How High to Hang Mirror Over Nightstands?

How High to Hang Mirror Over Nightstands?

Nightstands are the attractive part of the furniture that you can place on the sides of your bed. The mirror over them increases the beauty of the interior.

How High to Hang Mirror Over Nightstands? You can hang the mirror by keeping it 4 to 5 inches above the nightstands for better visibility. You cannot hang it at a higher level than this because it disturbs the eyesight level and does not show the room. You can adjust the height of the mirror according to the size of the headboard of your bed. You cannot add it close to the nightstand as it shows the image of the accessories present on it. You have to place it at the center of the side table to make your room look good.

The appropriate height of the mirror is necessary as it helps decorate the room by the reflection of light.

You can hang them at a suitable place for decoration purposes and see yourself in it.

Many people commonly fix them some inches above the side table if their rooms are small. 

What height is suitable to hang a mirror over nightstands?

The main factor that is crucial in the hanging of the mirror is the size of your room. The height of the walls determines what height is suitable for the bed and the nightstands.

You can utilize the wall space above the bed or the side for decoration purposes because it is a different place that does not provide space for furniture.

You can add the mirror at the back of the nightstand. It makes your room unique and gives a stylish look to your room.

The size of the mirror should not be more than the size of the side table. You should leave 4 to 5 inches of space from both sides of the mirror from the total size of the nightstand.

If the size of your bed is more than 39 inches from the floor, then you can leave the space of almost 3-4 inches between them.

You can leave the space of 5 to 7 inches if the size of the stand ranges from 35 to 38 inches. But if its size is less than this range, then you should add the space of almost 9 to 13 inches.

However, the adjustment at the accurate level is necessary. If you add it slightly down, you cannot see yourself in it because it will show the image of things present on the side table.

Sometimes, people adjust their furniture so that bed and side tables cover the whole wall. 

For this purpose, you can add the mirror that covers the wall from the floor to 5 to 6 inches below the ceiling.

How to hang a mirror over the nightstand?

There are different styles to hang a mirror over the nightstand. It’s up to you that either you choose a circular, rectangular, oval, or pentagon-shaped mirror for your room.

Here are some factors that are involved in its selection. 

You should select a rectangular mirror for a bed with a tall headboard.

Similarly, use a circular mirror for a bed with a small headboard.

If you have a nightstand in the form of a simple and small table, you can add a pentagonal mirror.

A big mirror is needed for a side table in the form of a dressing table to make it easy to get ready and give the room a broad look.

In addition, you cannot directly place them on the side tables because a sudden wobbling or hitting can damage them.

If its size is greater than the nightstand, it goes out of the boundary, and you cannot adjust it because of the bed’s headboard.

You have to adjust the mirror at a distance from the bed so that it does not cause damage to anyone sitting on the bed.

All you need is a stud, a screw, and a drill machine that helps hang a mirror. It is better to use 3 to 4 inches screw and fix it over the stud.

There are mounting brackets that help in the accurate fixation of the material. You can fix your mirror on these brackets for proper adjustment.

Some of my friends told me they had hung two mirrors over the nightstand. It gives a unique touch to the modern-style rooms.

Is it safe to place a mirror over the nightstand?

You can hang it behind the nightstand, but you have to take some precautionary measures while doing this. 

If the mirror is near the floor, the kids in the learning phase of walking can hurt themselves while playing in the bedroom.

If only adults live in a room, adding mirrors that reflect the open windows and brighten the room is good.

It gives an elegant look, and the room appears to be quite stylish as it comes in various designs. 

If you have a bigger room, you can add two side tables along the two sides of the bed. It can cover the space and look good to the one who enters the room.

Moreover, you can adjust the color of the wall according to the theme of your furniture. It also adds lighting to your interior.

You should adjust side tables along the wall where you have placed your bed to give a complete look to your interior.

It goes well with the headboard and provides a spacious look to your interior. Many people cover up the space in the master bedroom by adding a big size bed and dresser at each size of it.

Full-length mirrors are suitable for such rooms, and you can add a mirror on the upper wall of the headboard, which is quite a common trend these days.

Why you should not hang the mirror over the nightstand?

Many people do not like to add mirrors in their rooms as it can cause many problems.

If there is already a mirror present in the room, there is no need to add another one. However, it can decrease the glamour of your interior.

You cannot use it for any purpose if you attach it above the eyesight level. This is because it does not show the room entirely and is of no use.

In this case, you should adjust it at a slightly lower level where the interior is visible and give a more prominent look to your room.

If you do not adjust it accurately, you can face hazardous effects. It can fall at any time and can cause damage to other things.

Sometimes, you may hang them correctly, but even a slight tilt can make them fall. So you have to be careful that you should secure the mirror with solid support.

In addition, your children can also sit on the nightstands, and they can easily touch them, which can increase the risk of injury and damage.

Moreover, you cannot directly place it on the table because it can slip at any time and increase the risk of injury.

You should avoid hanging heavy mirrors because they do not stay at their place for long, and they can fall.

What other things to hang above the nightstand?

Nightstands are essential besides the bed as these are the spot to place things needed when you are sitting on the bed.

You can decorate your side tables by adding family photographs above them.

I have seen many people add some kind of artwork or decoration pieces and even musical instruments on the wall right above this table.

It depends on the choice of everyone what they like to place. Hanging lamps add light to the interior and provide a comfortable and sound sleep.

I have added my family picture in a beautiful frame on one nightstand and a metal frame on the other side.

Adding a painting on the back wall of the table to give a decorative touch to the interior. Many people add fairy lights to the mirror, illuminating the whole room.

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