

You can take about 3 to 4 inches of thick foam and cut them according to the measurement. Next, add another piece of foam to make the seat thick and soft. Now attach a triple layer of the velvet fabric to the center and fix it tightly.

Staple all the corners of the velvet fabric at the back of the seat. Now cut the extra piece of fabric and attach the edges with the glue.

Take a solid plastic piece and attach it to the bottom of the seat. Now put this seat on the chair and staple it tightly to its arms and back.

Set legs of the chair

Cut the cardboard in the rectangular position and fix it around the legs. Now cut a thin layer of foam and set it on the cardboard.

Cut the fabric and staple it tightly to the foam. You can do this with all the legs of the chair. 

Some decoration pieces are also available to fit under the chair’s legs, and their height increases. 

How do you furnish a plastic chair?

Take a golden strip and attach it to a chair. Fix this strip with glue to the joints of the chair. You can also set it around the corner of the handle.

Take a decoration piece of metal and color it according to the shade of the velvet. I recommend the golden color because it is shiny and gives a beautiful look to the furniture.

Mark on the furniture where you want to install these decorative panels. Now make the hole on the points and put metal panels on it. Now take a screw and shade it with golden spray.

After this:

  1. Fix the screw to the points and tighten them.
  2. Attach the decoration panel at both handles of the chair.
  3. After this, connect the golden lace to all sides of the decorative panels.

You can take beautiful crystals and attach it on the stapler pins so that it looks gorgeous. Then, attach the shiny crystals with glue to the fixpoint tightly.

Why would you use velvet fabric to upholster plastic chairs?

Select the velvet fabric for the plastic chair because it is soft and shiny. It also highlights the shape of the furniture and easily adjusts at the corners.

Velvet has different types, such as silk velvet. It is expensive, but it is a shiny and soft fabric. It gives a wet impression, and you feel luxurious when you touch them.

Another type of velvet is nylon velvet, and it is best for the furniture because it can easily according to the design.

You can also use crushed velvet that gives a shiny surface to the furniture.

I recommend using nylon velvet because it can quickly fix the form of the chair. In addition, you can take an extra piece of fabric to set easily without making joints between them.

Time and cost

You think that the cost to upholster a plastic chair is very high, but it ranges between $8 to $9.

If you use high-quality material, then it is expensive; therefore, use everyday decorative pieces. It takes about 3 to 4 hours, and it takes too much time to cut.

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