How Many Yards of Carpet for a 12x12 Room?

How Many Yards of Carpet for a 12×12 Room?

Carpets are essential to give your space a luxurious and comfortable look. For this purpose, you should accurately calculate the yards of carpet required for your 12×12 room.

How Many Yards of Carpet for a 12×12 Room? Carpets are available in square yards, and the standard width of a roll is 12 feet. Calculate the square yard of the room by dividing the square feet by 9. The square yard of a 12×12 room is 16 yards. The yards of matt required is 18 yards for a 12×12 room. The cost to replace a carpet is $4 to $10 per square foot, and installing a new one costs about $2 to $6 per square foot. The padding on the floor costs about $0.5o to $3 per square foot.

Getting a precise width and length of rugs is the ultimate goal of the interior designer.

Are carpets available in yards only?

Carpet length and width are crucial to getting the right size of floor rug for your room.

So it is essential to know the units in which retailers measure them.

Usually, floor covering comes in square yards units in all areas. But they are also available in foot measurement in some areas of the USA.

Some retailers sell them in meters or square meters units. Carpets price is higher in lineal meters as compared to other measurements.

I prefer measuring the carpet width and length in the square yard before buying it from the store.

Then, you can tell the retailer about your preferences and recalculate the matt size in other units. You can also do it yourself by doing some simple calculations.

Standard carpet width

Carpets are available in rolls of various widths and lengths. In addition, there are some standard widths and lengths of carpets available in the market. You can choose according to the size of your home.

Carpets for bedrooms or other areas of the house come in the width of 11 to 12 feet.

But some manufacturers also have the floor covering with a width of 14 feet. So the length of the floor covering varies from 14 to 16 feet.

Carpet for commercial use is also available in 7 feet width. When the room is small, you can cut the roll to match the size of the area. When your space is wider than 14 feet, join two pieces of carpet to cover the floor.

How many yards of carpet do you need for a 12×12 room?

To install a floor cover in a room, you should have an accurate measurement of the room. Usually, it is measured in feet or meters.

You have to convert the length and width into the square yard to estimate the size of the carpet.

Measure the yards of the room

Calculate the area in feet and inches and convert it into a square yard. So before converting it into yards, measure the length and width of the room.

Measure the length of the room

A 12×12 room has a length of 12 feet. But before calculating the square yard, measure the space for accuracy.

It will nullify the chances of mistakes in calculation. You will need a pencil, notebook, measuring tape, and meter rod.

Then remove all the furniture and other accessories from the room. Then draw a hypothetical map of the room in the notebook.

After this, hold the tape and measure the length from one wall to the other wall. Check that the size is exactly 12 feet according to the previous measurement.

Measurer the width of the room

Measure the width of the room, then keep the measuring tape at the end of the wall and extend it in the opposite direction.

The width should be exactly 12 feet. Note if any value differs from the previous measurement.

Sometimes a single room is divided into many sections like a separate closet or changing area.

Check the length and width of the closet present within the room separately. Then add its area to the measurement of the main area.

Measure the square foot

Square feet is the unit for the area of the room or other surfaces. You can easily calculate it by multiplying the length and width.

The formula to calculate square feet is L×W of an area.

For example, in a 12×12 room, the length and width are 12 feet. You can use a calculator to multiply both figures and note the result in the notebook.


12 feet×12 feet =144 feet

So the square feet is 144 feet.

Calculate the square yard of the room

One square yard means 9 square feet. You can calculate the yards by multiplying the total square feet by 9.

Here the square feet of a 12×12 room is 144 square feet. Divide 144 by 9; you will get the yards of the area.

1449=16 square yards

Yards of carpet for a 12×12 room

Add extra yards in the calculated yards of the area. It is crucial to compensate for the carpet loss due to wastage during installation.

You can add an extra 4 to 6 inches to the length and width to get the additional amount of matt.

On average, you will need an extra 5 to 20% to compensate for the loss. But you can use the 10% rule to calculate the extra yards of carpet.

Just multiply the square feet by 1.10. You will get the extra matt required for installation in a room. The square feet of a 12×12 room is 144.

144 ×1.10=158.4

You will need 18 square feet of extra carpeting for 144 square feet.

How much does it cost to install carpet in a 12×12 room?

The cost of installation of floor covering in a room depends upon the area, quality, and material of the throw rug.

Higher-quality throw rugs are more expensive than low-quality mats. In addition, you have to spend more money on labor costs when getting it done by a professional.

The labor costs per square foot are $1 to $3. The price can even go higher for commercial buildings.

The cost to replace it in a room is $4 to $10 per square foot. Therefore, the cost for a 12×12 room is approximately $1440.

When installing a new one, the price of a carpet is about $2 to $6 per square foot. Therefore, the cost of installation of a new matt for a 12×12 room is $860.

The price of carpet is about $20 to $80 per square yard for a room. Therefore, the total installation cost is $300 to $1200.

The padding cost varies from 0.50 to $3 per square foot. The padding is available in rolls that are 7 feet wide and 50 feet long.

The cost also depends upon the material of the matt. Nylon costs about $5 to $10 per square foot. The cotton cover cost about$ 7 to $9 per square foot.

Velvet rugs are more expensive than other types and cost about $25 to $45 per square yard.

My friend suggested buying a wool carpet because they are more durable and available at a reasonable cost.

Yards of carpet padding for a 12×12 room

Carpet padding is foam glued directly to the floor with glue to provide a cushion to the cover.

It will protect the floor covering from damage and gives you a soft surface to walk on. Its precise measurement is crucial for installing matt.

Its yards should match the required square yard of a throw rug. Its thickness can vary depending upon the material of carpeting.

On average, the padding weight for a carpet is about 7 to 9 pounds. For a 12×12 room, the required square yard for padding is approximately 18 yards.

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