Can You Put a Headboard in Front of a Window?

Can You Put a Headboard in Front of a Window?

Windows bring in the fresh air, natural light in your home and help in improving the overall comfort. Sometimes having the headboard against the window adds a unique touch.

Can You Put a Headboard in Front of a Window? You can put the headboard in front of the window to have more free space in your bedroom. However, it blocks the sunlight in the room, and you have to turn on the lights even during the daytime. Moreover, the noise coming from outside disturbs your sleep. The air will not circulate in the room due to the raised headboard, and you can feel suffocated. In addition, it blocks the outside view, and the opening or closing of windows damages the bed surface.

Headboards are essential to support your bed and protect the wall against abrasion. But putting the bed in front of the window blocks the way, and you may experience the following challenges.

It blocks sunlight

A bedroom with natural sunlight coming from outside is always better, and it makes your room bright. In addition, it bathes your room with a rich, full-spectrum hue that no light bulb can do.

If you place the headboard in front of a window, it blocks the sunlight and makes the room dark or gloomy.

You have to put more light bulbs in the room to lighten it, and at the end of the month, you have to pay a lot of money for electricity bills.

Moreover, the room walls are more exposed to hot or cold weather conditions as the raised bed backs do not let the sunlight come in.

For example, if you want to sleep with an open window in cold weather, there are more chances of getting sick due to the cold breeze as it directly touches your head. Similarly, in hot weather, the air is coming from outside makes you feel sweaty while sleeping.

Disturbance due to noise

When placed in front of the window, you find difficulty sleeping due to the outside noise. Sometimes it opens on the roadside, and you feel every little movement.

The noise may disrupt your sleep pattern, and you do not feel fresh when you wake up. In addition, sometimes you may hear the cars moving on the road, disturbing your sleep.

Moreover, if you live in a noisy neighborhood or a busy street, then you do not have a quality sleep if your head is right under it.

The outside noise is not comforting as you wake up in the middle of the night, affecting your mood.

You feel less secure

Having a bed close to the window can make outside sounds louder and even more frightful. Also, if it opens on the terrace, you may feel that someone is walking around the room.

In addition, leaving them open is a serious threat to security. For example, if you sleep by opening them, you are vulnerable to many elements, intruders, and even weather conditions.

Sometimes you see or feel moving shadows created by the lights or nearby objects in the middle of the night. These movements may scare you, and it becomes difficult to sleep due to insecurity.

Moreover, the cat jumps on the balcony, and I get scared due to the noise.

No air crossing

The primary purpose of having a window in a room is ventilation as it manages indoor temperature. They are essential as they keep the indoor atmosphere clean and fresh.

If the room is crowded with people, the air will not flow and cause suffocation. Sleeping in a room with no ventilation interrupts the sleep cycle and causes inadequate sleep or insomnia.

You may feel tired due to poor sleep with less productivity in a day, negatively affecting your mood.

The fresh air will not circulate in the room, and the stale air reduces the oxygen reserves in the surrounding.

In addition, the room has poor ventilation due to the closed windows or doors, and even the ceiling fan is turned off in winter.

Moreover, turning on the gas heater causes suffocation due to the less air circulation in the room.

Blocks outside view

If you have a room with a beautiful view, you may be tempted to wake up in the morning by watching it. The windows provide light, warmth, beauty, and it is a portal to access the outside world.

If you place the bed in front of the window, it interferes with the sight, and you cannot enjoy the bright sunny morning.

You can relax or think by standing beside it if the space is not occupied with the bed. However, if your kids are playing outside, you cannot see their activities due to obstacles.

Sometimes in the rainy season, you want to enjoy the rain with your loved ones but cannot do so due to the placement of the headboard.

Moreover, it blocks the light of the moon from entering the room and completely darkens it.

Disturbance in sleep

When you are sleeping on a bed, and someone opens the window, you feel disturbance as it hits the bed’s surface.

You have to struggle more to open and close them every day, which seems problematic. Moreover, it is difficult to open the window as the curtains are tangled.

Sometimes you do not have access to them due to the headboard, and you have to move the bed aside to open it.

It becomes more difficult to drag the bed in the forward direction, and it also disturbs the sleep of nearby people.

Scratches or damage to the headboard

You may experience a scratch or damage to your furniture due to the opening or closing of the window.

It will create a scratch and peel off the wood when it hits the bed surface.

Sometimes your kids try to open it, and the corner rubs against the bed resulting in damage to the surface.

If the bed is placed near it, then the UV rays coming from the outside result in fading the paint or polish of your bed.

In bad weather conditions, the rain comes inside and damages the bed with splashes.

Dust and moisture

If you open the window, dust enters it, and your furniture looks bad. You cannot clean behind the bed, and the dust accumulates on the surface of it.

You have to clean the bed or room regularly as the dust leads to breathing issues for some people.

Moreover, if they are open, then there are more chances that moisture can get inside and damage the bed.

There is a risk of moisture that may turn into molds and cause an allergic reaction. Airing out the room is a great way to replace the humidity with fresh air to prevent mold growth on your bed.

You are more exposed to the damp night air coming from the leaky window frames if your bed is placed against it.

I also faced the same issue as the moisture getting into the bed fabric and producing an unpleasant smell.

Why do some people put headboards in front of windows?

Some people prefer to put it in front of the window if they are tight on space. However, it saves room space, and your room looks spacious as other furniture items are placed in the right spot.

The room looks visually pleasing if the back of the bed is not hiding the outside view. Practically, if the headboard is in front of it, it frees up a lot of space in your room to place the other furniture items.

Some people prefer dark bedrooms; that is why they put the bed against the window for restorative or deep sleep. Also, it is suitable for people who need privacy as no one can see through the windows in the room.

If they are in the center of your room, then placing the headboard against it is a good option as it balances the room.

Sometimes people do not have plain walls in the bedroom, so they have to place their bed on this side. My friend prefers to put the headboard with the window to free up the room space.

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