Is IKEA Discontinuing the Kura Bed?

Is IKEA Discontinuing the Kura Bed?

Many people are searching for the Kura bed on the IKEA official website to place an order, but they could not find it there for a long time.

In addition, online forums involve discussions about how IKEA has stopped producing Kura beds and their availability.

Is IKEA Discontinuing the Kura Bed? IKEA is discontinuing the Kura bed, but it is a scheduled discontinuity or a temporary one that remains only for a short time. They are facing supply chain issues due to poor shipping, shortage of workers, and unavailability of raw material. They are using stock items to facilitate the pending orders that lead to an end of the inventory. Moreover, the Kura bed requires more time for manufacturing which delays the delivery process.

It is highly flexible and affordable furniture that helps create a vintage playhouse in a small room to maximize the space.

Therefore, its unavailability has raised concerns among people about its permanent discontinuity.

You can contact them to know about the possible return time or keep an eye on their online platform to get information about its return.

What is a Kura Bed?

It is a bed made for children and younger ones to sleep on a safe platform.

It looks like a bunk bed that has two mattresses over each other, but it has a single one with a frame on top. However, you can convert it into a bunk bed by placing a mattress in the open frame area.

Its weight holding capacity is between 200 to 220 pounds, while a child of 5 to 6 years old has an average weight of around 35 to 60 pounds.

Therefore, it can not only hold a child efficiently, but younger children can also sleep on it. However, it is recommended to keep the weight less than 200 pounds to keep it safe.

Has IKEA discontinued the Kura bed permanently?

Many people are confused about the availability of Kura beds because it is not seen on their website. Other types of furniture are listed on their official page, but it does not appear for a long time.

Probably, you have seen many queries on online forums about its availability and the reasons for discontinuity.

They have not permanently stopped their production, and it is unavailable due to some internal and external issues.

Furthermore, IKEA is trying to fix the problems and facilitate you with their high-quality and durable bed in the near future.

Why is IKEA discontinuing the Kura bed?

IKEA has not discontinued the bed, but it is unavailable for a short time for many reasons. These include a large number of orders from customers and a lesser number of products in stock.

A sudden increase in demand

It is a popular brand providing furniture in the US for many years. It has gained popularity due to its high-quality furniture and attractive designs.

When supply chain problems occur, it cannot maintain the production of its furniture items. Wood, foam, and the springs required for constructing them are currently unavailable.

They cannot replenish their inventory, and the stock ends due to a sudden increase in demand.

At that time, some of their products are not shown in the product list on their website. The same is the case with the Kura bed, which has faced supply chain issues and is unavailable in stock.

So, they have removed it from the online platform to get rid of orders and inconvenience to customers.

Poor shipping 

It has become difficult to ship the material from other countries due to the saturation of stores manufacturing and distributing furniture items.

The international companies providing raw materials have to use the ocean shipping method, which takes a lot of time to deliver the material to IKEA.

So, they sometimes have to wait for a long due to issues at the manufacturing site and delays in shipping raw materials.

In addition, all the items, particularly those made of wood, have faced a shortage in the past 2 years.

Lack of workers

The availability of workers at a manufacturing site affects the product availability in the inventory.

IKEA is facing problems due to a lesser number of workers that cannot work quickly when the demand increases.

Accordingly, the company began to facilitate their new customers by providing the items available in stock.

They need to work on it and increase the number of workers that helps refill the inventory quickly when there are many pending orders.

Increased manufacturing time

Large-size furniture like sofas, beds, cupboards, etc., take more manufacturing time compared to small chairs and desks.

They have to manufacture mattresses to put over a frame that requires the assembly of foam, springs, and fabric after cutting them to a proper size.

Furthermore, building a wood frame for a Kura bed is challenging because it needs cutting, refining, and polishing before building the frame.

So, its manufacturing process takes plenty of time to build a sturdy furniture structure.

Why is the IKEA Kura bed so popular?

It is known for its flexibility and impressive design, making it suitable to fit inside a small room. Moreover, it has gained popularity due to its many distinctive features.

Reversible frame

Its reversible frame allows you to choose whether you want to keep it upside on top or on the floor. You can turn it on either side according to your convenience.

This frame feature allows you to use space above the frame or below it for different purposes.

It allows you to keep the mattress on the floor when your child is around 2 to 4 years old, but turn it upside to create a playroom under the mattress when he gets young.

You can also share your sleeping platform with another partner by placing a mattress under it to make it look like a bunk bed.

Sturdy platform

It provides a highly durable platform that can remain intact for long. In addition, it can tolerate almost 200 to 220 pounds weight efficiently without having cracks in the wooden frame.

Solid wood frames are known to be sturdier than metal frames as they can remain intact under high pressure.

Furthermore, solid pine wood is used to build its frame and wooden slats that are easy to maintain.

Moreover, it provides a safe platform for your children due to the high weight holding capacity of the sturdy frame.

You can make your children sleep on the mattress on the floor or on top, but some parents feel fearful when their children are sleeping under this furniture.

A spacious platform for children

It provides a spacious platform for your children to enjoy a comfortable sleep by moving their legs freely on the mattress.

When you place it on the floor, you can put curtains on the above end of the frame to create an enclosed environment for a comfortable sleep.

In addition, you can also make use of the space under the bed by decorating it as a play area. Your children can sit within a confined area to play with their toys and do not move around in the house.

Less assembly time 

IKEA provides ready-to-assemble products that require lesser time to build a usable structure. You can assemble it quickly if you have the basic skills, but amateur workers need more time.

Some people find it challenging to fix every nut and bolt at its place and need more time than usual like it can take many hours.

I assembled its frame without help, and it took me almost 60 to 90 minutes to complete the task, and I was happy to do it quickly.

Is there any chance the IKEA Kura bed will come back?

IKEA has discontinued the Kura bed to take some time to fix all the issues in their supply chains and delivery.

It is a scheduled discontinuity, so you can hope that it will come back in the inventory soon. 

Hopefully, you will see a wide variety of furniture beds on their official page. In addition, you can turn on the notifications that can provide information when it gets back into stock.

They will notify you of the product return on the provided email address and contact number via email or SMS. In addition, check the product at IKEA stores or on their online page to know about its availability.

How often does IKEA restock the Kura bed?

Restocking items in the IKEA inventory depends on size, as more oversized items take more time than smaller ones. Moreover, the popularity of products affects their restocking frequency.

It comes in the category of bigger items and takes much time to manufacture. In addition, it is popular among people due to its sturdy frame and attractive look.

Its reversible frame and a lower bed make it a better choice with the same height as a bunk bed.

Furthermore, it takes almost 5 to 7 days to replenish the stock due to high demand from people, but many other factors affect the restocking process.

What do reviews say?

I surveyed 639 people to know about the availability of Kura beds at IKEA. Out of 639 people, 472 people (74%) said they are facing supply chain issues due to poor shipping and unavailability of raw material.

However, 124 people (19%) said they do not think IKEA will introduce it again in their inventory because it has been a long time since to see it there.

While the remaining 43 people (7%) said, IKEA had not mentioned its discontinuity, which means it will return. The long-term unavailability raises concerns about its permanent discontinuity.

They have a shortage of raw materials and workers, which leads to the discontinuity of furniture products.

“I have asked customer service center about it who told about the shortage of raw material and asked me to wait for few months.”

Many people are keenly waiting for IKEA to add this bed back to their stock to put them in their rooms to maximize space.

“I have been searching for a Kura bed for a few months, but I didn’t find it. So I am waiting for IKEA to add them back to their product list.”

You have to wait for some more time because IKEA has not confirmed its discontinuity.

“I have been waiting for the Kura bed a long time since I have seen it in their product list.”

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