How Much Does a Leather Sofa Cost?

How Much Does a Leather Sofa Cost?

High-quality leather sofas can be expensive. However, leather sofas are comfortable and long-lasting with a vast range of prices.

Around 89% to 98% of people select leather sofas in the USA due to affordable cost and warranty policies.

How Much Does a Leather Sofa Cost? A leather sofa costs around $1490 to $2045, and it can reach up to $8000 to $9000 in few conditions. The rectangular, L-shape, and square leather sofas have a maximum cost between $1900 to $2130. They have an average weight of around 140 pounds to 305 pounds with 45x91x46 inches in size.

Several types of leather with their colors are appealing for the buyers. The design varies with the leather, and the finishing has different alterations. The trend of leather sofas is increasing every year in the USA.

50 Examples of leather sofas with their cost, weight, size, and shape

Leather sofas Cost Weight Size Shape
Stone & beam Extra deep $1550 139 pounds 91 x 44 x 34 inches Rectangular
ACME Helena Green leather sofa $1610 89 pounds 87 x 39 x 35 inches Rectangular
ACME Tampa Pearl sofa $1560 246 pounds 105 x 87 x 36 inches L-shape
ACME Imogen Gray Loveseat Sofa $1650 157 pounds 68 x 42 x 43 inches Rectangular
ACME Retro TG sofa $2300 70 pounds 34 x 41 x 31 inches L-shape
ACME Tampa Airy green $2100 246 pounds 106 x 87 x 36 inches L-shape
ACME Matias Chocolate sofa $1800 56 pounds 89 x 37 x 35 inches Rectangular
ACME Malaga Cream leather couch $1900 26 pounds 86 x 37 x 35 inches Rectangular
Christopher Knight Reclining sofa $1230 80 pounds 35 x 45 x 44 inches Rectangular
Rivet revolve Modern loveseat sofa $1645 84 pounds 59 x 37 x 39 inches Rectangular
Christopher Knight Home Castalia Sofa $1440 58 pounds 81 x 36 x 31 inches Rectangular
ACME Maeko Dark grey leather couch $2130 241 pounds 115 x 70 x 41 inches L-shape
Christopher Knight Home sofa $1860 104 pounds 87 x 35 x 31 inches Rectangular
Blackjack Modern Reclining $1400 305 pounds 84 x 33 x 45 inches Rectangular
ACME Radwan Pesto green $1780 10 pounds 85 x 42 x 40 inches Flared
Christopher Knight Home Darcy brown sofa $1300 60 pounds 49 x 37 x 39 inches Square
Blackjack Portico Leather air mid sofa $1980 170 85 x 33 x 45 inches Rectangular
ACME Pesach Mustard sofa $1490 150 pounds 93 x 40 x 39 inches Rectangular
Christopher Knight Home Tignall Cognac brown sofa $1250 53 pounds 91 x 35 x 33 inches Rectangular &  flared
Christopher Knight Home Expresso Loveseat $1670 90 pounds 65 x 36 x 31 inches Rectangular
Blackjack Air mid Chocolate sofa $1250 140 pounds 61 x 33 x 42 inches Rectangular
ACME Valeria Watery sofa $1400 15 pounds 82 x 40 x 35 inches Flared
Blackjack Marsden Sleek reclining sofa $1000 158 pounds 69 x 35 x 44 inches Rectangular
Blackjack Binion Faux Match leather couch $1700 130 pounds 86 x 40 x 41 inches Rectangular
Coaster Delangelo Reclining sofa $980 30 pounds 45 x 89 x 45 inches Rectangular
Coaster furnishing Clifford Loveseat $1400 231 pounds 69 x 42 x 41 inches Rectangular
Darie Left-side Chaise $1890 181 pounds 120 x 81 x 37 inches Rectangular
Edenbrook Lynnwood Faux sofa $630 106 pounds 80 x 33 x 39 inches Rectangular
Divano Modern Roma sofa $1340 79 pounds 81 x 59 x 36 inches L-shape
Beverly Sectional Sofa $980 231 pounds 106 x 81 x 40 inches Rectangular
Poly & bark Tanned sofa $1270 130 pounds 40 x 87 x 36 inches Rectangular
Studio Atlas Bonded sofa $478 55 pounds 35 x 36 x 37 inches Rectangular
Rivet Aiden Reversible Sofa $1234 131 pounds 90 x 42 x 36 inches L-shape
Vonanda sofa $890 100 pounds 40 x 29 x 25 inches Rectangular
Signature Reclining Pull tab sofa $2045 230 pounds 44 x 90 x 45 inches Rectangular
Best choice Faux Reclining Sofa $880 72 pounds 70 x 33 x 35 inches L-shape
Stone & beam Down filled sofa $1700 142 pounds 92 x 46 x 34 inches Rectangular
Poly & bark Full-grain Nolita Sofa $1560 135 pounds 90 x 37 x 39 inches Rectangular
Signature Ashley design $1200 220 pounds 45 x 91 x 46 inches Rectangular
Rivet Andrews Contemporary sofa $1456 135 pounds 41 x 89 x 36 inches Square
Rivet Brooke Modern couch $1980 120 pounds 41 x 88 x 35 inches Square
Rivet Bigelow Cognac Sofa $1350 114 pounds 93 x 40 x 36 inches Square
Rivet reversible Sofa $1680 131 pounds 91 x 41 x 36 inches L-shape
Poly and bark NAPA leather sofa $1450 129 pounds 75 x 41 x 37 inches Loveseat
Christopher Knight Norma Brown sofa $1545 156 pounds 110 x 35 x 80 inches Rectangular
Lifestyle Sofa $1600 81 pounds 108 x 35 x 80 inches L-shape
Rivet Alonzo Leather sofa $1256 90 pounds 86 x 45 x 48 inches Square
Stone & beam Lauren Genuine sofa $1400 120 pounds 92 x 49 x 51 inches Rectangular
Poly & bark Girona Sofa $1560 87 pounds 40 x 92 x 37 inches Rectangular
Signature Casual Reclining $1200 254 pounds 45 x 92 x 45 inches Rectangular

Cost of full & top grain leather sofa

The sofa that requires imprinting of leather material on the top surface is known as a top-grain sofa. This is because it forms with the sanding away process of the top part. 

The uniformity of the surface makes it one of the most demanding sofas. However, it provides a smooth, natural, and authentic appearance to any living room.

A full grain sofa is a long-lasting and durable furniture item. It has a lifetime warranty due to its outstanding design and leather control. The average cost of such couches is around $1200 to $1500.

Cost of Royaline leather couch

It contains natural-looking leather and is resistant to spots and holes. The finishing has an inspiration from the pebbles. 

These are costly couches with an average price of around $1670 to $1890 approximately. In the United States of America, these are some of the most demanding furniture items. 

They add to the decoration and comfort of medium to large rooms. They are attractive, smooth, and can last for around 60 to 75 years without any damage. 

Price of Bonded leather couch

It is a reconstitution and blends the leather material with fabric. It also contains the hide of animals in manufacturing. The designs are attractive and colorful. 

It appeals to the customers, and they select them despite other options. In addition, they comprise natural material and differ from artificially coated leather couches.

On average, a bonded leather sofa costs you around $630 to $980. So these couches are slightly cheaper than other couches. 

The average price of Aniline leather sofa 

These are expensive in the pure and mixing forms. For example, the average cost of the sofa is around $1900 to $2000 and increases according to the size of a couch. 

The design and seats also enhance the total cost by hundreds of dollars instantly. In addition, they are durable items with attractive designs. 

All of them provide comfort, and customizing options are available. In addition, they add charm to the rooms and other furniture. 

Cost of Bi-cast leather sofa

The leather splitting results in the development of bi-cast material. As a result, these couches comprise layers of polyurethane in their design. 

It evolves from the shoe industry to the furniture portals. The demand and appeal lead them to these sections. 

It costs you around $478 to $880, and the price changes according to size and other features. 

What is the best type of leather for a sofa?

There is a vast list of leather materials for the manufacturing and designing of a sofa. All of them offer top results due to their texture and fixing abilities.

Leather with pigments is one of the most durable and demanding materials for these couches. It provides a consistent external appearance to the furniture. In addition, it can resist soiling to the peak level without damaging the surface. 

People purchase them in the form of rolls and hides. One square foot of this leather costs you around $15 to $17. The price of bundles is according to the number of square feet inside them.

The cost changes according to quantity, and quality remains similar even for a small piece.

The aniline leather is also in demand due to its appealing material and long-lasting effects. Moreover, it facilitates the sofa with a natural and attractive look. 

It has a particular limit of resistance against soiling. It is slightly more expensive than other forms of the material. 

The smaller sections and hides are high in their price range. However, the natural patina inside the material makes it costly. 

It enhances quality with time and results in a more attractive material. It happens due to the growth of the patina, and it is a built-in feature. However, it can cost you around $18 to $21 per square foot.

Semi-aniline leather is another type of material that makes the sofa attractive and comfortable simultaneously. 

It provides effects of both above types. It is plain and also contains different designs. You can select them according to your requirement and the size of the couch.

The cost of this leather is the highest among all because of its natural appearance with time. It costs you around $23 to $26 per square foot of semi-aniline leather. 

Are leather sofas expensive?

These are expensive items than the fabric upholstered couches. It happens due to the presence of high-quality and costly materials in the manufacturing process. 

They are long-lasting than foam sofas due to the protective material outside. Therefore, there is no need to replace these until a severe crack happens.

The modification and strength of the appearance with time passage are worth the overall cost of the couches. In addition, they are famous for their fitting, and adjustments are quick.

All of these features combine and increase the total cost. They are costly than any other form of sofas. The design and relevant sections enhance the prices by hundreds of dollars. 

How long does a leather sofa last?

It can last for around 22 years to 27 years without significant damages. It is a much greater period than a standard fabric sofa with foam inside.

The low ended furniture requires more replacements, but the leather couches support time. They are resistant to damages, and movement requires techniques. 

You can bring them to from one spot to the next corner with the help of 2 to 3 people. They are heavy due to external covering and inner frame. However, there is a minimum possibility of leather cracking.

It happens in those items that contain low-quality leather. The damages also depend on the type of material on the couches.

What is the cost of a used leather sofa?

The used leather sofas remain intact conditions without any apparent and inner damages. Therefore, they are in demand on the online authentic portals and reseller also offers them. 

None of them sell them due to cracks or holes in the leather.

People replace furniture, and it results in the availability of used furniture items. 

They remain expensive despite use, but the cost declines slightly according to the years. You can select a used leather sofa for around $780 to $890.

It changes according to effecting parameters and leather quality. 

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