Can You Fix Metal Bed Frame Support?

Can You Fix Metal Bed Frame Support?

A compact and supportive metal bed frame is essential to enjoy peaceful sleep on the mattress. The metals are prone to damage due to corrosion and excessive load.

Can You Fix Metal Bed Frame Support? You can fix the metal bed frame support by using a welding machine to repair its legs and then tighten up all the screws. Use metal brackets to fix the cracked slats and add additional support to the side rails. On average, it costs between $150 to $250 and requires 30 to 40 minutes to fix a damaged metal frame.

A broken metal bed frame can create many problems like poor sleep, back pain, and shoulder ache.

Why does metal bed frame support become faulty?

Metal bed frame support is usually more durable than a wooden frame. This is because it lasts longer and requires less maintenance and care. But despite being strong and durable, it can get different issues over time.

Many reasons make the support faulty and worn out. Applying too much pressure on the wrong side can make the support uneven.

The metal can get small cracks on the joint due to excessive load. Jumping on the bed can make damage its joints and loosen the frame. The bed starts to make a squeaky noise when you sit on it.

Rust plays a crucial part in getting the metal damage quickly. Excessive humidity and exposure to water can cause the metal to corrode quickly.

Rust makes tiny holes in the headboard and legs. The slats of the frame can get cracks in different places. You have to take a lot of care to maintain the functionality of the metallic support.

How to fix metal bed frame support?

The minor faults in the bed frame support are easy to fix. However, you need the right tools and materials to start the procedure. Follow these simple steps to fix the bed support.

Examine the bed to identify the issue

Proper examination is essential to find the broken part. It is better to check the level of damage to the frame support and remove the bed sheets and pillows. Take off the mattress and place all the things in a safe place.

Then check all the parts of the bed frame, like legs, slats, rails, and joints. If the bed is making squeaking noises, check the nuts and screws.

You can lift it and place it along the wall to check the bottom of the support. Then you can make a strategy to fix all the parts of the metallic piece of furniture. In case of corrosion, mark the rusty parts to repaint them.

Tighten up the screws and nuts

The nuts and screws that hold the pieces of the frame together become loose over prolonged use. You can fix them by tightening them with a screwdriver.

First, check the condition of the screws and nuts. Take off all the corroded nuts and bolts. Then observe from which part the squeaking noise is coming.

Take a tiny brush to wipe out all the dirt from the holes in the screws and bolts. Then take the screwdriver and tighten up all the screws and bolts of the joints.

You can also check the joints of slats with support. Tighten up all the screws of all the slats and rails carefully.

After this, shake the metal frame with a hand to check the sturdiness of the bed support.

You can also sit and lay in a different position on the metal frame to check the strength of the screws. Replace all the rusty screws with the new ones and tighten them on their respective site.

Fix the broken leg with welding

A broken leg is a common issue with a metal bed frame. You can fix it by welding the legs on their respective site.

Before starting the procedure, wear safety gloves and goggles to protect yourself. Then wipe out all the dirt from the broken legs and sand the area to remove the paint.

Then take the welding machine to weld the leg with the frame. You can apply a sealing compound to join the legs with support.

Then point the rod of the welding machine on the joint and start welding. Do not overheat the machine; otherwise, it will melt the surrounding regions.

When the leg is connected to the frame, turn off the machine. Let the welded part cool for some time, and sand the welded part to give it a smooth finish. You can apply a layer of paint to the welded leg for a new and fresh look.

Fix the metal frame slats

The metal beds contain both metallic and wooden slats. You can fix both of them by yourself.

First, determine how many slats are broken. Then use wood glue to fix the wooden slats.

Apply the glue to the broken part and join both ends to fix them together. You can use plywood to join the broken pieces together.

In the case of metallic slats, you will need metal brackets. First, you have to take off the cracked slat to join the pieces together. Choose these according to the size of the slats and drill holes in the slat to install the bracket.

You can use a drilling machine to drill holes in the metal. Then place the bracket and tighten up screws in the gaps to fix the cracked slats.

After fixing the brackets, place the slat along the frame rails and fix it with the screws and bolts.

Fix the metal support beam

All the metal frame beds contain a support beam present in the center of the slat. It is essential to provide extra support to the mattress.

It also helps in the even distribution of weight on the bed support. It is attached to the slats with screws and bolts.

They become loose, and the support beam no longer provides the support. Sand the rusty parts of the support beam with sandpaper and apply a coat of paint.

You can tighten up all the screws to fix the issue. However, the support can get cracks due to excessive load in the center.

In such a case, replace the support beam. You can select a new support beam, place it in the center beneath the slat, and fix it with screws. Tighten up all the screws and bolts with a screwdriver.

Add additional support

You can fix the squeaking problem of the metal frame by adding a leg or slat to it. It is helpful when the bedding is sagging from one side.

You can add a leg on that side to uplift the support. Add legs on the bedside rails to make the support even and balanced. You can measure the existing legs and purchase the same size legs from the store.

Then join it with the side rails or headboard with the help of screws. Carefully tighten the screws to prevent them from falling out. This is useful for adjusting the leg-supported beds.

When adding the slat, measure the length and width of the existing slats. Then cut the same size metallic bar to fit in the frame as additional support. Finally, you have to drill holes in the side rails to join the new support to the metal.

Cost and time required to fix the metal frame support

The time required depends upon which part you are trying to ix. On average, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to fix broken legs and cracked slats.

It will take around 20 minutes to attach new feet and additional support to the metal frame. It will take a few minutes to tighten up all the screws and bolts.

The cost to repair the metal bed frame support varies from $150 to $250. Adding new slats and feet will cost up to $160.

The price also varies according to the quality of the material. Higher-quality material is more expensive than low-quality material.

The labor cost also varies from $20 to $50. When you are getting it done by a professional, the labor cost goes higher. It is cheaper to fix it at home on your own.

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