How to Fix a Burn Hole in a Leather Couch?

How to Fix a Burn Hole in a Leather Couch?

Here are 8 easy DIY methods to fix a burn hole in a leather couch. We have added the required tools in this step-by-step guide.

How to Fix a Burn Hole in a Leather Couch? You can fix a burn hole in a leather couch by using glue, sewing it together, patching with vinyl sheet, cover it with glitter glue, applying fabric paint, and with a leather repair kit.

Leather is the most durable, long-lasting, and reliable fabric for sofas and couches. The adverse effects of using leather are that a little spark of cigarette can make a big leather hole. 

Patching the burn hole in leather sofa with Glue

There are specific glues available for sticking fabrics, known as fabric glue. These glues are white, some are transparent, and some are colored. People have been using these for years to fi their sofas.

The primary purpose of these colored gules is to fit in the fabric. So if the couch is burnt, you can get a patch of fabric and apply sufficient glue. It just takes a few minutes, and your furniture will be back to normal.

Now, let it dry for some time, and then paste it over the burnt area; the step-by-step method is described below. That is considering the best quick hack, which saves them time and money.

Essential Accessories:

  • A Fabric Glue
  • Scissors
  • A patch of fabric.

Take a scissor and cut the burnt area’s edges; take a Fabric patch of 3.5 inches. Apply a good quantity of fabric glue on it and let it sit for a while. Then, paste it over the burnt place, and let it dry.

Sewing it together

Sewing is a good choice, and you need a strong and thick thread for this purpose.

First, look from where the couch has burnt, if it’s on the side which is not used much for sitting purposes.

If the hole is on the back of the couch or the arm, take a specific needle for stitching sofas, put a thread on it and start sewing the burnt area.

It is quick and easy, and if the settee is burnt from the site of seating, all you need is a fabric patch in a square shape.

Place it on the burnt area and stitch the fabric’s square sides because the couch seats are used; a long-lasting solves the issue. It is why a square fabric patch is a must; this conceals the burnt area efficiently.

Patching with vinyl sheet

Vinyl sheet is an eco-friendly plastic that is available in various colors, styles, and designs. Unfortunately, this sheet is not available in patch form; you have to cut it according to your need.

Every style comes up with an eye-catching color, which enhances everything they use. There are two helpful methods.

 Take a scissor and cut the vinyl sheet according to the need. Then, clean the burnt place with a wet cloth and let it dry.

Apply the vinyl adhesive on the vinyl patch, let it sit for a while, then paste it on the affected area.

If there is a dye on the leather, it is quite tricky to conceal the burnt hole.

Take the dye color in liquid form and a transparent vinyl sheet. Apply dye on transparent vinyl patch.

Leave it for a while, let it dry, and repeat the previous procedure; apply adhesive on the patch and paste it on the area.

Using the Leather Repair Kit

The leather couch repair kit contains accessories that are used in repairing every sort of leather damage.

That contains:

  • Leather Shiner
  • Leather hole repair applicator
  • Self-adhesive leather couch patch.
  • Leather repair liquid.

It is the best and most preferred technique of repairing leather, and this kit has all the professional accessories that help repair any leather damage.

Take a semi-wet cloth and clean the burnt area. If there is a hole, use the hole repair applicator and a burnt patch than prefer a self-adhesive leather couch patch.

After leaving for a while, apply a leather shiner on the affected area; this gives a glossy look to the couch, and no one can ever find from where the couch burn.

Other ways to conceal burnt couch: There are other ways to cover a burnt hole or patch efficiently.

This method and techniques are to cover the burnt area and enhance the beauty of the divan.

Cover the burn hole with glitter glue

Children sometimes draw lines with a marker or a sharp pencil on the settee, putting scratches on it.

If the children get their hands on lighter, they cannot understand between right and wrong and burn a sofa.

If this uncertainty happens with your couch, you can apply fabric glitter glue on the affected area; this gives an enchanting look to the whole divan.

Sofas other than leather material have a plus point that if they burn from a small area. Other sofas did not catch fire in leather, and a small fire spark can lead to huge destruction.

Having a leather couch needs huge maintenance; one has to take proper care and not spare a sofa with children alone.

Try fabric paints

Fabric paints are the most convenient and easy to use; they make leather products look more attractive, the leather’s texture is shiny, so the paint looks smooth.

Take a Multicolor fabric paint tube and then take a transparent fabric tape fitted to the affected area.

Apply the tape to the burnt area, cut the remaining tape with a scissor, and apply desired paint on tape with the brush and let it dry.

Dos and Don’ts

The Main hacks to conceal your burnt sofa are described above. Some mistakes are common, and almost every unprofessional person repeats them to repair the burnt area.

Dos Don’ts
Always clean the burnt area of the sofa with a semi-wet cloth. Do not use petrol or kerosene oil.
Observe the burnt area first, then decide which method is applicable. Do not try different techniques bluntly.
If you find it difficult, seek professional help. Do not try to repair if you are not sure about anything.
Coconut Oil can be used as a shiner. Avoid Seeds oil.
Always stitch if the settee is burnt from the area which is not used for seating purpose. Do not stitch if the seating area is burnt. Always use adhesives and patches.
When you use a vinyl patch, always use vinyl adhesive. Do not apply fabric glue on the vinyl patch; it may not fit properly.

How to prevent leather couches from burning?

Avoid placing accessories made from pure leather in direct sunlight, as they are made from pure leather.

If there is continuous sunlight exposure, this will make leather hot and weaken its durability.

Do not apply to clean leather settee with gasoline and its related products because some leather sofas have a color dye on them, which can ruin by using such products.

Avoid placing hot plates on the couch.

Avoid smoking while sitting on the divan; smoking in a covered area is itself detrimental to health, and it is not a good choice for a leather couch.

Avoid placing phones and laptops on the sofa while charging because charging makes products eject heat that heats the seat and losses its durability.

Do not allow your kids to use a pencil or any sharp object on the sofa.

I always prefer couch detergents and follow professional advice for cleaning.

In case there is no professional kit available, you can use white vinegar mixed with distilled water and a clean cloth. Dip the cloth in the vinegar-water solution and clean the sofa with gentle hands.

Do not apply plain vinegar on the sofa; always mix it with water.

Spray the mixture of coconut oil and water on the couch to make it moist and dirt-free.

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