Can you hang curtains over hot water baseboard heaters?

Can you hang curtains over hot water baseboard heaters?

Curtains or drapes are essential accessories in the interior design of your room. However, many people find it challenging to hang them over a baseboard heating system.

Can you hang curtains over hot water baseboard heaters? You can hang curtains above hot water baseboard heaters at a safe distance from the hot water tubes. Hang them at least 10 to 14 inches high from the top of the system. Do not hang below the hot water tubes of the heater. Otherwise, the fiber will catch fire. Use fire retardant fabric as a curtain to hang above the heater. The drapes can maintain the temperature and block the light and dust from the room.

Baseboard heaters are similar to other convectors in their function. But they have hot water tubes instead of hot metallic fins.

They work on the convection principle to warm up the incoming cold air. Then expel the hot air in the surrounding in exchange for cold air.

Is it safe to hang curtains over baseboard heaters?

Hanging curtains above hot water baseboard heating tubes is a challenging task. The curtains can easily catch fire and cause big trouble.

Usually, it is safe to hang curtains above a certain height from the baseboard. They should not touch the water tubes or other components of the convector.

The ordinary fabrics are highly flammable. The fabric can disturb the even distribution of heat in the surrounding.

In worse conditions, the temperature rises above regular and fire outbreaks in the room. They can catch fire even with a slight touch of hot metal.

The curtains should not block the front of the heater. The thick drapes can interrupt the flow of air inside the heating vents. The airflow is essential for the proper functioning of the system. Many people also decorate around these heaters.

You should also avoid installing the curtains on a vinyl-wrapped wall to prevent fire accidents. Finally, keep all the flammable objects away from the site to avoid all hazards.

How high can you hang a curtain over the baseboard heater?

A curtain should be 10 to 14 inches away from the top of the baseboard heaters. The lower end of the drape should be 4 to 6 inches from the front of the heating tubes.

It should not extend to the front of the heater. They should not cover the front or back of the baseboard water tubes. Cut your existing curtain to a short size to prevent all the hazards.

Hanging drapes over baseboard heaters are same as hanging them on an ordinary wall.

First, you have to take proper measurements to hang it at a safe height. Then, gather the right tools and start doing it yourself.

Measure the distance between heater top and ceiling

Hold one end of the measuring tape in your hand and place it on the endpoint of the ceiling. Then align it along the wall and extend it to the top of the heater. Mark the point on the tape with a marker.

It is the distance between the ceiling and the top of the heating system.

For example, if you have a window above the baseboard heater, measure the distance between the upper end of the window and the hot water tube top. Measure the window width to cut the exact size fabric for curtains.

Mark the 14-inch height from the top of the baseboard heater

The curtains should be above a specific height from the top of the baseboard heater. You should mark the point above the top to get the lowest point of the drapes.

Take the measuring tape and measure a 14-inch height from the top of the heating tubes. Mark the point with a permanent marker and access this distance.

Cut the curtains fiber

Curtain fabrics are available in rolls of various widths and lengths. Select the curtains fiber according to your choice.

Then spread it on an even surface to measure the required length and width. Take the measuring tape and mark the required length of the curtain. Cut an extra 2 to 4 inches with scissors to compensate for the waste of the fabric during sewing.

You can sew it with a machine and make curtain holes at an equal distance throughout the width of the fabric.

You can also attach ring holes to the upper end of the drape to make it last longer. You can also get customized drapes for your room from a nearby shop.

Install the rod brackets

Use two brackets to hold the pole in the upright position. The bracket design varies according to the type of rod. The brackets are attached 6 to 8 cm inside of both ends of the pole. Get a 10 to 14 cm long rod than the width of the window.

It will help to cover the window or the area of the wall. Then mark the point of the brackets on the wall and drill holes with a drill machine. Finally, attach the frames to their spot carefully.

Slide the curtain into the rod

Before sliding the rod, clean the surface with the help of a clean cloth. Then spray a silicone spray to make the task easier. Finally, slide the pole through all curtain rings and align the folds of the drapes properly.

Fix the rod on the brackets

Slide the pole into the opening of the brackets smoothly. Then tighten up the cover with the screwdriver.

You can check the strength of the rod and brackets by putting slight pressure on the rod. A high-quality pole and brackets should resist bending. Check that the lowest point of the drapes is safe from the heater.

Why would you hang curtains over hot water baseboard heaters?

Many people add curtains to make their rooms look cool. They can provide many benefits and make our daily life easier.

Cover the windows

The walls with a baseboard heating system can also have a window. The windows can disturb the heating system of the tubes. They can expel the heat out of the room. To prevent this issue, cover the window with a curtain.

Closing a window will not resolve the problem. The curtain’s heavy fabric will maintain the room’s heat build-up. It also blocks dirt and debris and protects the function of the hot water tubes.

Hide the damaged walls

The faded paint of the walls can give your house a dull and clumsy look. However, you can cover the scratches and minor faults of the wall by hanging drapes.

For example, you can use a different color curtain to give a theme to your space.

Help block the sunlight

The drapes can block the irritating sunlight coming into your room. However, sunlight can increase the room’s temperature by many folds. The excess heat build-up can cause suffocation in the room.

The drapes will create a comfortable and cozy environment in your living space. They also block the noise and give a peaceful environment.

Change the style of the room

Hanging a curtain over a water heater will change the style of your room. You can give an elegant look to an empty wall. You can change the overall look of a room by hanging a curtain.

What type of curtains to hang above the baseboard heaters?

Choosing the right fabric and design of curtains to hang above water heaters can prevent all fire accidents.

Choose a thick, heavy, and durable fabric to hang as a curtain. It can tolerate high temperatures without causing any accidents.

You can choose velvet or brocade fabric for this purpose. Avoid using lightweight cotton, chiffon, or silk fabric.

They are highly flammable and cannot tolerate high temperatures. You can also choose fire retardant fabric for drapes of windows. They are used in theaters and malls to prevent fire outbreaks.

Cost to hang curtains above baseboard heaters

The cost to hang curtains above water heaters depends upon the material and length of the fabric. The higher-quality fabrics are more expensive than low-quality materials.

The average cost to install velvet or linen curtains is about $60 to $100.The labor cost to install them is about $20 to $50.

The fire retardant curtains are expensive and cost about $40 to $60 for one piece of curtain. The cost of rods and brackets varies from $40 to $250.

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