How Much Does a Sleeper Sofa Weigh?

How Much Does a Sleeper Sofa Weigh?

It is necessary to know the weight of a sleeper sofa for its shifting, replacing, discarding, rearranging, and relocating. 

How Much Does a Sleeper Sofa Weigh? A sleeper sofa weighs between 70 to 190 pounds (31kg to 86kg) depending on its shape and size. You can calculate its weight yourself while it can hold around 500 to 800 pounds on it. On average, the weight of these sofas is around 120 pounds, with 70x35x33 inches in size.

These couches are different from the traditional ones due to having a pullout design that provides sufficient space to sleep comfortably on them.

The mattress or seats attached can be popped out or sliding-folding depending upon the manufacturing and installation design.

Makers design special seats for these to adjust and mold according to the intended placement and use. 

I prefer inflatable ones because they are feasible when moving it upstairs or shifting it to another place.

They are dual-purpose furniture with better durability and reliability that you can use as a living sofa and a convertible bed to relax at night.

Their biggest advantage is that you can place them in any room and convert it to a bed quickly. Especially when many guests arrive suddenly, and you can no bed to adjust them.

Besides use, they are also popular for their versatile designs, modern styles, and trendy look that appears to be a statement piece if upholstered with a bright color fabric.

The weight of sleeper sofas of different brands

There are typically three things that add variation to the heaviness of furniture. They are its frame material, mattress, and manufacturing design.

All these add or subtract the significant number of pounds in a couch, so you should consider these factors, then choose one appropriate for you.

Always look for a lighter sofa, if possible, or get a medium-weight one so it will be easy for you to haul it to any room.

However, do not neglect the fact that cheaper material is lighter than a high-quality material, so examine properly because some local stores mask low-material with staining and finishing.

27 Examples of Sleeper Sofas with their Weight, Size, and Shape

Name Weight in pounds Weight in kg Size/ dimension (inches)


 Material Shape
Nouhaus module 105 pounds 47.6272 kg 80 x 35 x 33 inches Wood/ woven knit Rectangle
Ashley signature contemporary 145 pounds 65.7709 kg 81 x 50 x 33 inches Wood/ fabric L-shaped
Zinus Benton couch 90 pounds 40.8233 kg 74 x 28 x 30 inches Wood/ polyester fabric Rectangle
Apepro sleeper 75 pounds 34.0194 kg 44 x 35 x 30 inches metal / linen Rollaway
Vonanda convertible chair bed 60 pounds 27.2155 kg 33 x 33 x 24 inches Metal / faux leather Square
Merax pull out sofabed 110 pounds 49.8952 kg 53 x 32 x 16 inches Wood/ velvet L-shape
Rivet Andrew contemporary 125 pounds 56.699 kg 79 x 35 x 29 inches Wood/ leather Square
Hontop folding sleeper 45 pounds 20.4117 kg 78 x 40 x 15 inches Cotton Rectangle
Edenbrook lynnwood tufting 100 pounds 45.3592 kg 74 x 28 x 33 inches Wood/ faux leather Rectangle
Serta rane convertible 58 pounds 26.3084 kg 64 x 30 x 27 inches Wood/ fabric Rectangle
Rivet Aiden mid-century 124 pounds 56.2455 kg 85 x 35 x 30 inches Wood/ linen L-shape
Poly and bark napa 120 pounds 54.4311 kg 70 x 35 x 30 inches Wood/ leather Loveseat
Rivet bingelow modern 108 pounds 48.988 kg 88 x 35 x 29 inches Wood/ linen Rectangle
Zinus Ricardo tufted sleeper 83 pounds 37.6482 kg 76 x 28 x 29 inches Wood/ polyester fabric Rectangle
Rivet revolve reversible 121 pounds 54.8847 kg 80 x 64 x 36 inches Wood/ polyester fabric L-shape
Zinus Jackie tool-free 84 pounds 38.1018 kg 68 x 30 x 33 inches Wood/ fiber  rectangle
AC pacific mid-century 182 pounds 82.5538 kg 92 x 62 x 30 inches Wood / metal/ polyester fabric L-shape
Stone and neam down-filled 134 pounds 60.7814 kg 90 x 40 x 30 inches Wood/ leather rectangle
Serta Harmon reversible 130 pounds 58.967 kg 78 x 55 x 33 inches Wood/ polyester L-shape
Vonanda ottoman sleeper chair 70 pounds 31.7515 kg 35 x 26 x 15 inches  Metal/ leather rectangle
Rivet cove modern tufted 85 pounds 38.5554 kg 70 x 30 x 33 inches Wood/ foam Square
Serta Copenhagen pillowed back 73 pounds 33.1122 kg 70 x 35 x 34 inches Wood/ fabric square
Vonanda folding ottoman 68 pounds 30.8443 kg 72 x 35 x 18 inches Metal/ linen rectangle
Pawnova convertible sectional 80 pounds 36.2874 kg 70 x 45 x 26 inches Wood/ linen L-shape
Container furniture direct 135 pounds 61.235 kg 95 x 90 x 30 inches Wood/ velvet L-shape
Legend chaise storage 170 pounds 77.1107 kg 90 x 55 x 30 inches Wood/ velvet  L-shape
Aixsponsa folding sofa 81 pounds 36.741 kg 45 x 25 x 12 inches Metal/ silk/ linen Chair style

What is the heaviest sleeper sofa?

AC pacific mid-century modern style couch is the heaviest with around 180 pounds and has l-shape wooden and metal.

It depends upon the quantity of material used in the frame to build the whole structure, such as metal, wood, and fabric.

Usually, these sofas have big folded or slide-in mattresses, which means more foam is present in these than other standard couches.

These require more yards of cloth to cover the structure and foam from all the sides and corners and multiple layers in some areas.

You will see only legs from the outside in most designs, but it does not mean that it lacks metal or wood underneath the padding and seats.

It has a properly built structure, whether visible from the outside or not, and needs much metal or wood.

The wood is heavy than the metal, especially when it is original, and it makes a lot of difference to the weight.

The renowned brands always use wood to build them instead of metal because metal is not that durable and long-lasting, despite being resistant to corrosion.

Also, there is an additional railing or sliding system in some sofas to convert them to the bed when required.

These transition railing systems are of metal and consist of rods and brackets for proper support and strength.

These components increase the weight of the final product to a greater extent and make them heavier than standard furniture.

How weight varies with the shape of the sleeper sofa?

You will find them in queen size, single seats, futon-style, twin size, sectional three seats, love seats, and other styles with varying capacities.

Different design furniture weighs differently because of the shape, and you can get a lightest to the heaviest sleeping sofa under the same name but different shapes.

The L-shape, square, and rectangular shapes are common, with an accommodation range of 1 to 7 people.

Most of them are very similar to a bed and have a flat, outward mattress when unfolded while it looks buried and summed up in the frame when folded.

Also, some brands offer an adjustable, folding shape that looks like an ottoman but is modern style and can open to a single-size bed.

Track-arm, the diplomat, rolled arm are also popular because of their unique design and large space.

Some couches look like traditional ones, and no one can think that they can extend to a full-size bed, but they are surprisingly innovative.

I saw an elevated bunk sofa bed that opens into two platforms, so one person can sleep on the upper platform and the other on the lower.

It has a built-in metal ladder to go up and can bend into a typical couch, so it is perfect for children because they love such beds. 

Concisely, a sleek and narrow design is lighter than L-shapes and full-size ones because they do not consume much material.

Few examples are:

  • Modern convertible – 70 pounds
  • Track arm – 80 pounds
  • Elevated – 130 pounds
  • L-Shaped – 90 pounds

The average size of a sleeper sofa that determines its weight

On average, full-size furniture has a width of around 80 inches and a depth of 40 inches with 34 inches height. 

Moreover, it has armS 27 inches high, and both are at a distance of around 60 inches from each other.

The opened length of the mattress is around 91 inches which is enough for a taller person also.

There is a difference of 15 to 20 inches in length and width between queen-size and twin-size. 

You can choose them according to the dimensions of your room, and a loveseat or bed chair are best for a small room that can accommodate one person at a time if sleeping freely.

On the other hand, you can look for a queen or king sleeper sofa for a big room, so two to three-person can easily lay on these overnight.

Some examples of standard size, according to the shapes, are:

  • Pullout chair – 50 to 67 inches
  • Queen sleeper – 77 to 98 inches
  • King couch – 85 to 95 inches
  • Loveseat – 45 to 70 inches
  • Sectional – 110 x 85 x 130 inches
  • Ottoman – 46 to 70 inches

All these have specific mattress width that ranges from 30 to 60 inches while the king sofa has big foam of around 80 inches width.

The weight of the furniture increase with the type and thickness of the mattress. Here are some examples of it:

  • Queen-size mattress – 75 to 95 pounds
  • Futon bed foam- 55 to 85 pounds
  • Twin-size mattress – 40 to 65 pounds

Now you can get the idea, why they are heavy and why brands charge more with the increasing quality of the foam.

However, the smallest ones are the lightest ones, like chairs or ottomans, while the heaviest are the king and queen size because they contain more components and materials. You can also replace sleeper sofa mattress for better results.

How to calculate the weight of the sleeper sofa?

Sometimes, you have to reupholster or move it to another area, and you do not know anything about its heaviness.

Many people start moving it without knowing about its weight which is extremely risky and can hurt severely.

Furniture is a huge item, so always estimate how heavy it is before starting with any process.

You can use an online calculator that works on the information of dimensions of the sofas, along with the material of frame and mattress info.

These calculators are not that reliable in my view because you can accidentally feed wrong readings, or you can be unaware of the original material used in it.

Another way is to search for the same item with the same shape and dimensions online on recognized brand sites to get the idea.

There can be an error of 5 to 8 pounds, but it is not a big concern, and you can go with this margin.

Moreover, you can ask the company you have just bought the item about its details if it is a renowned brand.

What are the famous brands that offer the best sleeper sofas?

Several brands in the USA claim to provide high-quality furniture, and they have the best ranking and customer reviews regarding this.

However, they are much pricey and do not come in the budget of many people, but I recommend you always buy a good item because it is your investment for several years.

Ashley: Its signature design, chaise-sleeper, is famous for its style and quality.

Natuzzi: the leather used is original and top grade.

American leather: the most luxurious sofa you will find in the world with outclass leather

Palliser: the comfort level is high and comes in a reclining option.

Bernhardt: an American brand that has outstanding craftsmanship and quality detailing.

DPH hamilton: premium quality futon piece

Novogratz Brittany: comfy futon with good design.

Lazar: custom designing options with a high-quality product.

Nouhaus: woven-knit, pullout couch with futon bed.

PB: comfortable, streamlined two-seater 

Walmart: convertible rounded arms, glam piece

Wayfair: velvet square arm, tufted sofa

Burrow nomad: twin-sized memory foam for small space.

Crate and barrel: best trundle queen Bedford, with a pullout rail system.

West elm: provides customized, classic, and clean-line silhouette furniture.

Can you sleep on a sleeper couch all night, and how much weight can it hold?

You can rest on them all the time with ease and solace because they are made only for this purpose, as indicated from their name.

You will suffer no pain, sprains, and fatigue while relaxing on these sofas if you choose the right one for you.

The concern is the suitability, which depends on the place you keep it, your height, and weight.

The comfort and flexibility level also varies with the shape and size as you can not lay a 6 feet person on a 4 to 5 feet long couch, and an obese person can not sleep on a sectional 3-seater.

Imagine you have an ottoman sleeper that is narrow and has no standard backrest, so how can you lay comfortably on it.

In contrast, think of a club queen or modern 2-section sofa with a greater depth, and I can bet you will feel 80% relaxed on it.

It indicates that buying any furniture is not enough and you have to consider your use and need then bring appropriate one.

Moreover, it has a limited capacity of holding weight and can deteriorate when added more pressure.

On average, a sleeper sofa can hold around 250 to 300 pounds when it is twin-seat, while a full-size or sectional can hold up to 500 to 800 pounds, so do not load it more than its accommodation capacity.

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