Why is My Bed Always Cold

Why is My Bed Always Cold?

People feel uncomfortable in cold beds, particularly in the winter season. Many people do not know its exact cause, and they become curious and sleepless.

Why is My Bed Always Cold? According to our research, your bed can be always cold due to temperature fluctuations, using bed sheets that do not retain the warm air and open windows. Moreover, spillage of water on the mattress and placement of the mattress on the floor causes this problem.

Sometimes people feel difficulty in sleeping while lying in bed for a long time.

Why is my bed so cold?

It is due to the intolerable environment in which they sleep, so they take a warm bath before going to sleep to avoid this issue.

Rainy or cold weather

Weather affects the interior temperature of your room. It can lead to several issues if you do not take preventive measures.

The temperature of the room becomes low when there is raining outside. It is because of the spaces that appear due to faulty rubber bands between the window railings.

Cool air from the space under the door enters the room, making the environment cold.

The warm air from the inside keeps on moving outside due to the absence of an insulation layer that can elevate this issue.

Thin bed sheet

The fabric of the sheet matters a lot in maintaining the temperature of your bed. For example, it makes the surface cold if you use thin sheets.

The air passes through them continuously and enters the mattress. Therefore, it is not a better option in the winter season.

Many people use bed covers made of cotton, which does not trap the air. Hence, the cover does not retain the warm air inside and gives a cooler sensation.

Open windows

Cool air from outside gets trapped in the curtains, mattress, and the surrounding. It does not provide proper insulation in the room if you keep the windows open.

Moreover, dirt or dust particles start accumulating in the vents when you do not clean them regularly, which does not allow warm air to pass through them.

Another reason can be the presence of cracks in the wooden frame of the windows due to environmental fluctuations.

In addition, there are more chances of escaping warm air if you use single pane windows. The problem comes when the window fogs up due to poor seal.

Many rooms have a window that opens into the garden or lawn. As a result, the bed becomes cold due to the air that comes from the garden, and it is cold due to the presence of greenery.

Low room temperature

The room’s internal temperature is essential because it plays a significant role in making you feel comfortable.

When it is hot outside, you need to turn on the AC in your room to a lower temperature.

If you set the air conditioner at a low temperature, it freezes the environment, which can be a reason for making your room cold.

Water spillage on the mattress

The mattress can absorb liquid substances easily because of its porous material. It remains in the mattress for a long time as it cannot get dry quickly.

Kids play in their rooms and take eatables there, which can affect the fabric of the sheet. Sometimes kids spill water on the mattress and make it wet.

It may take a longer time to dry it if a full glass of water spills on the mattress because the water penetrates deep down in the layers of the foam.

Wetness keeps the bed cold for a long time, making the person restless and sleepless.

Placement of mattress 

The material of the mattress captures the cold and warm air from the surroundings. In many houses, there is a trend of floor bedding in which you place the mattress on the floor.

It does not remain warm by placing it directly on the tiles or marble floor because it absorbs the cold from the floor.

Furthermore, it maintains insulation between the bed and floor if you put it on the floor covered with carpet.

How do I warm up my bed?

I have added easy methods to make your bed warm during the night. These tips are ideal if your bed remains cold.

Choose thick or double sheets

You can use a proper method to arrange the bed sheet to keep it warm. For example, you can use double sheets on your bed for this purpose.

You can maintain the temperature if you put many layers of the sheet on the mattress. This layering method helps fix this issue.

You can replace thin sheets with thicker ones to have a sound sleep.

Material of sheets and blankets

You can choose a high-quality fabric that gives sufficient warmth to your bed. There are many types of bed sheets available in the market.

For the winter season, you can use flannel fabric that is warm enough to avoid cold. Moreover, you can use woolen sheets that trap heat from your body.

Many types of blankets are available in the stores that have quality material. Many electric blankets convert cold air into warm air.

Heavy cotton sheets are the best option in winter for people who feel more comfortable in cotton than any other fabric.

Woolen and polyester blankets keep you warm throughout the night. Furthermore, fleece blankets provide much warmth in cold weather.

Warm clothing

Clothing affects your body temperature to make you feel better. You can use warm clothing to avoid health issues in the winter season.

You can feel cold if you do not cover yourself when going to sleep. Wear woolen clothes and socks which keep the insulation.

Moreover, you can select a night dress according to the temperature of your room. The bed gets cold when you use synthetic plain fiber clothing, which does not trap the air.

Replace it with warm stuff that includes leather, fur, and nylon. Silk clothing is a natural material that keeps you warm in winter.

Use a hot water bottle

Take a bottle and fill it with warm water, then place it in your bed before going to sleep. Preheating your mattress is a better option to retain warmth in it.

It transfers the heat to the sheets and comforters, but you stay warm in the first half of the night.

You can feel comfortable in your bed because of the heat produced by your body. It traps the warmth from your body and helps you to have a sound sleep.

Keep the temperature of the water bottle optimal to avoid burns. Moreover, the glass bottle can break if you put boiling water in it.

Close the open windows 

Air can pass easily through small holes or spaces, and it is better to address that there are no holes in the room.

People do not focus on the window, which remains open for many hours bringing cold air inside the room.

Close it whenever you come in or move out of your room to fix this issue. Furthermore, use window films and expanding foams that prevent air crossing when the window is closed.

Using sealants to resist the rainwater entering the panes helps keep the room warm. Moreover, spray insulation material on the glass fills the spaces between railings.

Put AC on heating mode

The air conditioner works to maintain the temperature according to the weather. You can set it on the heating mode in the winter season, which works to lower the room temperature.

It is effective as you do not have to spend extra money to buy a heater. The optimal thermostat for the air conditioner is 19-23, which works efficiently in winter, but it works ideally at 24-25 degrees.

It makes the internal environment of the room cozy to keep the bed warm. In addition, the temperature during the day and night varies as your body does not require more heat at night than during the daytime.

Use heaters

Portable heaters are the best option to keep your bed warm. Such heaters are on the preference that automatically gets off once the ideal temperature is maintained.

It avoids the risk of fire and excessive heating in the room. Air ducts work for the entry of warm or cold air into the homes. Regularly clean the vents to avoid the blockage of warm air inside the house.

You can set the temperature at 64-66 degrees Fahrenheit in manual heaters that are good for the human body.

What do people say about it?

I surveyed 859 people who were facing the issue of cold beds to know the reasons that caused this issue and how it affected their life.

According to this survey, 541 people (63%) said their mattress gets so cold because of the poor ventilation, cracked windows railing, and floor bedding.

However, 215 people (25%) said it happened due to thin bed sheets and inappropriate material blankets.

While the remaining 103 people (12%) said, this issue elevated due to spillage of water on the mattress and from spaces under the doors.

Keeping your windows open can lower the room’s temperature and mattress, so it is better to close them to retain warmth.

“I forgot to close the windows, and my bed was too cold to sleep until I closed it.”

These sheets cannot lock warm air and make the mattress uncomfortable to sleep at night.

“I usually feel cold when I sleep on thin sheets, so I prefer to use thicker sheets to make the platform soft and cozy.”

You can keep the mattress on the wooden frame in winter as they begin to absorb the cold air from the ground.

“I like to sleep close to the ground, so I keep my mattress on the floor, making it cold.”

Is it normal for a bed to be always cold?

Our body produces heat while doing work, but the temperature falls while sleeping.

A bed cannot be cold as the human body transfers heat to the mattress. It is normal to feel cold when you lay on a mattress, but the temperature changes as time passes.

It is alarming if the temperature remains the same throughout the night. You need to sort out the issue and fix it immediately.

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